Thursday, June 17, 2010

Call for the resignation of the Cowardly Dearborn County Judge James D. Humphrey

Yesterday I received Judge Humphrey's Order of Recusal. The order stated:

"Comes now James D. Humphrey, Special Judge of the Ripley Circuit Court, and does hereby recuse himself from the above captioned cause of action to avoid any appearance of impropriety and this Cause is hereby referred to the Ripley Circuit Court for reassignment." - Judge James D. Humphrey, June 9, 2010

Judge Humphrey wrote in the final decree in my divorce, "The Court is most concerned about Husband's irrational behavior and attacks on Dr. Edward J Connor." Judge Humphrey also wrote that I tried to intimidate the Court staff and opposing counsel. There was no testimony from opposing counsel or the court staff. There were no contempt citations. No police reports. No slander or libel suits. Judge Humphrey stated with the utmost clarity that his main concern was his expert, Dr. Connor, and not my children. And this is what he did:

1) Terminated all of my parenting time with my 3 and 5 year old daughters. Prior to Judge Humphrey's orders, my daughters had never been away from either parent for more than 4 days.

2) Awarded $122,000 of my parents' farm to my ex-wife.

3) Included property that parents stored on their farm in the marital asset division.

4) Ordered that I pay $40,000 out of $50,000 of my ex-wife's attorney's fees.

5) Ordered that I undergo a mental health evaluation before I can have SUPERVISED visitation that is to be monitored by another mental health professional.

6) Ordered that I cannot have UNSUPERVISED parenting time until I take down my internet content.

7) Claimed he didn't have the jurisdiction to enforce the order while the case was in appeal. When I got a lawyer, Judge Humphrey remembered that he did have jurisdiction.

8) After having to wait nearly 3 months for a hearing just to approve the first mental health evaluation, less than a week before the hearing Judge Humphrey recused himself to "avoid any appearance of impropriety."

Dr. Connor claimed I suffered from severe ADHD, to the point where he claimed that, as a professional, he had difficulties understanding me. Judge Humphrey punished my children because I challenged Judge Humphrey's unethical evaluator. Judge Humphrey told my lawyer that he was recusing himself because there was an ongoing investigation of me that pertained to him. He must have been referring to the 9 month, federally funded Special Crimes Unit investigation/shakedown. Judge Humphrey is a vindictive spineless coward. He didn't even have the decency to mention Aaron Negangard's fictitious secret investigation of me. A lawyer once told me, "Do you know why judges wear black robes? So no one can see them sh*t themselves." Judge Humphrey punished me for challenging his expert by taking away my children and then stated that I could not have them back until I took down my internet content. If it was harmful to the children, he would have forced me to take it down immediately. It wasn't harmful to my children; it was harmful to him. When he figured out that using my children as a means of extortion wasn't working for him, he bailed. Now he is at home trying to wash the smell out of his robe.

If you see Judge Humphrey, ask him about Dan Brewington. If you are a friend of Judge Humphrey and think there is no way that he would do something like this, ask yourself a few questions. Why hasn't anyone arrested Dan Brewington? Why didn't Humphrey order Dan Brewington to take his web content down if it was harmful to the children? Why didn't Judge Humphrey hold Dan Brewington in contempt of court? Why is Negangard using federal funds to conduct a 9 month investigation of Dan Brewington's writings? For the more hardcore Humphrey supporters, if you think that I threatened or harassed Judge Humphrey, why hasn't the FBI arrested me because it would be a federal matter? Next time you see James Humphrey at the legion, out on the links, or at church, just remember that you could be a custody hearing away from losing the ability to see your children, grandchildren, niece, nephew, etc... This isn't the cherished pillar of the community everyone looks up to; he's a vindictive evil villain who will stomp on the lives of children to etch out a personal vendetta to protect one of his cronies. Judge Humphrey tried to destroy my life. When he found out that he could not destroy my integrity and dignity, he ran like the scolded dog that he is. Hey James, if you think any of this is slanderous, sue me. If it's true, retire. I'm not going away. Dearborn County deserves better. If you believe Judge Humphrey's actions are deplorable, please contact the Dearborn Circuit Court @ 812-537-8865 and leave a message with the office staff calling for the resignation of Judge James D. Humphrey.


  1. Dan, YOU IDIOT! Many people told you to take this ridiculous site down. I guess you know better. You seem to know better than everybody about everything. What an IDIOT you are! If you keep this up, you will never get to see your kids. DON'T YOU GET THAT? DO YOU HEAR ME? LISTEN UP FOOL! Get some mental health help for yourself. You're cracked. Nobody in their right mind would side with you in this. You are dangerous to yourself and probably others. Take this stupid site down and get some mental health help if you EVER want to see your kids. If you keep this up, your kids will never want to see you. DON'T YOU GET THAT? DO YOU HEAR ME? LISTEN UP FOOL! I feel sorry for you not because you lost your kids, but because you are the dumbest person on the planet.

  2. Last time I checked there were quite a few people who support me. Why don't you include some rational to support your rants? Because of my writings, Dearborn County Sheriff Candidate Mike Kreinhop is under review for possible violations of the US Hatch Act of 1939. I guess you think that is dumb. Is that why you are mad? Are you mad because Judge Humphrey may be in trouble? Maybe you are mad because if Judge Humphrey goes down, my children will have proof that an evil vindictive man took their father away and they will be asking their mother why she didn't do anything to stop it. Hopefully they will never know that their mother, Grandpa Art, and Grandma Karen had Daddy arrested for trying to call them on the phone. Luckily the the Hamilton County Judge dismissed the charge because the prosecutor said the girls' mother was just trying to retaliate against me. Their mom violated the Indiana orders for not allowing the girls to talk to their father so she and the maternal grandparents had their dad arrested in Ohio just to punish him for trying to maintain a relationship with his daughters. I guess I am a fool for telling people why the Hamilton County website says I was arrested for telecommunication harassment. Reacting to a false criminal conviction in a cool and calm way demonstrates a lot more mental stability than the people who filed the false criminal complaint in the first place. I could file a malicious prosecution lawsuit against my ex-wife but I wouldn't want it to affect the children in a negative way. I don't want their mom be in any legal trouble despite the fact that she, Grandpa Art, and Grandma Karen abused the Ohio legal system to send me to jail for calling my daughters. Being a "fool" and "dumb" are not valid reasons to deny two little girls a father. If I am so bad, why haven't I been sued? Speak with your heart and not emotion. I find it fascinating that mental health professionals contact me because they are impressed with the site. My lawyers like it. I'm sure my ex-wife's lawyers don't like it because when they lie, I write about it. My ex-wife even requested Judge Humphrey to force me to take it down but he didn't because there was nothing wrong with it. Why don't you join the Facebook group "Help Dan Brewington see his girls." You can be the 894th member. Unfortunately, you'll be the only member that thinks that this site is ridiculous and dumb. At least when my children are adults, they can look back at all of this information and see how hard I fought to be in their lives and how upset Anonymous got about my website. I find it difficult to believe that my kids will say, "Why did you speak out about a judge and custody evaluator that lied and took you away from us?" They'll probably say, "Why didn't you tell us that mom did that to you." I'll just tell them that they didn't deserve to carry that burden throughout their childhood. You're pathetic anonymous.

  3. BTW Anonymous, I have been contacted by a few southeastern Indiana officials who have expressed their support for what I am doing and there have been people on the Dearborn County Forum and Blog who have encouraged me to keep sharing my writings and one even suggested that I run for county office. But you would probably say that I am just "smooth talking" them too. Someone used to accuse me of that all the time when they didn't have a rational argument. It sounds like you may be the one that is in need of psychological help. If you rationalize all the people who support me as being uninformed or manipulated, you may have some delusional, paranoia, and/or anger issues. Don't go to Dr. Connor for mental heal counseling. He lies. Check out his lies on I'm sorry. I forgot you said it was dumb to tell people that my ex-wife's custody evaluator lied.

  4. Interesting that "anonymous" doesn't have the guts to reveal his or her identity. You know you have hit a nerve when an anonymous poster demands that you remove your information from the web. This person provides no rational basis but only name calling which lets you know your information must be valid. I suspect that "anonymous" has something like this in the closet:
    When I obtained information that Boone County judge Steve David was involved in a child sex ring I posted it. Boone County Prosecutor Todd Meyer refused to open an investigation, Jerry Taylor resigned from the high school, Judge David canceled my upcoming criminal trial after I threatened to reveal he and Todd's involvement to a jury, one person from the Methodist Children's Home was sent to prison by Madison County authorities and judge Rebecca McClure admitted in court documents to trying to cover it up.
    A former police officer came to see me a few weeks ago and gave me some more info. The trial for the Town of Thorntown police department's involvement in covering it up will be heard in Hamilton County in November.
    Do not be intimidated by people in authority who abuse their power, especially by harming children. Sexual abuse by authorities is common. You should look for that.

  5. Dan--sounds like "Anonymous" is someone that knows you and your situation VERY well. Keep up the fight on seeing your girls! You would think that some would be glad that you are wanting to be part of your kids' lives...It is truly not fair to the children.
    BTW "Anonymous" you are the one making a total ass of yourself. If you were really wanting to be anonymous to everyone you shouldn't have spoken so personally about the subject! Remember one simple thing "KARMA IS A BITCH" and you too will get yours one day!

  6. Hey, Dan (or Stewert Showalter, or Mrs. Jones, AND whatever other aliases you use) - show how un-anonymous you are. Who are those "southeastern Indiana officials?" Name them! Go ahead. Who are they? You won't name them, you are a coward and a fake! You can't name any because there are none!

    Dan, your writing style gives you away. You are so easy and dumb. All those posts supporting you ARE YOU! Just look at the times, too - bonehead.

    Keep it up! Go ahead.

    You are so dumb. No wonder the court took your kids away. You are dangerous to even yourself!

    Yours truly,
    A. Nonymous

  7. Anonymous, if you go to the following link, you can read about Stuart, not Stewert, Showalter who is the Executive Director of Indiana Custodial Rights Advocates. You probably thought that I made the name and website up. You probably think that I made up almost 900 facebook profiles to join "Help Dan Brewington see his girls." You're wrong anonymous and only making yourself look worse. Keep justifying why it is ok to punish two little girls. You are a train wreck and I hope that you don't have any contact with my children.

  8. HO,ho,ho,ha,ha,ha,ha,he,he,hee,... You crack me up!

    You make erroneous assumptions about me and then get angry over those assumptions. What a piece of work!

    Your only "southeastern Indiana official" is not an official at all but just a "self-taught litigator" like yourself. LAME!

    You are such a moron.

    Nothing you ever say makes any sense. You seem to be fighting a battle that exists only in your own little mind and spills over into reality harming yourself and everyone around you.

    You are a nut job.

    For the record, I have a deeply vested interest in fathers' rights. How do you think I found your piece of crap site? You are a detriment to the cause and I really wish that you would STOP making those of us who want real reform look bad. You are counterproductive, Mr. Assumptive Idiot.

    You don't want court reform - you want vengence. Even people with your low IQ can see that.

    OK, nutjob, give me another 40,000-word pointless response.


    A. Nonymous

    P.S.: You are clearly paranoid.

  9. So, why don't you just get the mental health evaluation and see your kids?