Friday, June 25, 2010

My YouTube Video reaches 3000 Hits

My Dearborn County Police Harassment video reached 3000 hits today. Someone in the Dearborn County hierarchy told these officers to give me some trouble as they were present on the day I was scheduled to listen to court audio. It wasn't long after I inquired about inspecting the public record that they sprung into action and tried to escort me out. Dearborn Circuit Judge James D. Humphrey had to be the one to initiate the the "need" for the officers to be there. I don't how much of a role Dearborn County Prosecutor Aaron Negangard and Dearborn County Sheriff David Lusby played in ordering the harassment. Prosecutor Negangard had another officer harass me in October and November of 2009, when he had former Special Crimes Unit (and current Dearborn County Sheriff Candidate) Detective Mike Kreinhop do a secret investigation of my internet writings. Detective Kreinhop even drove to a different state to question me despite the fact that my lawyer told Detective Kreinhop that I would not speak with him if they were not willing to explain why I was under investigation. Since the Special Crimes Unit is funded largely in part by federal funding, Prosecutor Negangard felt that he had an endless supply of funds at his disposal to harass/punish me for trying to protect children from abusive officials. These people don't understand that they cannot bait me into doing something that they can arrest me for. I'm not going to let these people bully law abiding citizens in an effort to protect Judge Humphrey and/or child custody evaluator Dr. Edward J Connor. Even after finding out that Dr. Edward J Connor committed interstate mail and wire fraud, Detective Kreinhop and Prosecutor Aaron Negangard failed to do anything about it. Rather than using the federally funded Special Crimes Unit to investigate mail and wire fraud involving Dearborn County Courts, Prosecutor Negangard used the federal stimulus money to harass the person who was trying to expose it. It's pretty sad when Prosecutor Negangard, Judge James D Humphrey, and Dearborn County Sheriff candidate Mike Kreinhop turn their backs on federal crimes because they want to protect Judge Humphrey's expert who abuses families and children. Unfortunately, they found out that they can't bully me into secrecy. I have a responsibility to protect families and children from the people who are trusted to do it. The camera doesn't lie Dearborn County. Judge Humphrey and Dr. Connor do.


  1. Wow! 3000 hits! WOW!

    Call the Guiness Book - we have a new record!

    You are sooo cool.


    I'll bet your mommy is so proud of her little um, are you a boy or a girl?

  2. I would say he is a man that wants to see his girls. D@$K HEAD!!!!! YOUR AN A$$

  3. Breakdown of the views:
    1 by the cop in the video
    8 by the other court cops
    2,991 by Dan Brewington
    3,000 total

    If the moron really wanted to see his girls, he would get some mental health help rather than creating such a mean-spirited hateful web site as this. No court is going to let a nut like this around children - even if they are his own. He is dangerous to himself and others. Even the most causual observer can quickly see that.

  4. Mr. Brewington,

    There is no harassment in this video.

    There's not even a hint of harassment in the video unless you count the very odd behavior of the camera operator who seems to be attempting to set the officer up for something. Anyone in this officer's position would have questioned such unusual behavior. It is very suspicious in nature. In my opinion, this officer handled the incident with great restraint and wisdom.

    It is competely unfair of you to flame this as harassment. This gentleman handled this incident with great patience and much dignity. Those in police work are underpaid and under-appreciated. You should treat officers with more respect than to attempt to set them up like this.

    What are you trying to show here?

    I have no log in so I am posting with the anonymous profile. Are you going to harass me and acuse me of being Dr. Connor too?

    Mr. Milton Eversole
    Benton Harbor Village, MI

  5. Oh, Dan, it must have been HORRIBLE for you! You poor little thing, you. The bad old po-po was mean to little danny weren't they? Bad old po-po. Shame on them.