Monday, August 29, 2011

No right to representation in Dearborn County. Transcribed 8/28/11

“So noted”. This is Dearborn County Sheriff Michael Kreinhop’s response to my 8/21/11 inmate request. I submitted the request in the hopes that the Dearborn County Law Enforcement Center would change its unconstitutional policy of not allowing out of state lawyers to have confidential visits with clients who are incarcerated in the DCLEC. Rather than give a simple “yes” or “no”, Sheriff Kreinhop just dodged the question.

During my bond reduction hearing on August 17, 2011, Dearborn County Commissioner Shane McHenry testified that he participated in an inquiry into a “tip” from an inmate in the Hamilton County (OH) Justice Center. Inmate Keith Jones alleged that I approached him about finding someone to perform a “drive-by shooting” on Judge James D. Humphrey. Commissioner McHenry testified that after traveling to Hamilton County, Ohio and questioning Keith Jones with law enforcement officials from Cincinnati Police and the ATF, none of the law enforcement agencies pursued the “tip” from Mr. Jones. It appears that Mr. Jones not only has a long criminal history, but also has a long history of trying to snitch on people in order to get out of trouble. This isn’t the first time Dearborn County law enforcement has ventured out of state to investigate matters pertaining to me. On November 2, 2009, Michael Kreinhop traveled to Norwood, Ohio to question me even though my Ohio lawyer told Kreinhop that I would not be participating in any investigation if Kreinhop was unwilling to explain the nature of the investigation and who filed the complaint. Dearborn County law enforcement has the ability to investigate, issue arrest warrants for, and extradite people in other states, yet Sheriff Kreinhop and the DCLEC refuse to allow lawyers from those states to meet with their clients in the same confidential environment as Indiana attorneys.

This so called “policy” of the DCLEC is not a written one. In fact, the “policy” did not exist prior to my incarceration. The first time my Ohio attorney had been denied access to a client incarcerated in the DCLEC was when he attempted to visit me following my arraignment on March 11, 2011. Coincidently, it was the same Ohio lawyer whom Kreinhop ignored when Kreinhop traveled to Ohio to question me behind my lawyer’s back. Now Dearborn County is discovering that Sheriff Kreinhop’s seemingly immature and retaliatory actions can have severe constitutional ramifications, because Dearborn County is actively and knowingly obstructing inmates’ Constitutional rights to legal counsel.

A little while ago, I had a cell mate that was charged with fleeing from the police. The chase began in Indiana and ended with his arrest in Ohio. The man was charged and incarcerated in Hamilton County, Ohio. A short time later, similar charges were filed against him in Dearborn County, Indiana resulting from the same alleged incident. The man was extradited to Dearborn County, where he was held despite the pending case in Ohio. Now the only means of verbal communication that the man can have with his Ohio lawyer is by telephone or through a phone visitation booth both of which can be monitored by Dearborn County officials. Dearborn County forces inmates like this to discuss near, identical charges in another state through a medium that can be monitored by Dearborn County law enforcement. This isn’t the only way that the policies of Sheriff Michael Kreinhop imposed on the constitutional right of inmates in the DCLEC as Sheriff Kreinhop doesn’t allow some inmates to have legal counsel while being questioned/interrogated by law enforcement officials. In recent times Sheriff Kreinhop and the DCLEC allowed a detective from Florida to interrogate an inmate in the DCLEC regarding an alleged crime in Florida. Sheriff Kreinhop allowed the formal interrogation by the Florida law enforcement official to occur; however, Sheriff Kreinhop denied the inmate the ability to have a Florida attorney present to advise the inmate of his rights because Sheriff Kreinhop refuses to allow out of state lawyers to have confidential meetings with their clients.

I’m sure Dearborn County Sheriff Kreinhop will argue that the jail does not monitor phone conversations between lawyers and clients. He would also tell you that the jail does not monitor conversations between out of state attorneys in the phone visitation booth. (Inmates may only have two visits a week. Visits can only be scheduled 9am-11am and 1pm-3:30pm, Monday through Friday. Visiting times and dates must be scheduled on the prior weekend and time and dates are not guaranteed.) The concerning aspect is that Sheriff Kreinhop continues to defend his policy even though it does more harm than good.

Who does Sheriff Kreinhop allow to have confidential contact visits with inmates in the DCLEC? The obvious answer is attorneys that are licensed to practice law in the state of Indiana. The DCLEC also allows ordinary citizens to hold AA meetings with inmates. Sheriff Kreinhop allows personal GED tutors to have contact visits with inmates. The DCLEC allows spiritual leaders of any recognized religion to hold church sessions with inmates. So why is Sheriff Kreinhop so adamant about keeping lawyers from other states out of the DCLEC? Other than occasionally having to check the ID of an out of state lawyer and directing the lawyer to the contact visitation booth, allowing out of state lawyers to meet with their clients in a confidential setting poses absolutely no inconvenience to Sheriff Kreinhop and his personnel; unless Sheriff Michael Kreinhop is involved in illegal activity. The only things that Dearborn County stands to lose by permitting an out of state lawyer to visit inmates in the DCLEC are the ability to monitor otherwise confidential attorney/client conversations and the ability to fend off outside lawyers who may have an interest in protecting the civil rights of inmates detained in the DCLEC.

Dearborn County Sheriff Michael Kreinhop did everything in his power to bar my Ohio lawyer from meeting with me in the Dearborn County Law Enforcement Center. Prior to my arrest, there were no policies that banned out of state lawyers from meeting with clients who were incarcerated in the DCLEC. My current Ohio lawyer was allowed to have confidential visits with clients in the DCLEC until I was arrested. When my Ohio lawyer was admitted to practice law in the Southern District of the US Federal Court, Sheriff Kreinhop still balked at allowing my lawyer to meet with me. It was only after Sheriff Kreinhop made a last ditch phone call to an “unknown” Dearborn County official that Sheriff Kreinhop allowed my lawyer to meet with me.

If you disregard the notion that Sheriff Kreinhop, who has over 30 years of law enforcement experience, was unaware that his policies violated the constitutionally protected rights of inmates in the DCLEC then Sheriff Michael Kreinhop and Dearborn County Indiana are maliciously and willfully conspiring to deprive inmates of their civil rights. Dearborn County Sheriff Michael Kreinhop is also a key supporter of a new jail expansion proposal in Dearborn County. On one hand Sheriff Kreinhop is obstructing an inmate’s ability to get out of jail by depriving the inmate of his civil rights, and on the other hand, Sheriff Kreinhop is arguing that a new jail is necessary to relieve overcrowding in the current jail.

I encourgage people to voice their opinions and concerns about the unethical and/or illegal policies of Dearborn County Sheriff Michael Kreinhop and the DCLEC. I would also suggest that Dearborn County taxpayers call their elected officials to relay any concerns of a potential legal cataclysm resulting from Dearborn County willfully obstructing the civil rights of inmates who are detained in the Dearborn County Law Enforcement Center. To contact me or my family email: Thanks for the support.


  1. Its beginning to look a lot like Tripoli in dearborn county indiana. If you coul.d somehow let be known what warehouse they have you detianed in so the outside world can keep a lookout and call the fire department should there be signs of smoke.

    The story below is how another dictator eliminated subjects aware of his tyranny and cause for his messy pr problem.

    "Three days later the warehouse, which had been used as a prison, was set on fire but the cause was unknown, Human Rights Watch said. Since the fall of Gaddafi just over a week ago evidence has emerged of numerous killings. Dozens of bodies, some from Gaddafi's troops and others of detainees held by the ousted government, have been discovered in the Libyan capital. Human Rights Watch said it inspected the charred skeletal remains of about 45 bodies, stil smoldering, on Saturday. The remains were spread throughout the warehouse in the Khalida Ferjan neighborhood in Salahaddin, south of (what could be concieved as indiana in dearborn county) under the tyrannanical rule of adictatorial regime." This excerp is from an internation news report.

    In your situation indications may show that the regime leader may go as high up the power structure as the governers office and possibly beyond. Remember that this is election season and Just as the presidential hopeful, Rick Perry willfully saw to the execution of an innocent man who was to be exhonerated by scientific evidense used his vile unconscienable act to get re-elected in Texas, don't think that those who opress you are not equally capable. Certainly they are just as vile and just as dangerous to our democracy.



  2. Wow! The reason that out of state lawyers are not accorded the same rights as Indiana state lawyers is easy to understand. They are not lawyers here...they have not passed the bar here. So they have no more rights than any other citizen. extra protection. As for Florida law enforcement, they are not lawyers. They merely check to see if the defendant is who they are looking for and whether they should be shipped back to Florida. Neither Dan or anyone else is prohibited from seeking council from an Indiana lawyer. I can see this is no longer about the girls, it's about the fight. Even the Ohio lawyer can not defend in Indiana. Sad to say that Dan will lose no matter the outcome. His girls are being supported by others. He obviously isnt paying to help. Somebody else is doing it. Funny that you censor those on your blog you dont agree with. No context is given to them. Sounds familiar to your gripes about county officals. For the record, I have never even been to this county and have nothing to do with this case. As an observer it seems if I dont agree with Dan's position then I am an enemy or related to the case. Sorry Dan, get an Indiana lawyer and listen to him or her. Otherwise you will be asking to see your grandkids.

  3. The lawyer that he wants to talk to is for his federal case. He's not for his criminal case. If that lawyer is good enough for the Feds than why not Dearborn county. Come on

  4. Just for clarification, Mr. Kelly, Dan's Ohio attorney can see Dan now that he is licensed to practice before the Federal Court in the Southern District of Indiana. This happened after Dan was incarcerated for more than 5 months. Dan is also writing to help others get rights to their attorneys. The point some people miss is that an inmate can have pending issues in another state that need attention and these people are not allowed to see their clients.

  5. The complexity of this type of subterfuge is beyond the grasp of many attorneys much less lay people. Kind of reminds me of how Arlen Spector couldn't understand/give a hoot for people with sever and catastrophic medical conditions. The issues really seemed to be more of a nuesance to Mr. Spector, and certainly one he did not want, or have to address. That was until he himself was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Well good to see that Mr. Spector got a new perspective on the issue which was now empathetic to the constituents suffering similar malities.

    All I am trying to convey is that until you are in Dan's shoes, you really have now idea of what he is up against I am very sad for the state of our union and that of a tyranny being able to control the minds of the true believers in a system.

    Anyone, including my self can not possibly know all the deatils of what Mr. Brewington is up against. I do believe his love for his daughters is boundless. I would not expect anything less from any parent, even those who seem to have lost sight of Mr. Brewington's challenges. However, this case hjust does not pass the smell test. I would be happy to hear from anyone who thinks it does. We are a free people, when last I checked, and Mr. Brewington is fighting for his freedom and those of his daughters. Wether you all know it or not, he is fighting for your freedom also. For if Mr. Brewington can end up as a target of a tyrannical regime, SO CAN YOU!

    God Save Dan Brewington and his daughters. God Save those who know not how to listen, understand and think.

  6. It is certainly amazing that this is possible in the USA. Actually it is extremely sad. THE SADEST ASPECT OF THIS BREAKDOWN OF THE JUUSTICE SYSTEM IS THAT THIS BLOG IS ACTUALLY A GAUGE OF HOW MOST BLOGGING NO LONGER BELIEVE IN THE FREEDOM OF SPEACH. JUST CONSIDER HOW MANY SIGN THEIR COMMENT "Anonymous". I also fear the very real rath of a corrupt and power hungry oligarchy. Just think Bashar al Nogonads could be knocking on you door next. Especially if you commented on this blog. Unless mistaken, I ave yet to see anything blogged that could possibly rise to this level of tyranny leveled against Mr. Brewington.

    I have not heard Bill Cunningham of WLW 700 comment on this. But as he seems smart enough, to recognise great Americans, I am sure he will see the GREATNESS IN DAN BREWINGTON! Please let me know what Mr. C. Comments on this theft of civil rights and a great American's fight for them back.

    Tyranny can only exist when the citizens' common sence is replaced with self righteous rhetoric. WAKE UP AMERICA!

  7. I can only wonder how many of the dearborn county koolaide drinkers have ever been represented by a lawyer who sees "conflict of interest" as a normal way of conducting business. Besides what is more important, getting your client the best representation possible, or maintaining your relationship with judges or prosecutors whom you hope to golf with at he country club. Besides how many clients in dearborn county can get you influential meetings on the links and top it off with the best steak dinners available. Not all lawyers are this way, just as not all fathers should have their children stolen from them.

    The question you haveto ask yourself is, what would I do if my children were stolen from me by a corrupt system and what would I do if I ended up incarcerated for legally doing everything I could to get my children back.

    I think that if you wouldn't do everything Mr. Brewington has done, you should really consider your fitness as a parent.

  8. Does anyone have any statistics on how many children have been robbed of a parent by any of the judges, psychologists, attorneys who have been involved in Mr.
    Brewigtons custody case?

    Does anyone know how many parents, father or mothers, have been robbed of their children, fought for their rights and been incarcerated for asserting their civil and constitutional rights?

    Does anyone know the social circle networks the attorneys, prosecutors, justice system officials/officers, court officials, and judges along with their spouces and families, who have been involved in the persecution of a father, Dan Brewington?

    There seems to be more to this case than meets the bought and paid for media.

    When you loose a free press, you loose the very foundation of Democracy.

    I only wonder when the citizens of dearborn county realize what they have actually have lost.

  9. Quick note..yes he can see an attorney qualified to sit before the fed court but that same attorney can not rep him in the criminal trial unless he has passed the bar here. Freedom of speech is not guaranteed completely as Dan is finding out. Example, an old fried moves back to town and gives you his address and you say "I know where you live!" You blog the same thing about a judge whom has ruled against you and it takes on a whole new and sinister meaning. Judges and their families live, eat and work right next to the people they sit in front of. When Dan writes a fathers day article detailing a judges life and family it would rightly push some buttons. Premeditation of an act can be construed. If you were a judge what would you do? Trust Dan not to do something rash. I do not believe Dan has a dangerous bone in his body but in this day that belief is not enough. Why is Dan's bail so high? Because no judge will allow anyone a chance to harm a peer. Read some of the people who post here and remember Oklahoma City. Judges can not have 24/7 body guards for them and thier families. So Dan has found out how they protect themselves. Questions are going to be ask at trial like the one above and saying "I didn't mean it that way" or "Its common knowledge I was mearly reprinting it" will not cut it. CONTEXT people. So Dan be prepared for those questions and begin asking yourself "What if there is another way?" The people cheering you on wont be sitting with you if you end up in Michigan City. It will be someone who could care less. Look at your battle from other angels and take my advise on what to be prepared for and if they offer a plea then consider "another way". I do hope you get the girls back for visitation but I dont see how while you continue on this course.

  10. "Citizen Minority Report" seems to be correct in the questions Dan may have to answer. However, even a minorityreportian should have the facts straight and just as importantly, make sure to consider ALL the facts. In this day of selective fact based propoganda, it is even more critical to be thorough. As far as the minoretyreportian, it would seem that they are themselves not feeling too secure intheir civil and constitutional rights. Also regarding freedom of speech, the minoretyreportian seems to have relengquished his freedom. "Hope he got something worthwhile in return". How much value we place on that right seems sadly to be deminishing. For real Americans, it is priceless, never to be sold out. Yelling a lie of fire in a crowded theater is not a right. Lible and slander are crimes, but telling the truth should never be illegal and stating ones opinion is protected. Don't be lead down a false road of an opressed minorityreportian, for he may only be trying to convince you not to trust you own lying eyes. Seems like his have failed him. Besides, if the minoretyreportian really believed in what he seems to pontificate, he probably wouldn't comment as Anonymous. However, deep down he proabably really knows how a corrupt system can really violate his rights just as he sees your's to have been.

  11. Seems I have a new name. This is precisely why I will remain anon. Individuals such as this would do everything they could to try and censor me from giving you my opinion. Just because Ido not agree with your tactics does not mean I disagree with your goal. On the contrary, I hope you do get time with your girls. I feel that the tactics you are using will keep you from achieving said goal. As you can see my opinions are causing more of a stir on your blog than any before. Look at what you are getting. People patting you on the back and declaring freedom of speech is dependent on this case. If they really want to help then post an address where they each can send a check for at least a $1000 to help your defence. You are merely getting words from angry fathers some of which probably lost custody for reasons far in excess of what you are accused. Dan, they are not going to start Civil War2 over you or build a statue. Regardless, who cares about that, you just want your girls. I addressed your free speech right and was not refuted. As for the civil rights part you must realize it has become a misnomer. PETA wants them for animals, fat people, short people, everyone wants special case status. The people you are sueing will claim the same status as you. This makes it tough to rule on these things because you must choose one over the other. At appeal, it is always a pain to get all judges to agree. It like shooting at the moon, no matter how may tries they always fall short. Your best bet would be to try to vacate the ruling and seek new mental health evaluations from your chosen people. Good results would allow you to attack previous testimony in court where it counts. Attacking on a blog will get you no where where expert witness are concerned and can open you up to a law suit. The other bloggers on here are not helping you one wit on the options to proceed. They each have their own agenda and are merely spectators. So am I but at least I will admit the fact and offer helpful advice. Spout all you want about rights but the other side will counter with the same. Staying out of jail is as I have stated your first priority. Your civil case is nothing compared to that. Think about what you reaaly want and consider my free advice. One more thing, telling the truth can get you into problems that could be avoided by keeping your mouth shut. Remember that as you blog that without certain proof or in certain CONTEXTS a truth can be used against you. This is a fact whether you or I like it or not. Stating opinions if they harm someones reputation can also make you liable for being sued. Even if true...look at the law if you don't believe that. Minority Reporter

  12. Well then, i went to superior court in southern In. My ex girl friend was riding around throwing trash out in my back yard,following me, calling saying she was going to make sure my life was miserable. This was six months after we broke up, she was even telling me what people coming out of my house was wearing, I asked the judge for a restraining order and had witnesses,judge told me it was not against the law to follow a person in Indiana, and unless i had witnesses, she told me she was going to kill me, i just had to deal with her! She mad false statements trying to get me arrested by the sheriff! At least he was smart enough to look in her back ground, after he questioned my neighbors and staking out my new girlfriends house for a week for drugs and prostitution! Turned out my ex was out on parole on a 40 yr. sentence, nothing was done, she studied law while in prison.I have yet to see anything Dan has done except piss them off, and they had it comin just like CUSTER!

  13. A friend of mine was recently in custody at the Dearborn county jail over the ridiculous accusations of a rebellious teenager.

    The investigation launch by the DCF social worker Lisa kilvington, was racially motivated from the beginning, as the doctors that examined this teenager concluded that there was no physical evidence of abuse, therefore, the child was to be returned to the mother's custody.

    Although the doctors request was clear this social worker, nonetheless, had my poor friend criminally charged with child abuse and neglect and my friend spent five days in jail. My friend suffers from several ailments including high blood pressure. Her blood pressure rose out of control causing a severe migraine. My friend repeatedly requested medical attention which was denied. My friends family and I called the jail and begged for them to provide her either medication or medical attention . We begged for compassion and for assistance and every single request was denied. These guards and prisoners officials went to the extreme as to state , that when her ears started bleeding at that point they would call for a doctor. Long story short, after
    Five days in jail with repeated request for medical attention, my friend suffered a mini stroke.
    This was the most out rages violation of anyone's civil and human rights that any of us have ever experienced. After reading the stories posted on this blog in addition to the horrifying experience we had at this Dearborn County Jail I cannot understand how the department of justice has not investigated these people and why charges have not been filed against them.

    I hope that someone in this county is held accountable for thier brutal, illegal and inhumane tactics.

  14. A friend of mine was held in custody at the Dearborn county jail for five days after her rebellious teenage daughter accused her of child abuse.

    Although after a doctor cleared my friend of any wrongdoing due to the fact that this kid had no bruises or any physical evidence of abuse the DCF social worker, Lisa Kilvington, decided that she was going to charge my friend criminally with child abuse and neglect .

    My friend suffers from several medical ailments and during the five days in jail she repeatedly requested medical attention. At times she gets horrific migraines when her blood pressure goes up. On dat two of this ordeal her blood pressure was out-of-control and her head was ready to burst. She begged for medicine and or medical attention, both of which were denied. Her family called the jail begging for medical attention.

    I called the jail begging for medical attention for her and was told that unless her ears started to bleed there was nothing that they would do. Long story short she was released after five days in custody and we immediately took her to the hospital. At which time they determine that she suffered a mini stroke due to the lack of medical attention.

    In 1 million years would we have imagined that anywhere in this country someone's human rights as well as thier civil rights would be so brutally violated.

    We plan on contacting the department of justice to have them launch on investigation into this social worker , The district attorneys office, as well as the prison officials involved if this horrible miscarriage of justice.

    After reading all the stories posted here I just do not understand how these people have not been criminally charged yet.