Thursday, May 27, 2010

Dr. Edward J. Connor Psy D; Gun for Hire

Here is the latest case coming out of the Kentucky Appellate Court that involves Dr. Edward J. Connor Psy D, of Connor and Associates in Erlanger, Kentucky. Seth Smith was convicted of stabbing a man in the chest and the leg. One of the issues Mr. Smith appealed was the trial court's exclusion of a portion of Dr. Connor's psychiatric report. The trial court claimed the specific portion of Dr. Connor's report could not be admitted because “[Dr. Connor] would be testifying as to what was actually in the Defendant’s mind at the time he committed the offense.” Dr. Connor’s report of his findings after treating Seth Smith for more than two years and participating in over forty therapy sessions with Mr. Smith, stated:

"I can only state that in my clinical opinion although Mr. Smith had made significant improvement in psychotherapy, at that moment, he felt frightened that he would be assaulted and acted in a manner which he felt was necessary to defend himself. One can certainly question his judgment at that moment in time and can also consider in hindsight that there would have been a better way to protect himself, such as leaving the car."

Unfortunately for Mr. Smith, the Appellate Court agreed with the trial court's ruling and agreed that Dr. Ed Connor's mind reading abilities should not be admissible as evidence. The Appellate Court did reverse one of Seth Smith's arguments. The Appellate Court ruled that Mr. Smith's prior assault conviction should not have been admitted into the record. Mr. Smith had previously been convicted of stabbing his mother.

I wonder if Dr. Connor felt that Seth Smith was frightened and acted in self defense when he stabbed his mother? This is what makes my head hurt. Dr. Connor testified that he was concerned about my mental stability because I questioned his practices, yet Dr. Connor gave Seth Smith the benefit of the doubt in Mr. Smith's second stabbing. Coincidence and bad luck go out the window when the victim of your first stabbing conviction is your mother.

I find it frightening that judges like James D. Humphrey and Carl H. Taul use Dr. Connor to determine the futures of children of separated parents. How reassuring is it to know that the Children's Home of Northern Kentucky has Dr. Connor educate and oversee their psychological staff? Does Dr. Connor use tarot cards or crystal balls while he is working with courts? Seth Smith was drunk when he stabbed the victim. Did Dr. Connor evaluate Mr. Smith while he was drunk? Even if you accept that Dr. Connor could understand how Mr. Smith may have felt in the past, how could Dr. Connor speculate what emotions were going through Seth Smith's mind when he was drunk and stabbing someone? Who needs the court system when Dr. Connor can read people's minds like a Marvel comic book character? It just goes to show that Dr. Connor will say anything for a buck. For more information on Dr. Edward J Connor go to


  1. It doesn't appear that Dr. Conner was trying to "mind read", it appears that he was stating his clinical opinion. I'd be interested to see the rest of the testimony.

  2. Dr. Connor would not be able to say how the man felt. He could speculate on how the man "may" have felt, but it is impossible to know what a drunk person was thinking before they stabbed someone. Two courts felt the same way. Dr. Edward J Connor is a hack who will say anything for a buck. One time he blamed someone's child porn addiction on the man becoming sexually aroused while being spanked by a nun in the fifth grade. (Check this blogsite for more details.)

    It's tragic to find people who still want to give Dr. Edward J Connor the benefit of the doubt. He's just a prostitute for the legal system.