Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Dr Edward J Connor may be a Pervert

Something is very wrong here. Dr. Edward J Connor conducted a custody evaluation during my divorce. At the beginning of the evaluation, I signed a document stating that I was entitled to the case file from the evaluation report. From there, Dr. Connor stated I was not entitled to the file; I was entitled to the file; there were court orders that prevented me from having the file; he wouldn't release the file because I was representing myself; there were HIPAA laws that prevented him from releasing the file; and recently he claimed that I already had the file.

I've had quite a few men and women, who have been involved with Dr. Connor, contact me through my website and blog. I do not assume everyone who is upset with Dr. Connor are right or wrong but I do have to question how so many people have similar disturbing stories of Dr. Connor's actions. The most disturbing of which are Dr. Connor's detailed and explicit questions to the females in the evaluations about their sex lives.

Why does Dr. Connor ask women detailed questions about their sex lives. Why doesn't he ask the men? How fair could a custody evaluation be if men, by default, are suspects of sexual deviant behavior? I am not aware if these questions were asked to my ex-wife. Why don't I know; because Dr. Edward J Connor fought, kicked and, screamed not to release the case file to me. I know Dr. Connor is hiding something. Maybe he doesn't want people to know that he enjoys asking sexually explicit questions to nervous women during a custody evaluation.

If Dr. Connor does conduct evaluations with women this way, he is nothing more than a sexual predator. Dr. Connor abuses his power and punishes people who question him and the worst abuse of power is submitting people to uncomfortable sexual questions in a vulnerable environment. If the questions are necessary to determine the safety of the children, why doesn't Dr. Connor ask men about the sexual activities of the mothers? Maybe because it isn't as sexy.

This is probably one of the most disturbing issues I have come across in my dealings with Dr. Connor. Profiting from custody evaluations while exploiting children is disgraceful; using the evaluations as a means to gain some kind of perverted sexual stimulation by asking the children's mothers explicit questions about their sex lives is unthinkable. How do you make it stop? If someone raises the issue, Dr. Connor attacks them. Dr. Connor accuses people of being paranoid and suffering from reality distortion. The Judge takes away your kids. You are left with nothing because you spoke out as a victim. That's why I do what I do. They took away my little girls so my main job in life is to work to get my children back and to hold people accountable for criminal conduct.

Judge James D. Humphrey has worked with Dr. Connor for some time. Kimberly Schmaltz, current Magistrate in the Dearborn County Circuit Court, used to serve as a guardian ad litem and worked closely with Dr. Edward J Connor in "protecting" children. Prosecutor Aaron Negangard is aware of a lot of Dr. Connor's conduct. Why don't they do anything to protect children from Dr. Connor? Maybe they are golfing buddies, or cousins, or maybe someone is getting kickbacks. Maybe the situation is so grave, that everyone keeps putting off the inevitable because they know that the fall of Dr. Connor will bring catastrophic consequences due to Dr. Connor's involvement in so many civil and criminal cases. The fear of rocking the boat is never an excuse not to right the ship. It may take some time, but honesty and virtue will prevail and the officials who continue to turn their backs on Dr. Edward J Connor, and the people who protect Dr. Connor, will have to take responsibility and protect children and parents who are abused by officials like Judge James D Humphrey and Dr. Edward J Connor.

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