Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Two Lawyers; Two arguments

Somehow the opposing party is making two separate arguments about limiting my parenting time. My ex-wife has two lawyers; one for the appeal, Leanna Weissmann, and one for the trial court, Angela Loechel. Ms. Weissmann made the argument to the appellate court that Judge James D. Humphrey did not error in ordering supervised visitation time. Unfortunately, Judge Humphrey ordered that I have NO visitation time. Leading up to the upcoming hearing in the trial court on June 14, 2010, Ms. Loechel is making arguments against potential experts who can evaluate me. I have to undergo an evaluation so I can see my children. One attorney fails to mention the no visitation order to the appellate court and the other attorney is still arguing that I am a potential danger to the trial court.

If my ex truly felt that I was a danger to my children, her appellate lawyer would have argued that the trial court did not error in ordering no visitation time. Rather than defend the Judge's decision, Ms. Weissmann made an argument for a court ruling that did not exist. Now heading into the June 14th hearing, my ex's trial lawyer, Angela G. Loechel, is objecting to the psychiatrist I have chosen to evaluate me. Ms. Loechel is still arguing that I am dangerous to my children. Rather than cooperate in an effort to return the my children to their father, the other side has decided to further obstruct my ability to be a dad.

One lawyer fails to make the argument that I should have no visitation while my ex's other lawyer is still arguing that I should have no visitation. My ex-wife and her lawyers continue to argue that I should not be allowed to see Dr. Edward J Connor's case file. They want me to prove that I am not a danger to my children yet they keep fighting to deny me the ability to see the evidence against me. They have even resorted to lying to the courts in an effort to deny me the ability to be a father. My ex's hatred for me is greater than the love for her own children. I love you girls. Daddy won't stop fighting for your ability to grow up with both parents.

***If anyone is interested in seeing family court corruption at its worst, feel free to come to my hearing on the second floor of the Dearborn County Courthouse on June 14, 2010 at 1:30PM.

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