Sunday, August 7, 2011

Prosecuting Dan instead of Dr. Connor 8/6/11

It’s pretty sad that Dearborn County Prosecutor F. Aaron Negangard and Deputy Prosecutor Joe Kisor have acknowledged that Dr. Edward J. Connor committed crimes in Dearborn County, Indiana. They are well aware that Dearborn Circuit Judge James D. Humphrey is aware of Dr. Connor’s crimes but Dearborn County isn’t prosecuting Dr. Connor for his crimes. Prosecutors Negangard and Kisor are prosecuting me for speaking publicly about Dr. Connor’s crimes. As Negangard, Kisor, and others are conspiring to deprive me of my free speech in an effort to cover up Dr. Connor’s criminal activities, Negangard and Kisor’s conduct is a violation of federal criminal law.

Conspiracy against rights: “If two or more persons conspire to injure, oppress, threaten, or intimidate any person in any State…in the free exercise or enjoyment of any right or privilege secured to him by the Constitution or laws of the United States,… They shall be fined under this title or imprisoned, not more than ten years, or both.” What is utterly amazing about the prosecutors’ conspiracy is, not only do they not hide the fact that they are aware of Dr. Connor’s criminal activity; Prosecutors Negangard and Kisor flaunt it.

During a hearing in my divorce in June, 2008, opposing counsel produced an unfamiliar document bearing my wife’s signature. Angela Loechel submitted this document from Dr. Connor’s office, titled Office Policy Statement, in an argument that the document prevented me from obtaining a copy of Dr. Connor’s case file from the child custody evaluation. On July 30, 2008, I faxed a letter to Dr. Connor requesting “copies of any privacy agreement, release and/or consent form, office and/or patient confidentiality agreement(s) that I signed in relation to the evaluation.” In a fax dated August 4, 2008, I stated, “I still haven’t received copies of the agreements I signed at the beginning of the evaluation that I requested last week.” On August 5, 2008, I sent Dr. Connor a copy of his Office Policy Statement bearing my wife’s signature and requested that he produce a copy of the document with my signature. On a fax cover dated August 6, 2008, I wrote, “Please forward the material I requested.” The petition for contempt that I faxed to Dr. Connor on August 20, 2008, stated, “The fact that Dr. Connor had the [wife] sign two contracts, Provision to Serve as an Impartial Expert in a Custody Evaluation; and Connor and Associate’s Office Policy Statement relating to individual psychotherapy treatment, has caused additional conflict and controversy further hindering and delaying the Court process.” In a letter to Dr. Connor, dated September 2, 2008, I wrote, “You still haven’t forwarded copies of your office policy statement with my signature on it.” On September 3, 2008, I faxed Dr. Connor a letter stating “Please forward a copy of your office policy statement with my signature on it.” “If you never had me sign the document, please let me know.” Nearly a month and a half after my first request, Dr. Connor provided an explanation of his Office Policy Statement. In a letter dated September 9, 2008, Dr. Connor states, “With regard to the Office Policy Statement, we do not have a signed Office Policy Statement for you on file. It appears you were not provided with this document when you initially came to our office, which was an oversight on the part of the office staff. Nevertheless, the Office Policy Statement is simply an adjunct document to the court order in which you and Ms. Brewington agreed to participate fully in a custody evaluation to be conducted at this office.” The following day, Dr. Connor sent a letter to the Court With a copy of his September 9th letter. Dr. Connor’s September 10th letter to the Court contained some of the following statements: “At this point, [Dan] is sending frequent faxes and his language is becoming more repetitive and provocative, which is concerning.” I have patiently and repeatedly responded to Mr. Brewington’s concerns to this point; however, it is clear that he disregards any information that does not serve his agenda.” “[Dan’s] repeated remarks in letters and motions filed with the Court implying that I have engaged in some form of unethical or criminal behavior are patently false and disturbing.” “[Dan’s} voluminous letters and baseless allegations are intrusive to the point of being harassing and slanderous.” “As such, I am requesting that the Court provide me with some protection in that I will not further communicate with [Dan] outside of a formal deposition or Court testimony unless ordered to do so by the Court.” “I had hoped to avoid bringing this matter to the Court’s attention but at this point, Mr. Brewington has made it a necessity.”

Negangard and Kisor are well aware of how Dr. Connor claimed that his office staff forgot to have me sign Dr. Connor’s Office Policy Statement. They are aware that Dr. Connor wrote in his September 9, 2008 letter, which was copied to the Court, that his Office Policy Statement was “an adjunct document” to the custody evaluation. Of course the Prosecutors’ know about Dr. Connor’s letter to the Court, dated September 10, 2008, because Kisor submitted Dr. Connor’s letter as evidence during my March 11, 2011 arraignment hearing. Judge Blankenship considered Dr. Connor’s letter when setting my bond at $600,000. But here’s the punch-line; Dearborn County Prosecutors F. Aaron Negangard and Joseph Kisor are fully aware that during a hearing on May 27, 2009, Dr. Connor testified that his Office Policy Statement was NOT “an adjunct document” to the custody evaluation and testified that his office staff mistakenly had my wife sign the Office Policy Statement. How am I certain that Negangard and Kisor are aware of Dr. Connor’s conduct? Because they included the information in the prosecution’s evidence against me. I wouldn’t have been able to write this post if the Dearborn County Prosecutor’s Office wouldn’t have provided me with Dr. Connor’s testimony and all of the letters to and from Dr. Connor’s office.

“It’s an adjunct – It’s not an adjunct to a court order. It’s -- it’s adjacent to what we do when people come in.” That’s a direct quote from Dr. Edward J. Connor that appears in the transcripts from my divorce hearing on May 27, 2009; the same transcripts included in my 1368 pages of discovery information from the prosecutor’s office. The evidence from the Dearborn County Prosescutor’s office clearly demonstrated that Dr. Connor has engaged in criminal activity. If it is indeed true that Dr. Connor’s Office Policy Statement is not an adjunct document to the custody evaluation, then Dr. Connor has committed a number of crimes.

It is still up in the air if Dr. Connor had my ex-wife sign the office policy statement in an effort to obstruct my access to Dr. Connor’s case file. If it was intentional, it would be a conspiracy to defraud me and to commit fraud upon the court. If Dr. Connor’s office mistakenly had my wife sign the office policy statement, that Dr. Edward J. Connor used his position as a psychologist and court expert to maliciously harm and intimidate a participant in a legal proceeding. Dr. Connor willfully provided false information in letters to a judge in an effort to conceal misconduct. Since the letters were sent via fax or US mail, Dr. Connor’s actions constitute mail or wire fraud. This doesn’t even take into account the fact that Prosecutor Negangard was aware of Dr. Connor’s above conduct long before the grand jury investigation.

“Screw you Dan Brewington. We will bury you if you expose criminal conduct within our ranks.” That’s what Dearborn Prosecutors F. Aaron Negangard and Joseph Kisor are saying as they are trying to send me to prison for defending my rights and the rights of my children against the criminal actions of Dr. Edward J. Connor. Actually Negangard and Kisor are saying “Screw the children and families of divorce in Dearborn County because Negangard and Kisor are doing everything in their power to enable Dr. Connor to continue hurting children and families in Southeastern Indiana. If you have any questions about the accuracy of the statements in this post, please visit to view the documents referenced in this post. Feel free to contact F. Aaron Negangard, Joseph Kisor, Sheriff Mike Kreinhop and/or Commissioner Shane McHenry to voice your opinions and/or concerns about the criminal conduct of Dr. Edward J. Connor and demand that Dearborn County law enforcement take action against Dr. Edward J. Connor for his criminal actions in destroying the lives of children in Southeastern, Indiana. To contact me or my family, email us a contact I invite all members of the public to drop by my jury trial on August 16, 2011. The public will have the opportunity to see F. Aaron Negangard, Joseph Kisor, and the rest of the Dearborn County Prosecutor’s office conspire to deprive the public of their constitutional rights just to protect the criminal actions of Dr. Edward J. Connor. Thanks for the support.


  1. You are nuts. Bipolar with paranoid tendancies. Your wife and the courts are scared of what you will do. Go get some help for your mental problems. No one reading these posts could consider you a fit parent. I wouldnt let you near any kids. Look in the mirror and you will see the cause of all your problems. Reread your past forefather is going to help you get your kids for any visitation. Start over and ask the courts what you need to do to get even a small amount of time with the kids. Otherwise, enjoy the fight...thats all your going to get.

  2. The above poster must have some connection to your ex. Family courts across the country are in serious trouble. The problem you face is that you are trying to expose them.

    It seems the person that wrote above must be a patient of Dr. Conner, who obviously is qualified to treat anyone.