Saturday, January 11, 2014

1/10/14 Podcast of Dan Brewington on 700WLW with Eddie and Tracy

Check out the Podcast of Dan Brewington speaking with Eddie and Tracy on 700WLW in Cincinnati.  Listen to Friday's Podcast (1/10/14) as Dan talks to Eddie and Tracy about his divorce, criminal trial, and the newly released documentary Divorce Corp that share's Dan's story.

Divorce Court 1/10/14 Hour 2

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  1. Although I know that what Dan Brewington is going through and has gone through, by going to prison for 2/1/2 years is scarey and totally unconstitutional. This is not just happening to men. Its happening to both men and women. Today's judges are mostly liberal lesbian.These people are heartless and I agree judges all over the country are Out of Control! they are destroying the lives of innocent children by keeping a loving caring parent out of their lives. How is it that the empire of Egypt could be changed in a day by the overpowering of the people in that country and in this country WE THE PEOPLE haven't done same. Judges use their judicial immunity (of which there really is no such clause) to destroy many men and women's lives. They get to smile and sleep well at nite while half the country of loving parents are being destroyed. Either by suicide, prison, depression, and in some extreme cases murder! why why should this happen? If we didn't want our children wouldn't it be easier to walk away? Why aren't they going after those parents instead? This is getting so out of control what is going on in the judicial system, especial the family part.