Monday, January 11, 2010

Someone Named "legaleagle" said my Web Content is Garbage

It's a sad day for me. Someone wrote on the Yahoo Business review of Dr. Edward J Connor, that my internet content was garbage and that I was mentally ill. Of course this person hid behind the screen name legaleagle when they wrote these "mean" things. Did I say that I was sad? Actually I find it to be quite gratifying. Now there are two people on the Yahoo review site that have personally attacked me for holding Dr. Connor accountable for his actions. That means someone is very upset. I think it may be Dr. Connor because his practice has probably suffered a little since I began publicizing his unethical and illegal conduct. Please take note that I have never been sued as a result of my writings against Dr. Connor, Judge Humphrey, or anyone else involved. If I have said something slanderous, I welcome those who believe it to be slander to make it a legal issue. You can bring your evidence and I will bring mine. The thing that bothers people in the family court system is that they don't have quite the power outside of the system. If Dr. Connor sues me, then judges, lawyers, law enforcement officials, elected officials, state officials, prosecutors, and psychologists get subpoenaed. One crooked judge like James D Humphrey doesn't get to decide the whole case, it's decided by a jury of my peers. As Clint would say, "Go ahead, make my day." The day Dr. Connor sues me is the day that he turns himself in to the police. I take great pride in knowing that Dr. Connor will read or has read this post. Enjoy Ed.

P.S. After I originally posted the above blog, "Someone Named legalea..." , it came to my attention that two anonymous people, "??" and "Just Me(LOL)", posted negative information about me on The Dearborn County Public Forum. For those who think that I appear to "obsess" over the situation, try to think of what you would do if you lost your ability to see your children even though there was no evidence or accusations of neglect, abuse, accident, injury, etc... As much as Dr. Connor attacked me for publicizing his unethical conduct, even Dr. Connor testified that I should be able to exercise parenting time with the children on the days which their mother worked. Dr. Connor had no choice. That's what Dr. Connor recommended in his custody evaluation report. In the evaluation report, there was no mention of me being mentally unstable or anything that indicated that I presented any threat to anyone. Dr. Connor only began to attack me regarding his "concerns" about my stability after the custody evaluation was over. When I addressed his unethical and illegal conduct with the Court and the public, Dr. Connor said he was concerned about my mental health. No police action, no social services, child protective services, etc... just a crooked psychologist running from responsibility. Imagine if this happened to you. If the worst thing you did was exercise your 1st amendment right to freedom of speech, you handled the situation better than most. Keep the attacks coming anonymous people. If you think the State should have the ability to take away someone's children because you treated the State's expert unfairly, then you don't deserve your rights under the Constitution of the United States of America. Don't forget

Dan Brewington, father of two beautiful little girls

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