Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Prosecutorial Misconduct in Dearborn County

Many people visit this blog understanding that Dan Brewington was sent to prison for his web writings, but often raise the question, "What is the other side of the story?"  This is a common question asked by individuals who think there is no way someone in the United States could be convicted for simply speaking their mind and challenging the court system. The following may provide some insight into the motivation for the prosecution of Dan Brewington. Here is the Target Notification Dan received from Dearborn County, Indiana Prosecutor F. Aaron Negangard, dated February 15, 2011, stating Dan was a target of a grand jury investigation concerning allegations of "Intimidation and Harassment that allegedly occurred in 2007, 2008, 2009, and 2010 in Dearborn County, Indiana." Testimony from the grand jury transcripts document Dr. Edward J. Connor and Judge James D. Humphrey claiming they were afraid Dan might abduct or murder their family as early as 2008 and 2009.  An investigation was started in August 2009 after Dan's ex-wife's divorce attorney, Angela G. Loechel, went to Prosecutor Negangard with her own concerns about the safety of Judge Humphrey.  (Note: This was after Judge James D. Humphrey took away Dan's parenting time and ruled in favor of her client on every single measure except for a stained glass window, which was part of the house.)  Prosecutor Negangard, who also serves as the head of the federally funded Dearborn County Special Crimes Unit, initiated an investigation of Dan Brewington's web writings. It is important to make clear that all of the alleged victims claimed they did not make initial contact with Prosecutor Negangard or Dearborn County law enforcement, despite later testifying that they feared for the lives of their families. With all of the claims of Connor and Humphrey's fear from Dan's "intimidation" and "harassment," despite making no reports to Dearborn County law enforcement, Prosecutor Negangard waited until February 15, 2011 to initiate a grand jury investigation of the actions of Dan Brewington.  Many ask why Prosecutor Negangard would wait so long to convene a grand jury against Dan Brewington and what act(s) prompted him to do so.  This is a letter from, then, Indiana Supreme Court Chief Justice Randall T Shepard stating Dan's complaint against Dearborn Prosecutor F. Aaron Negangard was dismissed, 239 days after Brewington filed the complaint.  Dan's complaint against Negangard was dismissed on Thursday February 10, 2011.  By the following Tuesday, Negangard made Dan a target of a grand jury investigation.

If these people were truly fearful, they would have reported it to the police and/or Prosecutor Negangard.  (Actually Dr. Edward J. Connor did testify he contacted the Erlanger, Kentucky police and the FBI.  They told Dr. Connor to ignore Dan.  If there was a crime, they would have investigated it.)  During Dan's arraignment on March 11, 2011, the prosecution offered restraining orders to "protect" the alleged victims from Dan.  If Dan was truly a danger or committed a crime, Negangard allowed a dangerous criminal to run free while he waited for a ruling on the complaint Dan filed against the prosecutor.  This should help shed light on the fact that this is nothing less than an horrific case of prosecutorial misconduct.  This isn't a case where a prosecutor convicted an innocent person of a crime they did not commit; this is Dearborn County Prosecutor F. Aaron Negangard making up a crime in an effort to convict a man in retaliation for speaking out against the government.

If you find this to be unbelievable infringement of constitutional rights, please contact Executive Secretary G. Michael Witte of the Indiana Supreme Court Disciplinary Commission at the below contact information and encourage them to investigate Dearborn County Prosecutor F. Aaron Negangard. Please note that Mr. Witte is a former judge in Dearborn County, Indiana.

Executive Secretary
G. Michael Witte
Indiana Supreme Court Disciplinary Commission
30 S. Meridian St., Suite 850
Indianapolis, IN 46204
317.232.1807  phone
317.233.0261  fax

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  1. I have yet to read most of your blog but I admire the stance you have taken against the family court. I believe it is a three ring circus having gone through it myself in Hendricks County (Indiana). I also complained to the Supreme Court regarding two attorneys, sent in documentation showing lies and lack of communication and they found nothing wrong with either attorney. I could go on and on. It is not about the children in family law court......ever, in my opinion.