Monday, March 1, 2010

It sucks to be Dr. Edward J Connor

Well it seems like all good things come to an end, don't they Dr. Connor. It appears that Dr. Connor took a public flogging at the hands of radio personality/power attorney Eric "The Bulldog" Deters. The Bulldog was broadcasting live across the 50,000 watt power of 700 WLW when he mentioned a problem with one Kentucky custody evaluator. The Bulldog talked about the perverted nature of some of the sexual oriented questions that Dr. Connor asks females in evaluations. Why would Eric Deters speak of things that were so damning to Dr. Connor? If the the Bulldog's statements were false, Dr. Connor would have a heck of a defamation lawsuit. My guess is that Mr. Deters isn't worried about getting sued by Dr. Connor because the statements are true.

I applaud the Bulldog for using the airwaves to bring attention to the pervert (also known as Dr. Edward J Connor) who the courts are appointing to evaluate children and adults. Maybe lawyers and judges will be a little leery about referring business to and/or appointing the perverted Connor. I am going to try to get a copy of the audio and/or transcripts from the broadcast so I can post a link on my website and blog. Then people can hear for themselves how a respected lawyer had the courage to speak out about what so many were afraid to say. If Dr. Connor was afraid to sue me, I couldn't imagine the fear associated with the thought trying to file some BS defamation suit against Eric "The Bulldog" Deters. I know I would be there to testify for Mr. Deters but it won't happen because Dr. Connor knows the allegations are true.

Thanks Bulldog for saying what others are afraid to say. Thank you for calling out a perverted psychological quack like Dr. Connor. The reign of terror is almost over Dr. Connor. I wonder to whom Dr. Connor is going to run to cry about Mr. Deters "picking" on him? I didn't do this to you Ed Connor. Eric Deters didn't do this to you. You did it to yourself. Your sick perversions should play no role in custody evaluations or matters dealing with children. Thanks for helping children and families, Eric Deters and 700 WLW.

-Eric Deters is a substitute talk show host for 700WLW and has recently received quite a bit of airtime on the weekends. Mr. Deters' released his latest book, "Willie, Radio's Great American - The Story of Bill Cunningham, this past November. The Bulldog also has two restaurants, Bulldog's Roadhouse in Independence, KY and the newly opened Bulldog's on the Levy in Newport, KY. If you get a chance, stop into one of the Bulldog's restaurants. You'll not only be a patron of an establishment with good food and service, you'll be a customer of a man who gives so much back the the community.


  1. Simply awesome! It is really good news that a public personality is willing to stand up against quacks! Long live 700!

  2. Perfect Dan! Well said! Thank you Eric!

  3. Hope this helps the court system see the TRUTH! Kudo's to Eric! Keep up the fight Dan we are proud of you!

  4. Danny,
    I love you. I love you a LOT!
    I wish you'd pay more attention to me and stop obsessing over Ed. He doesn;t want you. GET OVER IT!

    I love you so much and you just can;t let go of Ed!

    Ed, Ed, Ed, Ed.... That's all I ever hear in bed. Ed, Ed, Ed..

    If you won't listen at home, please listen on here!


  5. Thanks for the info. Still trying to get info on info put out on radio by Mr. Deters.
    Fellow Doc Con victum.