Thursday, May 13, 2010

Maybe the time has come to sue everybody who enables Mr. and Mrs. Dr. Edward J. Connor's abuse of children

Today someone from the Kentucky Government was on this blog and Yesterday, someone from the Kenton County School School Sytem was on my website. The day before that, someone from the Pendleton County School System was on my website. Kentucky Attorney General, and U.S. Senate Candidate, Jack Conway knows about Dr. Connor. Kentucky Assistant Attorney General Mark Brengelman is aware that Dr. Connor doesn't release health records to clients but he advised the Kentucky Board of Examiners of Psychology not to take action against Dr. Connor. The Kentucky Board of Examiners of Psychology is aware that Dr. Edward J Connor committed mail and wire fraud as well. The Children's Home of Northern Kentucky has Dr. Connor oversee their psychological services. They are well aware of Dr. Connor's history of not telling the truth. Dearborn Circuit Court Judge James D. Humphrey listened to Dr. Connor gasp for breath during while I cross-examined Dr. Connor about Dr. Connor's conflicting and false written statements. Judge Humphrey took away my children because of my "irrational behavior and attacks on Dr. Connor." Judge Humphrey wasn't worried about protecting my children or their mother, Judge Humphrey was worried about his expert, Dr. Ed Connor. He denied my request for a GAL to represent my children because Judge Humphrey knew another professional would be appaulled by the conduct of Judge Humphrey's "expert". Dearborn County Prosecutor Aaron Negangard knows that Dr. Connor lied under oath. He knows because he had Detective Mike Kreinhop investigate me because an unidentified person made a complaint about my internet writings. Detective Kreinhop, who is the Republican candidate for Dearborn County Sheriff, interviewed Dr. Connor during the course of his investigation and reviewed Dr. Connor's fraudulent documents. Are any of these entities doing anything to protect children and families from Dr. Edward J. Connor? Not that I am aware of.

Here is what people need to do. If children are harmed by Dr. Edward J. Connor, adults need to focus on the entities that have knowingly allowed Dr. Connor to continue to harm children. If a child is harmed by Dr. Connor during the course of a school related psychology matter; the parents should file a lawsuit against the school. If a child happens to be neglected by the Children's Home of Northern Kentucky, as a result of Dr. Connor's actions; the Children's Home of Northern Kentucky should be held accountable. Dearborn County children that are victims of Dr. Connor's abuse should hold Dearborn County Law Enforcement responsible for turning a blind eye to Dr. Ed Connor's malicious behavior. Democratic Senate Candidate Jack Conway says he protects families, but the Office of the Attorney General only protects families when it is convenient. Jack Conway and the Kentucky Board of Examiners have an interest in protecting Dr. Edward Connor because Dr. Connor testifies in death row trials and often testifies on behalf of the state. Last but not least, we should not forget to hold Dr. Sara Jones-Connor accountable as well. Her name was signed at the bottom of my custody evaluation report that her husband claimed to contain "numerous errors and oversights."

I'm not a person who is out to sue everyone but if everyone is going to turn their backs on the Connor family child neglect ring, maybe it's time that people start suing everyone. I encourage people to start filing lawsuits against anyone connected to Connor and Associates, PLLC, who have looked the other way while enabling Dr. Edward J Connor and his wife, Dr. Sara Jones-Connor, to continue to harm children. Dr. Sara Jones-Connor signed the report so I am sure she was aware of the "numerous errors and oversight" in the evaluation report before the report was filed with the court. If we direct our attention away from the problem, the husband and wife combo of Dr. Edward J Connor and Dr. Sara Jones-Connor, and focus on the entities that have an obligation to report such abuse, people will stop looking the other way. If people start suing attorneys, public officials, psychologist, mental health organizations, school systems, etc... who have a duty to report the illegal actions of the husband and wife team of Ed and Sara Connor, people won't be so quick to look the other way when the Connor family is neglecting children and their families. So stand up, speak out, and sue 'em because we will never be able to stop the Connor family from hurting children unless we can deter people from protecting Mr. and Mrs. Dr. Edward J. Connor. For more information on how Mr. and Mrs. Dr. Edward J. Connor harm children, go to If anyone needs my assistance in any legal case involving Dr. Edward J Connor, I would be more than happy to forward evidence of Dr. Connor's fraudulent behavior and I will be happy to testify in any legal proceeding as well. I want to help protect children from being harmed by Dr. Connor by holding people accountable for protecting and enabling Dr. Connor's abusive practices.


  1. Go for it, you narcissistic idiot.

    Why do you think this nonsense benefits you?

    You are a pathetic moron!

  2. Somebody seems a little mad about Dr. Connor getting in trouble. It's nice he has you because someone has to stick up for child abusers. Have you ever heard of the rock n roll band named Kansas? ;p