Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The State of Kentucky allows Dr. Edward J Connor to harm children

Hey Kentucky, I know you are aware of the illegal actions of Dr. Edward Connor so do something about it. The IP address belonging to "Commonwealth of Kentucky Dept. of Information Syst" has been on my website for nearly an hour this morning. Kinda takes the "we weren't aware of Dr. Connor's actions" argument out of the equation doesn't it? Just keep ignoring the problem so more children can be injured. Attorney General Jack Conway knows. The Kentucky Board of Examiners of Psychology knows. The Kentucky Psychological Association knows. The Kentucky Cabinet of Health and Family Services knows. Why are they allowing Dr. Connor to continue to hurt children? Because it's easier than doing something about it.


  1. Dan, what if you forgot about Dr. Connor and concentrated on being able to see your children. If Dr. Connor is so wrong, and your ex-wife hired him, can't you hire another doctor? Sort of like getting a second opinion for any serious health care issue. Have you and your ex discussed ways to get "together" for the sake of the children? Another counselor? I know your divorce is final but would it help to do family counseling anyway? A controlled environment for everyone. I look forward to your opinion on this matter.

  2. Why are Kentuckians screwing up? well that should answer it self.

  3. Dan,

    Man, you must really be in love with this Conner guy. What's with the constant enshrinement of this guy? You gay?