Monday, May 30, 2011

Dearborn County’s Case against Dan Brewington

“’Any person, law enforcement agency, etc… who takes action against the respondent for protecting the respondent’s children and the public from the child abducting tactics of Judge Humphrey will be held personally responsible for their actions.’ Judge Humphrey viewed this statement as a further attempt to intimidate him and also as a threat to his and his family’s personal safety.”

The above is an excerpt from the Dearborn County Special Crimes Unit report that was prepared by Detective Mike Kreinhop. The quote within the quote is an excerpt from an internet post of mine that I submitted as an exhibit in a motion to the court. This is exactly why Dearborn County Prosecutor F. Aaron Negangard does not want me to speak publicly about my case. Prosecutor Negangard and Judge Humphrey do not want the public to know that they are trying to prosecute me because I am willing to hold public officials to the same level of accountability that the officials expect from the general public.

Prosecutor Negangard’s Mickey Mouse case against me is disturbing. {Click here to see the entire SCU report.} Mike Kreinhop, who is now the sheriff of Dearborn County, and prosecutor Negangard have given James D. Humphrey a free pass to make Judge Humphrey’s paranoid delusions come true. I clearly stated that I would hold people accountable for interfering with my right to help protect people from the actions of Judge James D. Humphrey somehow Humphrey confused public accountability with a threat against his family. Did Humphrey really believe that I posed a physical threat to his family? I would guess not considering that Judge James D. Humphrey continued to preside over my case for nearly a year after he filed his secret complaint with Prosecutor Negangard.

If you read the Special Crimes Unit Case Report that was prepared by Sheriff Mike Kreinhop, you will find that there are no actual threats what so ever. Prosecutor Negangard, Sheriff Kreinhop, Judge Humphrey and Dr. Edward J. Connor have scoured hundreds of pages of my written documents and have still failed to find one example where I made any illegal threats. At this juncture we are talking about nearly a quarter of a million words from which to choose. Rather than come up with facts against me, they speculate and make up their own facts.

“Although Brewington had not threatened Dr. Connor directly with physical harm, Dr. Connor believes that Brewington was capable of committing physical violence.” That was Dr. Connor and Sheriff Kreinhop’s best effort at trying to portray me as a physical danger. My ex-wife got into the mix when Sheriff Kreinhop wrote “although there has not been any actual physical violence, she did believe that he was capable of committing acts of violence.” Kreinhop also wrote that my ex-wife stated that I made threats of physical violence to her. During the course of a 2 ½ year divorce and a custody evaluation, there was no mention of physical threats. On September 11, 2009 my ex-wife had me arrested in Hamilton County, Ohio for telecommunications harassment because I was trying to maintain phone contact with my daughters. (Hamilton County dismissed and expunged the charge.) The arrest in Hamilton County made no mention of physical threats either. Even my ex-wife’s lawyer Angela G. Loechel tried to mislead Kreinhop in an effort to bring criminal charges against me. Kreinhop wrote “Loechel also advised me that Brewington had contacted her husband, who is a police officer in Kentucky, at their residence, concerning firearms training. Loechel suspected that this was an attempt by Brewington to intimidate her by showing her that he knows where she lived.” I can honestly say that I had no idea where Mrs. Loechel and her husband lived until I received Sheriff Kreinhop’s report on May 24, 2011. During the course of my divorce Mrs. Loechel and her client tried to demonize me because I owned guns. I searched the internet for shooting ranges to inquire about target shooting and gun safety; especially around children. My internet search came up with a few results in the Indiana/Ohio/ Kentucky tri-state area, one being K-Tac Incorporated. It turned out that Angela Loechel and her husband Scott are the owners of K-Tac Inc.; little did I know their place of business was also their residence. Either Angela Loechel failed to tell Sheriff Kreinhop that I actually called a number that was a business listing that I found on the internet or Sheriff Kreinhop intentionally left that part out just to help manipulate a grand jury into indicting me.

“Dr. Connor stated the Brewington was possibly paranoid and paranoid patients have a history of ‘striking out’”. If all else fails, call them paranoid, huh Dr. Connor. I have no history of violence or threatening behavior yet I am sitting in the Dearborn County Law Enforcement Center on a $600,000 bond because they “think” I may be dangerous. Humphrey thinks I threatened his family because I stated that I would hold people personally accountable for unethical and/or illegal conduct. Angela Loechel believes I am intimidating because I made a telephone call to a business that she owns. It’s probably a good thing that she doesn’t own Wal-mart or McDonalds because it would be considered a menacing act every time I went through the drive-thru. Dr. Connor and my ex-wife feel that even though I’ve never committed an act of violence I am capable of committing a violent act just because they said so. And my favorite is Judge Humphrey’s alleged fear that I once had an Indiana handgun license. When I lived in Indiana, it was illegal to transport a handgun without a concealed carry permit. Without the proper permit, it is against the law to transport a handgun to a shooting range. Judge Humphrey claimed that he was threatened by the fact that I followed Indiana handgun laws. I bet throughout Judge Humphrey’s career as a lawyer and a judge, he has never come across a case where someone didn’t commit a crime with a handgun because the would-be criminal did not have a handgun permit.
“Sorry guys, I can’t rob the bank with you tonight. My concealed carry permit didn’t come in the mail today.”

After reading Sheriff Kreinhop’s report, it isn’t surprising that Prosecutor Negangard is talking about giving me a “time-served” plea. Negangard even told my lawyer that he didn’t expect me to be in jail this long. I think what Prosecutor Negangard meant to say was that he never realized how big of a headache his make believe case against me was going to be. Now Negangard wants the whole situation to go away but there isn’t any way that Negangard can bow out gracefully. Negangard has to press on to trial knowing that the public is well aware that the case against Dan Brewington is nothing more than a 1st amendment witch hunt. Negangard also has to live with the fear that the Dearborn County prosecutor’s office may be disqualified from prosecuting my case. If that were to happen a real prosecutor would drop the charges. Why? Because I have never threatened anyone with illegal conduct.

For those who were concerned that I might plead guilty in an effort to get out of jail, don’t worry. I posted that to get a reaction out of the prosecutor’s office. Negangard said he would entertain offers from me but he wouldn’t put anything in writing. I assume Negangard lacks the security to have the public be aware of his everyday conduct. I, on the other hand, am going to continue to write about the unethical and illegal conduct of Prosecutor Negangard and the Dearborn County Courts throughout the course of this trial. When the trial is over, or the charges are dropped, I am going to continue to write about any civil action I may take against Dearborn county officials in an effort to recover damages I have incurred because of 1st Amendment retaliation. The fact that this whole trial revolves around 1st Amendment rights is the reason why this trial should be a very public one. If Judge Humphrey, Dr. Connor, and Prosecutor Negangard find this to be intimidating, they know that they are wrong. Stay tuned for complete trial coverage. Feel free to contact my family and/or me at

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  1. godspeed dan hold your position and when your girls are grown you have proof to show them how you fought to see them, my prayers are with you and I will ask some good people to keep you in there prayers as well. your pal Bill Bales