Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Update Coming...

I should have an update about something interesting at the end of March. Stay tuned for more information.


  1. Something interesting at the end of March? Hmmm...

    You're coming out?

    It's about time!

    We were starting to wonder if you were ashamed or something. I knew better. You're too good a guy to hide it. Feels good doesn't it?

    Good call, Danny!



    Danny Boy! And on St. Patrick's Day! COOOOL!

  2. Dan, we just heard! Congratulations! We knew you'd come out soon. On St. Patty's Day, too! What a great memory this will be! Just think, no more hiding. You're free to hold hands and kiss the guy of your dreams - IN PUBLIC! You'll never regret it!
    Frank and Tom

  3. Dear Frank and Tom,

    You forgot to say that my mother wears combat boots. That would probably bother me more than being called gay. Actually neither bother me and I find it rather amusing that you I consume so much of your life that you feel the need to closely follow my websites. Let the anger go. I had my children ripped from me, why would calling me gay anger me? It's probably because you have nothing else. Pretty soon you'll be saying "I know you are but what am I?" Rather than living in the bowls of elementary school playground banter, why don't you say what you really want? Say, "I can't believe you have driven Dr. Connor's business away because he's a perverted liar. I can't believed Eric Deters aired Dr. Edward J Connor's perversions on 700 WLW." Keep supporting Dr. Connor "Frank and Tom." Your cowardice and ignorance only strengthens my cause. You forgot to mention that I'm fat and my mother dresses me funny. Go back to the playground junior (unless of course there is a court order preventing you from being within a 100 yards of a school or Chuck E Cheese.)

  4. Dan,

    Are you saying there is something wrong with being gay? Dude, are you just upset because you got outted before your surprise coming out party? You're not backing out are you? Sorry, if we stole your thunder. We'll keep it quiet for now. Just between us! Please don't back out. We're all behind you!

    Frank and Tom

    PS, Who cares about Dr. Conner!

  5. Dan, you sound like a homophobe to me.

    I don't know about Frankie and Tommy but, your mother has definitely worn MY combat boots a time or two.

    You are one SICK person.

    I found your post while researching for my book. Buddy, you need to get a grip. The chances of this helping your court case are nill, it's hurting any legal hope that you may have. It's counterproductive.

    This is also harming your daughters that you say you love. It's counterproductive. What do you think those girls will think when they are older and see this crap? What do your think their friends say about them behind their backs when the friends see this crap. -- Do you really want to make your daughters the school's laughing stalks?

    Regarding Dr. Connor, YOU are his best advertiser and supporter. With enemies like you, I imagine his business has increased rather than diminished - as you hoped. Again, you're being counterproductive.

    You make yourself look like a buffon. Are you?

    Think about it, Einstein!

    E. Robert Muntzsch

  6. Nice try "Mr. Muntzsch". If you are going to pick out a name, make it a real one. Is this your first book because I was going to put a link to your previous writings but I couldn't find anything written by E Robert Muntzsch. In fact, Google didn't have any record of the name. Did you say I look like "Buffon"? Thanks. Likening me to the 18th century French naturalist whose monumental "Histoire Naturelle", laid the foundation for later studies in biology, zoology, and comparative anatomy, is a tremendous compliment. (I hope you weren't trying to say that I was a "buffoon". Given that you are composer of great literature, I'm sure you know the difference.)

  7. Dan,

    I thought you'd reply like that, and you did. You are WAY too predicable.

    Dan, did you even consider what I wrote? Or, did you just get angry first and try to villify and dispose of me before you considered what I wrote?

    For your own good, Dan. Think about it! You're only hurting yourself and your daughters.

    Again, just think about what your daughters' friends are going to say about them if they find this nonsense - and they will eventually. Not only will the courts keep you from seeing them, they WON'T WANT to come see you and you'll have nobody to blame except old Dan (that's you!)

    I can't believe that I'm the first person who has told you that.

    Dan, my book is about fathers who who lose out on part of their childrens' live due to divorce. I am one of those fathers. I can't believe what I found here! You are doing the exact opposite of what you should be doing. You keep digging your own hole deeper and deeper. WHY? Ask yourself - WHY? Has any of this helped? Are your kids back? What is the result of all this? Anything good? If you keep doing what you are doing you will keep getting the same results.

    You'd be better served to get rid of all this crap, get away from the computer, and get some exercise. It appears from your photo and writing that both your body and mind have very little strength.

    BTW, people do exist who are not found on Google. And you are correct on both counts: this is my first book and you make yourself look like a BUFFOON.

    Take my advice or leave it.

    Good luck in your life.

    E. Robert Muntzsch

  8. Dan wrote, “I should have an update about something interesting at the end of the March. Stay tuned for more information.”

    “THE March”

    “THE March”

    The March is a 2005 historical fiction novel by E. L. Doctorow. It won the PEN/Faulkner Award for Fiction (2006) and the National Book Critics Circle Award/Fiction (2005). Published in 2005 by E.L. Doctorow, The March is a historical fiction novel set in late 1864 and early 1865 near the conclusion of the American Civil War. Central to the novel is the character of General William Tecumseh Sherman as he marches his 60,000 troops through the heart of the South, carving a 60 mile wide scar of destruction in their wake. As a result of Sherman’s order to live off the land, his soldiers wreak chaos as they pillage homes, steal cattle, burn crops, and accumulate a nearly unmanageable population of freed slaves and refugees who have nowhere else to go. While the novel revolves around the decisions of General Sherman, the novel has no specific main character. Instead, Doctorow retells Civil War history according to the individual lives of a large and diverse cast of characters—-white and black, rich and poor, Union and Confederate--whose lives are caught up in the violence and trauma of the war.

  9. WOW! Dan I truly hope that that this person has no contact with your little girls. What does being Gay have to do with anything. Not that you're but, even if you were.. Who cares? What gay people cannot raise children? Something wrong with being GAY? AGAIN! What a coward keyboard warrior.. Geez..

  10. So, where is the announcement?

    Your loyal readers are overwrought with aniticipatory enthusiasm awaiting the blessed event.

  11. You crack me up!

    What a nut.

    You should be on Jerry Springer, dude!