Thursday, August 18, 2011

No news yet

The judge said he would rule no later than Friday on Dan's Bond Reduction Hearing. We didn't hear anything today so I guess we will hear tomorrow. I'll post as soon as I hear something. Thanks to everyone for their support. Sue Brewington


  1. Checking facebook every day for updates. You are in our thoughts!

  2. When did indiana become an oligarchy? To think that a system so perverse and inhumane can is difficult to believe. However, it may just be intentional to keep the common hosiers in a state of fear such that they never dare stand up for their civil rights. It really isn't much different then tyranny under Sadam Hussein's regime in Iraq. Funny isn't it that when we see this type of tyranny in other countries, we invade and conduct regime change to install democracy. In indiana and many other states, which we advertise as democracies, we actually intimidate us citizens from ascerting their civil rights and severely punish them when we do. DAN BREWINGTON, you sir are a GREAT AMERICAN. Stand your ground, do not yeild to the regime that has violated all your civil rights and which is intimidating those who dare support you. I hope that Sugarland hears of indiana's tyranny agianst you and spreads the word. You are a model of what an American should be. Sad that the oligarchy of indiana is trying to destroy a TRULY GREAT AMERICAN. Hang in there DAD!

  3. Hang in there, hope your are able to maintain and survive the corrupt and evil justice system which seems to be doing it's level best to destroy you. Imagine an entire justice system and a judicial system having backed itself into such a fiasco that any activity exposes them for who they really are. CRIMINALS
    As it is possible that they are filtering your awareness to the outside world, there is hope that repressive justice systems like the who bindig you can be exposed and held accountable.

    At least two judges in PA were recently sentenced. Lets hope the uncovering or dirty justice system and judiciary does not stop there. Let's hope that your oppressors get the full attention needed to uncover their criminal stripping of your civil rights. Keep in mind that you are surely not alone, though you are strong enought to have made it this far. Don't let the MFrs' get the best of you. Do it for your daughters. They got a great dad, let your actions become historical record of pride for them.