Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Welcome to Dan Brewington's Blog

     For those new to Dan's story, which is included in the new documentary Divorce Corp, feel free to browse this blog as it contains many links to legal documents, pleadings, trial transcripts, rare grand jury transcripts, and more information and documentation from the last several year of Dan's experiences in both the civil and criminal courts.  If you want background information on the nature of his divorce and tribulations in dealing with the family court systems in Ripley/Dearborn County, Indiana, go to www.danhelpskids.com, and see how a system deeply failed two little girls.  Dan's family was responsible for scanning and sharing much of this information during the course of Dan's 2.5 year prison term in an effort to keep the public informed about the unethical conduct of many involved with the Indiana "justice" system.  Please feel free to view all of Dan's information and decide for yourself if it should have been grounds to remove two young children from their father and then place him in prison for 2.5 years.  Transparency is key to the reformation of government.  Transparency is one of the main goals of Dan's blog and website.  Judge James D. Humphrey claimed this information was potentially dangerous to Dan's (at the time) 3 and 5 year-old daughters.  The only individuals who are negatively impacted by this information are those who failed to conduct themselves in a professional manner during the course of Dan's legal adventures.  Thanks for visiting.

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