Sunday, April 11, 2010

New update to the website is near

I am working on updating and hopefully the addition will be up in the next day or two. This past Friday, Hamilton County (OH) Judge Dwane Mallory dismissed the telecommunication harassment charge that my ex-wife filed against me. The Hamilton County Prosecutor's office recommended that the charge be dropped. On September 5th, 2009, my ex-wife sent me a text telling me that I am not to contact her anymore. When I called to talk to my 3 and 5 year old daughters, she and her parents had me arrested for telecommunication harassment. Rather than allow the children to maintain phone contact with their father, the mother and maternal grandparents felt it was in the best interest of the children to terminate any communication I had with the children and to have me arrested. Fortunately, despite their efforts, the prosecutor's office felt the charges should be dropped. Even Dr. Edward J Connor got into the action and tried to harm me. Dr. Connor contacted Judge Mallory and the prosecutor crying about my web content. Being a crybaby isn't going to garner any sympathy for the crooked psychologist. Sorry Dr. Edward Connor. Hamilton County didn't buy your act. Actually, everyone seemed a little confused about the manner in which you do business. Maybe that's part of the reason why Judge Mallory wished me good luck after he dismissed the case. I guess Hamilton County didn't have to look too hard to understand that my ex-wife and her parents were using the criminal court system to punish me for trying to maintain a relationship with my little girls.

Keep an eye on as I will be posting the criminal complaints from my ex-wife and her father along with the story behind just another obstacle that I have had to overcome in my fight to be a father. Don't worry girls, daddy is still fighting for you. The sad thing is, my ex-wife and her parents will probably get away with what they did because I will never have the heart to tell my little girls that mommy, grandma and grandpa had the police take me to jail because I tried to talk to them on the phone. My girls don't deserve the burden associated with knowing that mommy, grandma, and grandpa wanted daddy to be arrested for trying to talk to his daughters. Stay tuned for more information.

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