Wednesday, April 7, 2010

...and Dr. Edward J Connor says people with ADHD can't be parents

Yesterday, the Wall Street Journal published a story titled "Mind Games". The story discusses ADHD in adults and pros and cons of having ADHD. Adults with ADHD tend to have a higher risk for substance abuse, automobile accidents, etc... David Neeleman, the founder of JetBlue Airways, and Paul Orfalea, founder of Kinko's, have spoken out about how the disorder helped them come up with innovative ideas for their corporations, despite their having done poorly in school. The article never mentioned anything about ADHD causing people to be violent. The article never mentioned anything about parents with ADHD being a danger to their children. I lost my children largely to the fact that I have been treated for ADHD for the past 8 years.

The custody evaluator in my case, Dr. Edward J Connor of Connor and Associates, claimed that he had a hard time understanding me because of my ADHD. He claimed that my writings were confusing and difficult to follow. Dr. Connor claimed that my ADHD was to blame for the communication problems with my ex-wife. Dr. Ed Connor even suggested that people with OCD are better suited to care for young children that people with ADHD.

Dr. Connor said ADHD hindered my communication abilities. He made the argument that I had difficulties putting together coherent thoughts and sentences. Dr. Connor made many speculative statements and recommendations, yet he failed to contact my treating physician and therapist. Dr. Connor speculated what would happen "if" I stopped taking my medicine. He testified that he didn't know if I was taking my prescription on a regular basis. If Dr. Connor would have taken the time to contact my treating physician and therapist, he would have found that I never stopped taking medicine nor did I ever miss a therapy session. Rather than check the records, Dr. Connor speculated about prescription drug addiction, me not taking my medication, and everything in between.

Dr. Connor made all kind of outrageous claims and then wouldn't allow me to review his case file. Dr. Connor's evaluation made no mention of me being a danger to anyone. When I began requesting the file, Dr. Connor began contacting the Court about his concerns as to why I wanted the case file. I wanted the case file because Dr. Connor's contract said I was entitled to it. Indiana and Kentucky Law said I was entitled to it. Dr. Connor changed his policies regarding the release of the case file when I began requesting the file.

Dr. Edward J Connor of Connor and Associates in Erlanger, Kentucky is a danger to children. What psychological professional evaluates someone and then claims that the person is not entitled to the information that the evaluation is based upon? The depressing thing is Dr. Connor is directly involved with organizations like The Children's Home of Northern Kentucky. How many children are being harmed while Dr. Connor oversees the psychological staff of the Children's Home of Northern Kentucky? Dr. Connor claims he has difficulties communicating with people with ADHD. He claims people with OCD are better equipped to be parents than people with ADHD. ADHD parents are less likely to harm their children because dirty socks are left on the floor. ADHD parents are less likely to explode because things are out of order. Have you ever been afraid or known someone who was afraid of an OCD parent's reaction to an accident? Have you ever heard someone say, "My ADHD dad is going to kill me because I didn't separate the darks, colors, and whites before I did my laundry"? Probably not. I wash it all on the same cycle. Read the Wall Street Journal article, Dr. Edward J Connor. ADHD parents do not hurt children; people like Dr. Edward J Connor hurt children. Question to the Children's Home of Northern Kentucky: how long do you plan on allowing a child abuser to play a major role in your organization? As long as it's convenient I guess. For more information go to

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