Friday, April 2, 2010

A touching email

Yesterday I received an email from another parent involved with the family court system. The mother thanked me for the information I've made available on my websites. I am thankful that I was able to help at least one more parent cope with the terrors of the family court system. Fear of losing a child is worse than the fear of death. Why should so many parents be subjected to this kind of fear? If a parent speaks out, they are labeled paranoid, narcissistic, or dangerous. If they do not speak out, they risk losing their children. The courts encourage bad behavior because they punish those who speak out against the bad behavior. Judge James D Humphrey and Dr. Edward J Connor believed my internet writings were harmful to my three and five year old daughters. If Judge Humphrey and Dr. Connor would not have acted in an unethical and/or illegal manner, there would be nothing to write about. If my ex-wife can testify that I am a dangerous parent without any evidence of abuse or neglect, why shouldn't I be able to talk about it? She complained that it could hinder her future employment. Go to the Ripley County Courthouse and do a background check on me. You'll find records stating that I may be a danger to my children, my ex-wife, and/or myself. How would that check out with a potential employer? My ex-wife testified in court that one time I became so enraged, she had to lock her and the girls in the bathroom and she ran bath water and sang songs to drown out my yelling. If that really happened, why didn't I use the screwdriver-like key above the woodwork of the bathroom door? I placed it there in the case one of the girls locked the bathroom door and couldn't get out. If parents believed that they would be held publicly accountable for what they said in court, maybe they wouldn't tell the tales. It is mind boggling to try to understand the logic that publicizing harmful actions to children is in fact more harmful than the original acts themselves. Lying in an effort to deprive children of a parent is horrific, but somehow publicizing the lie is worse. This is a new era for the rights of children and parents because courts are having difficulties keeping their activities undercover. The situation is somewhat similar to the scandal in the Catholic Church. At some point the health and safety of children is more important than protecting the system. Sooner or later a spark sets off an explosion where people begin to say, "The same thing happened to me." The secrets of small town courts can be exposed to the world with a few keystrokes. That's how this particular mother found my story that provided her with some intellectual and emotional support. No thank yous are needed; just knowing that my story helped another parent is thanks enough. We have to keep working to make it better. Thanks "A" for the kind email and I wish you the best of luck.

I was searching out similar issues on Internet and stumbled onto your site. After a long frustrating day in court, I embraced your story for many reasons, mostly the message to not fear, and to know that this insanity is all too real and not a result of my high drama delusional over reactive personality. It's a living hell and consumes the days and nights. Unlike your wife, I am at the other end of spectrum and too drained to say much else. I'm up late "advancing my knowledge" and thank you for providing such a labor of love. I wish you the best and hope your daughters are back in your life.


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