Thursday, April 29, 2010

Hopefully I'll be able to see my children after June 14th

I have a court date on June 14, 2010 and I hope that I will be “permitted” to see my girls. I have to appear in front of Dearborn County Circuit Court Judge James D. Humphrey. June 14, 2010 will mark the tenth month that I have been unable to see my four and six year old daughters. On August 18, 2009, Judge Humphrey terminated my visitation time with my daughters because he felt that I might be “potentially” dangerous. What will I have done in the ten months leading up to the hearing to demonstrate that I am not dangerous? I will have done nothing dangerous.

It doesn’t seem to make sense, does it? My ex-wife filed for divorce January 8, 2007. During the course of the 2 ½-year divorce, my ex-wife never called the police, social services, or filed any motions to modify or restrict parenting in an effort to “protect” our children. The custody evaluation report made no mention of me being a danger to anyone. I cared for my daughters nearly half of the time during the course of a 2 ½-year divorce. The first mention of terminating my parenting time came in the August 18, 2009 orders from Judge James D. Humphrey when Judge Humphrey terminated my parenting time because he felt that I might be potentially dangerous.

It has been nearly 3 ½ years since my ex-wife filed for divorce and I still have not harassed, threatened, emotionally abused, or assaulted my children or my ex-wife. There is no evidence of any dangerous behavior throughout the history of my life. My ex-wife claimed I was not stable. Dr. Connor rambled about concerns of what I “might” do. The following are a list of things that I have been accused of, or had to deal with and I still have not exhibited any “dangerous” behavior:

· Without warning, on August 18, 2009, Judge James D. Humphrey terminated my ability to see my precious little girls.

· I was accused of loving my oldest daughter more than my youngest daughter.

· I was accused of spending time with the girls just to hurt their mother.

· Dr. Connor, of Connor and Associates in Erlanger, Kentucky, stated his evaluation had “numerous errors and oversights” and he wanted to charge each party $350 for him to fix his errors.

· Dr. Ed Connor, who also supervises the staff at the Children’s Home of Northern Kentucky, stated that he had difficulties understanding me due to “severe” ADHD and that my writings were confusing and difficult to follow.

· Dr. Connor testified that my writings were similar to those of individuals who have committed horrendous crimes against their families despite the fact that I was not allowed access to these alleged writings.

· Dr. Connor caused the first judge in my case, Judge Carl H. Taul, to recuse himself because the two conducted private conversations outside the presence of the parties.

· Dr. Connor wrote that he would not release the case file from his child custody evaluation because I did not have a lawyer, which gave opposing counsel, Angela G. Loechel, access to evidence that I was not privy to.

· Dr. Connor lied about the release of his case file from the custody evaluation, see Dr. Connor's illusive case file, and then told Judge Taul that I could not comprehend confidentiality and I may suffer from “reality distortion”. See "When Psychologists Attack"

· Opposing counsel, Angela G. Loechel, submitted Dr. Connor’s Office Policy Statement for individual psychological services as evidence in her efforts to obstruct my access to Dr. Connor’s case file. Ms. Loechel was able to obtain evidence to which I was not entitled.

· On September 9, 2008, Dr. Connor wrote that I was not provided with a copy of his Office Policy Statement. Dr. Connor claimed that it was an oversight on the part of his office staff but it did not matter that I did not sign the document because it was an “adjunct document” to the court order.

· On May 27, 2009, Dr. Connor testified that his secretary had mistakenly provided the Office Policy Statement to my ex-wife and it was NOT an “adjunct document” to the court order. See Dr. Connor's testimony. This probably had something to do with my inability to understand Dr. Connor’s terms of confidentiality.

· My ex-wife testified that she thought I was bi-polar despite the fact that her own expert, Dr. Connor, said I was not bi-polar.

· I was found to be unstable, potentially dangerous, unable to communicate, and my writings were confusing and difficult to follow. They said I was unable to maintain a steady job and that I have debilitating ADHD; yet Judge Humphrey based my child support on an imputed income that is higher than anything I have ever made.

· I was accused of spanking my one-year-old daughter “real hard” for eating cat food. I still cannot grasp that.

· Dr. Connor and my ex-wife speculated that I might be addicted to my Ritalin prescription without consulting my doctor. After expressing concerns about Ritalin addiction, they expressed concerns about me not taking my medication on a regular basis.

· Dr. Connor and my ex-wife claimed my writings were confusing and difficult to follow yet Judge Humphrey was in possession of my legal pleadings, internet postings, etc… that consisted of tens of thousands of words; none of which were confusing or difficult to follow.

· I was accused of rushing my seventeen-month-old daughter to the pediatrician in an effort to show an interest in having and being a primary caregiver when historically I had not done so. I thought I was just rushing my daughter to the doctor because she was having difficulties breathing. She needed breathing treatments for a couple of weeks.

· My ex-wife testified that she was not sure if I allowed my five-year-old daughter to shoot a 357 Magnum handgun. For those who are not familiar with firearms, a 357 Magnum is a step below the 44 Magnum that Clint Eastwood made popular in Dirty Harry. Imagine what would happen if a five-year-old child shot Dirty Harry’s gun.

· Even though there was no testimony from the court staff, Judge Humphrey wrote that I tried to intimidate the court staff. I have the video/audio of the court staff grilling me as to why I want to inspect public records, and please visit the Dearborn County Police Harassment video on YouTube to see how the court staff used the local law enforcement to try to discourage me from inspecting public records.

· I was “investigated” by the Dearborn County Special Crimes Unit. “Someone” filed a complaint with Dearborn County Prosecutor Aaron Negangard regarding some of my writings. The only people who could possibly fall under the jurisdiction of Dearborn County are Judge James D. Humphrey and opposing counsel, Angela G. Loechel. Unfortunately, Detective Mike Kreinhop would not tell me who made the complaint or any specifics about the complaint. Detective Kreinhop, who is running for Dearborn County Sheriff, even drove to my mother’s home in Norwood, Ohio to find me for questioning. My lawyer and a Norwood Police Officer expressed concerns about Detective Kreinhop crossing state lines and entering a different jurisdiction without contacting the local law enforcement. Detective Kreinhop did tell me that he thought Judge James D. Humphrey became defensive because I challenged Dr. Connor and Detective Kreinhop said he thought Dr. Connor went on the offensive against me in the name of self-preservation. Detective Kreinhop acknowledged that Dr. Connor may have committed interstate wire fraud but told me that I would have to contact the FBI or the Indiana State Police because he was not going to get involved. After acknowledging that Dr. Connor lied under oath, retaliated against me, and committed interstate wire fraud, Detective Kreinhop and Prosecutor Aaron Negangard failed to do anything to prevent Dr. Connor from hurting other children and parents. Prosecutor Negangard failed to bring any charges against me after their alleged shakedo… er, I mean secret investigation.

· During the course of the divorce, Dr. Connor sent copies of correspondence between he and I to opposing counsel, Angela Loechel. Both Angela Loechel and Dr. Connor refused to provide me with copies of their correspondence and Ms. Loechel even advised Dr. Connor on how to protect his wife, Dr. Sara Jones-Connor, from me calling her to testify.

· Angela Loechel and the Dearborn County Circuit Court continued to communicate with Dr. Edward Connor, without my knowledge, after the final orders were issued.

· On September 5, 2009, my ex-wife stopped letting me talk to my daughters on the phone. After I filed a petition for contempt in the Indiana court because she would not let the girls talk to me on the phone, my ex-wife and her parents had me arrested in Hamilton County, Ohio for telecommunications harassment. Not only were they not going to let me talk to my children, they tried to punish me for trying to maintain a relationship with my girls by sending me to jail for an evening. Seven months after I was arrested, my former father-in-law added himself to the complaint. A week and a half later, the judge dismissed the charge. Check out a copy of the criminal complaint and the details of the arrest. Apparently, my ex-wife was mad because Hamilton County was not interested in punishing me for exercising my 1st amendment rights on my websites. I guess she found out that criminal courts follow real laws unlike the make-believe laws of the family court system.

· I underwent a competency evaluation with a psychologist with the Hamilton County Courts. After an hour, she asked me why I was there. She said that I was intelligent, well spoken and that I had a very good understanding of the law, especially civil law. To say the least, she was very shocked when I told her that Dr. Edward J. Connor said I had difficulties communicating due to my ADHD and Dr. Connor and Judge Humphrey felt I was potentially dangerous. She and the Hamilton County Judge were perplexed as to why Dr. Connor would not release a client’s own record.

· Judge Humphrey granted a hearing for my petition for contempt but later cancelled it stating he did not have jurisdiction over the matter while the case was in the appellate court. Indiana Appellate Rule 39 states “An appeal does not stay the effect or enforceability of a judgment or order of a trial court”. Either Judge Humphrey did not know that he retained the ability to enforce his order during the pending appeal or he lied about not having jurisdiction. Considering that Judge Humphrey is running for his 3rd six year term, I find it hard to believe that he did not know about Indiana Appellate Rule 39.

· Dr. Connor contacted the Hamilton County Judge and the Prosecutor’s office in attempt to further slander me. He also complained about my website. Given the reaction from the Judge, prosecutor, and the court psychologist, I believe Dr. Connor lost quite a bit of credibility with the Hamilton County court system. As I always say, if you have a problem with my internet writings Doc, sue me. For some reason he never does. The longer people go without suing me for slander, libel, etc... only serves to add credibility to my story.

· Did I mention that my ex-wife stole some property that belonged to my mother? She did this when she and her father entered my house without my knowledge. They took a 51” LCD television that my mother accepted in lieu of rent from a tenant. Mom had me move the television from her rental house across the road to my home. This took place six months after my ex-wife filed for divorce but she claimed it was marital property.

· Judge James D. Humphrey ordered that I had to pay my ex-wife nearly $170,000. We did not even own a house.

· I was invited to attend my daughter’s parent teacher conferences. After the conference, the principal agreed to let me see my daughter’s student file. In the file was a picture of me on my wedding day and a note in my ex-wife’s handwriting instructing the school to call the police if I appeared at the school for any reason. The principal told me that she did not know who wrote the note and claimed that I provided the school with a picture of me on my wedding day with my ex-wife cut out of the picture. If I would have provided the school with a wedding photo with my ex-wife cut out of the picture, I probably would have been arrested.

· Dr. Connor was licensed to practice psychology in the state of Kentucky but not Indiana. Lawyers tell me that this does not matter. Judge Taul stated the order to release [the evaluation] was for “the doctor to release that which he is required to do under Kentucky law.” I still cannot figure out why Indiana courts are going by Kentucky laws.

· When my Ohio lawyer requested Dr. Connor’s case file, Dr. Connor instructed him to get the file from me because Dr. Connor claimed that already had a copy of the file. Then Dr. Connor told my lawyer that he could not re-release the file because it contained confidential information. Dr. Connor later told my Indiana lawyer that there was a court order prohibiting him from releasing the file.

Imagine going through all of this without yelling and screaming. Imagine not fighting anyone. Imagine never leaving a profane message on an answering machine when the other parent terminates your ability to talk to your children on the phone. Imagine losing your children and taking it in stride. That is what I have had to do. If I blew up just one time, I would fit the label they tried to place on me.

Judge Humphrey said he was most concerned about my irrational behavior and attacks on Dr. Connor. Read my website and blog and tell me what part of Dr. Connor’s actions should not publically scrutinized. What should I do on June 14th? I guess I should just throw myself at the mercy of the court. I should take the stand and apologize to Judge James D. Humphrey for telling people that Dr. Edward J. Connor does not tell the truth. I will say I am sorry for publishing Dr. Connor’s conflicting and false written statements. I am sorry for posting the testimony of Dr. Connor because it is wrong for me to tell people that Dr. Connor lied under oath. I am sorry that I questioned why my ex-wife’s attorney, Angela G. Loechel, submitted a bogus document from Dr. Connor’s office in an attempt to deny my access to the case file or how Ms. Loechel was giving Dr. Connor legal advice to help protect Dr. Connor’s wife, Dr. Sara Jones-Connor, from having to testify. I am sorry for spreading my story because it provides support for parents like Scott, Kathy, John, Sherri, and Michael. I am sorry that I have been able to give insight and support to people in Australia, New Zealand, UK and other countries around the world. That is about all I can do because I do not have any evidence that I am not dangerous because there is not any evidence that says I am dangerous. I’m not at fault for all the people who have contacted me with similar complaints against Dr. Connor. It’s Dr. Connor’s fault for not doing his job. I have been slandered, harassed, arrested, and had the two most important things of my life stripped from me and I still have not done anything dangerous. What more do I need to prove?

I hope my story can give people some insight and support to stand up for their own causes. Almost any experience, whether good or bad, can be turned into a positive learning experience. When my children are older, they will be able to appreciate what sacrifice is and how we have to work hard to overcome obstacles in life. My children will always appreciate how I fought for them. The only thing that stands in the way of my children being united with their father are the people who are still trying to make an argument that I am potentially dangerous. They are the same people who do not want me to talk about the matter publically. If you have nothing to hide, there is no need to worry. I’m not worried. See you soon girls. I love you.

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