Thursday, August 25, 2011

Eagle News Article on Free Speech Lawsuit

Lawsuit Alleges Free Speech Violation by Dearborn Co. Officials


  1. HMMMMMM.....Tried to hire a hit on a Judge and you wonder why the problems?

  2. Considering no charges have been filed concerning this "alleged" incident, by the State of Ohio, the US Government, or Dearborn County, Indiana and Prosecutor Negangard offered Dan a time served plea bargain in May, through his public defender #1, I don't think this "alleged" occurrence is credible. The source of the information was a criminal with a very lenghty record in two Ohio counties,and Dan is in custody in Dearborn County and has never been "interrogated" about the "alleged" crime.

  3. It seems undenbiable that Nogonads and his criminal cronies and accomplices are reading and commenting on this blog. Imagine that these allegedly criminally corrupt and morally deviod pillars of society not only read your blog but also feel compelled to deny the very real quagmire they have put themselve in. Further, you should feel accomplished that your blog has been able garner the interest domestic enemies bent on instituting the very type of government only the Ill of north Korea would be proud of. Do the citizens of Dearborn county realize that their democracy is being switched with a tyrranous form of oppresion? Besides, but for the grace of GOD go they. Who of them would support these criminals and their vile ideology if:
    1. their children had been stolen
    2. Their character had been knowingly destroyed by a fraudulent Psychologist and with the full knowledge of a very evil justice and judiciary. (Dearborn county resident might fare better with Gaddaffi as a judge or a prosecutor.)
    3. They had been illegally incarcewrated.
    4. Their prescriptions had been altered.
    It is wondered if the dearborn county indiana bunch were perhaps abu-garab torture applicants who did not ge the job for they were found to be too inhumane.
    One can only hope that Sugarland will one day compose the ode theeeee vile vile dearborn county tyrants.
    Hang in there Dan, YOU ARE A GREAT AMERICAN!!!!!! Just ask Willy on WLW 700

  4. Dan, your case smacks with the foul stench of psychological fraud, malpractice and high level conspiracy within the judicial system. You are not likely the only victim of the criminal organization in the justice and judicial system within dearborn county. There are many more who have fallen victim to this regime. The only difference is that you are a tenacious great father who is strong enough to hold this criminal network accountable. It is clear that you derive much strenght from your love for your daughters. Don't let this crooked bunch of subhuman psychopaths get the best of you. Get the psychologicalraw data. Check it for fraud. You may be surprised what you find. A case like this can only exist in a corrupt network who will do anything to cover their arses even if it means partaking in fraud and other criminal activities.