Sunday, May 9, 2010

No Mother's Day Cards for Grandma

This is the first year my mom hasn't received Mother's Day cards from her two granddaughters. My girls are four and six and my mom has not been able to see them since August 17, 2009. Judge James D. Humphrey took them away just a few days before mom's birthday. 2009 was my year for Halloween and Thanksgiving. I missed the girls' birthdays. Santa didn't come to my house this past Christmas. I did not receive any handmade cards from the girls on my birthday, last November. No Valentines Day hugs, no Easter kisses. Now there are no cards for Grandma on Mother's Day. Maybe a "mental health professional" instructed my ex-wife not to have my daughters send cards because it may upset the girls to reminisce about all of the love they received from Grandma Sue and her family. My mom never did anything to try to harm the girls' mother; her mom's signature is on the criminal complaint that had the girl's father arrested for trying to maintain phone contact with his children. My ex-wife said my mother wasn't qualified to supervise my visitation with my daughters. Dishonesty and vengeance seems to be advantageous in the family court system. If that's the way it goes, then I will always be at a disadvantage because every time you use hate and deceit to "win" control of your children, you destroy a small part of who they may become. I will never do that to my daughters.

Mom sees her granddaughters every morning when she gets on the Wii Fit. She sees the cartoon profiles my daughters made when they used to exercise. My youngest would say, "I wanna do Wii Bit." I'd say, "You wanna do Wii Bit?" and she would say, "NO, Wii Bit!" It's just one of those cute things kids do when they are little. I'm sure she doesn't do it anymore; we just missed her growing out of it. Grandma Sue knows she will be able to see her granddaughters someday and she doesn't dwell on the lost time because it's more fun to dwell on all of the fun things we will do as a family when the children get to see the other half of their family again. That's the side that wants the children to grow up with both families, because that is truly in the best interest of the children. For more information of how two little girls were stripped of their family, go to Happy mother's day and give your children an extra hug for me.


  1. Dan, I'm so sorry. I read all of your posts, and it makes me sick. I just do not understand why, I can't understand what you are going through, and I can't even to begin how sad you must be. My girls are at the grocery store right now and I already miss them. We talk about you and think of you a lot, and sincerely wish you all the best - as well as the strength to keep fighting!

  2. Dan, man you made me cry a little. This is just a well written, heart felt blog. I hope this all changes really soon for you and your family..