Tuesday, March 9, 2010

More from Anonymous

Obviously I struck a nerve with Anonymous because they posted a couple more comments. Anonymous accuses me of hoodwinking all 500 members of "Help Dan Brewington see his girls." Anonymous even accuses me of making comments that are threatening. When I stated, "I just hope Anonymous is not my ex-wife or a member of her family", I was simply hoping that they were not the type of people who would call me "gay" because I spoke out against Dr. Connor and the family court system. I would expect that from an uneducated 5th grader. I really admire the courage of people who attack others while hiding behind the name Anonymous. I write tens of thousands of words and post a plethora of conflicting statements made by Dr. Connor and Anonymous complains that I don't tell people the "whole" story because I don't post their comments regarding their opinion that people who are unemployed should not be allowed to see their children. Please note how Anonymous admits that they are a family member of my ex-wife's. Tragic.

Censoring your page? Freedom of speech? Copying and pasting? Only letting people see it if it is your thoughts on the subject? Why are you afraid to let the people "from Canada, England, Ireland, Australia, Singapore, and New Zealand" that "are joining" see everything that is posted? Just wondering. P. What do you mean "I just hope Anonymous is not my ex-wife or a member of her family." Is that a threat?!!? Sounds like one to me.

What difference does it make if it is a x-family member or your x? If you are free to say/do what you want, why can't we? And believe me, there is plenty I would LOVE to say but don't!

So you have 500+ strangers, who don't know your x, or the situation AT ALL, - signing on. So what?!?

And while I will post as anonymous - you know me. The world doesn't need to know my name. You know who I am because you searched me out!

Not anonymous anymore! And not the only anonymous you can be sure - because while I made the comment about the girls sending you a gift . . . I didn't make the other comments. So you now have a "blog" for all the anonymous people out there that have just had enough of your ranting and carrying on.

Just sign me - P.


  1. It is a shame that the "Anonymous" person would make immature comments such as calling someone gay. It is clearly a sign of frustration and it gives much concern, as Dan mentioned if "Anonymous" really is a family member of his ex, that his children would be in contact with such callous people.

    -Tim (cousin of Dan in Singapore)

  2. Dan

    Obviously you are NOT the brightest bulb in the box...there can obviously be more than one Anonymous person writing on your blog. Duh

  3. Tim, Are you and Dan lovers?

  4. Danny, are you afraid of anonymous people? Why do you make such a public display of yourself if you are such a coward? And what is it with this jilted lover thing with Dr. Conner? Won't he accept your love? Why not give it up and find some guy who will be your lover? Come on, Danny. There are lots of guys who would love to hook up with you. Leave the old guy alone.