Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Update on custody dilemma.

I received an email from my lawyer yesterday that said my ex-wife was not in agreement with my choice of the mental health provider to do the court ordered mental health evaluation of yours truly. Dearborn Circuit Judge James D. Humphrey said I had to undergo a mental health evaluation before I can see my children to determine if I am a danger to my children, their mother, and/or myself. The catch is, the evaluator has to be approved by the court. My lawyer filed a motion in March to set the matter for a hearing and Judge Humphrey set the hearing for June 14th. In an attempt to expedite the matter so I can see my children, my lawyer asked my ex-wife if she would be in agreement with the psychiatrist that I chose. Of course, she did not agree to it, so I have to wait until the June 14th hearing. I guess we will have to be prepared to argue why a psychiatrist with 30+ years of experience is qualified to evaluate me. My proposed expert is not a psychologist, like Dr. Edward J. Connor, but a psychiatrist which means he is a medical doctor and is more qualified to comment on medications, make pharmaceutical recommendations and he can write prescriptions; unlike Dr. Connor.

The woman who had me arrested for calling my children on the phone is now trying to stall my court ordered mental health evaluation by challenging the psychiatrist that I chose. This is the same woman who had her lawyer submit a bogus document from Dr. Connor’s office to obstruct my access to Dr. Connor’s case file. Maybe the fact that the psychiatrist served on hospital ethics committees was what kept her from agreeing to let him evaluate me. I’ve been accused of scheming, plotting, and smooth-talking people so maybe they thought that I found a psychiatrist that would lie for me and say that I did not present a danger to anyone. Maybe they thought I used my Jedi Mind powers to trick the psychiatrist, as opposing counsel, Angela Loechel, already questioned me about the Jedi Mind Trick while I was on the stand. (That is not a joke. I have the transcripts.) Maybe my psychiatrist does not adhere to the same standards as my ex-wife’s expert, Dr. Connor who facts seem to change like the colors of the leaves in the fall. For example:

“With regard to the Office Policy Statement, we do not have a signed Office Policy Statement for you on file. It appears you were not provided with this document when you initially came to our office, which was an oversight on the part of the office staff. Nevertheless, the Office Policy Statement is simply an adjunct document to the Court order in which you and Ms. Brewington agreed to participate fully in a custody evaluation to be conducted at this office.” -Dr. Connor’s letter dated September 9, 2008 which Dr. Connor copied to the court.

Dr. Connor: There are no other forms for a custody evaluation. But there was a form that was incorrectly given to Ms. Brewington from our secretary at the time, who is no longer with us. But the basic custody forms—

Dan Brewington: But that—that form [Office Policy Statement] is an adjunct document to a court order?

Dr. Connor: No.

-A little later, Dr. Connor testified to the following:

Dan Brewington: Yes, but is that office policy statement an adjunct document to the court order?

Dr. Connor: I’m not sure what you mean by this.

Dan Brewington: Well, I’m not sure, either. You wrote it.

Dr. Connor: It’s an adjunct -- it’s not an adjunct to a court order. It’s -- it’s adjacent to what we do when people come it. They fill out the forms for the evaluation to participate in.

-Dr. Connor’s testimony during the final hearing on May 27, 2009. Dr. Connor’s testimony indicates that he either maliciously provided false information to the Court or Dr. Connor’s competency should be questioned because he is unaware of his own policies.

Sooner or later the time is going to come when a professional is going to testify that there is nothing wrong with me and it is a travesty that my children were denied the ability to see their father based on the ever-changing “facts” of Dr. Edward J. Connor and Connor and Associates, PLLC. I find it rather ironic that the people who claim that I have communication problems and claim that my writings are confusing and difficult to follow, are the same people who claim I smooth talk people. They are also the ones who submit my internet writings in an effort to make an argument that making people aware of Dr. Connor’s unethical conduct is dangerous to my children. If my writings are confusing and difficult to follow, who in the hell would take the time to read them?

The longer my children go without a father only serves to expand the void they will carry in their lives. My ex-wife fought to make an argument that I was dangerous and now she is fighting to prevent me from proving that I am not. She did the same when her attorney submitted the bogus document from Dr. Connor’s office in their efforts to obstruct my access to evidence. The longer I go without doing anything dangerous only further demonstrates that I am not dangerous. I have made it 36 years without being a danger to society, why do I need to spend thousands of dollars on mental health professionals to verify that my streak is not in jeopardy of ending anytime soon? I cannot comprehend why some people want to punish my children in an effort to punish me. I do know that the longer I have to fight for my daughters, the more they will love their daddy in the end. I love you girls. Daddy will never give up on you. For more information, go to www.DanHelpsKids.com.

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