Saturday, March 27, 2010

I am truly thankful for the support

The following is a message I received this morning. Kind words from people in my past always provide an inspirational lift to my day.

Dan I have been reading on what you are going through. I am so sorry your ex and the family courts are putting you through all of this. It is a load of crap (to be polite as I can about it.) I had known you from 7th grade and all the way through high school, and i have to say you were probably one of the most decent people i had ever met. If I could place money on it I would say you still are! Keep the faith and take care Dan. I have joined your group and I will be reading often.

I cannot thank people enough for the ongoing prayers and support. Don't forget to check out for more information.

Thanks again for your support,



  1. ---------- /\ ----------
    o o o o o o

    I hope you didn't forget what that means.
    It would suck to be you if you did.

  2. Hi Dan.

    I need your help. I'm in the same spot you are. I tryied to be my own atturny but lost due to an UNFAIR cort and bad pyschologest. Im mad and i need your help.

    How do I set up a sight like this?

    How do you block the comments that are bad.

    Can I get differnt colors on the sight? sorry but i hate green and yellow. It remends me of a John Deer I had to drive growing up. No offense.

    How do I get a profile on your sight? It says select one but I dont know what some of those mean and the others dont work.

    Do you know all that stuff or do you look it up?

    Whats your best advice for getting my kids back?

    I really need your help Dan.

    How do I get my kids bak?