Monday, June 21, 2010

"Disgruntled Dan"

I just found this on Merchantcircle review site. I see this from time to time when, someone whom I believe to be, Dr. Edward J Connor writes a positive review for himself and then attacks me. The following is the positive review of Dr. Edward J Connor of Erlanger, Kentucky titled "Disgruntled Dan":

"I have been refered for an evaluation by Dr. Connor. So far I have found he and his office staff to be quite professional and helpful, I have researched Dr. Connor, and it appears that all negative comments originate from a man named Dan Brewington...comments from other mental health professional that i consulted were excellant. It is a shame that this Dan person is trying to ruin this man's reputation.

May 21, 2010 by Elizabeth in Erlanger, KY"

This is what Dr. Connor does. He or someone he knows writes a fake review and then begins to blast me. Notice how "Elizabeth" says she has been referred to Dr. Connor for an evaluation. She says, "So far I have found he and his office staff to be quite professional and helpful." Elizabeth claims that "so far" Dr. Connor and his staff have been helpful yet the evaluation hasn't been completed. How can Dr. Connor be helpful? Did they give directions to Dr. Connor's office on 34 Erlanger Road in Erlanger, Kentucky? Did the office staff tell Elizabeth that Dr. Connor's email address was If Dr. Ed Connor was really in the middle of an evaluation, he couldn't make treatment recommendations or release a report. I have read a number of reviews that attacked me and they all mention the staff was very professional and helpful. The positive reviews of Dr. Connor's office staff began appearing after Dr. Ed Connor's office manager pled guilty to making over $125,000 in unauthorized credit card purchases. I never had anything bad to say about the office staff other than writing about Connor and Associates office manager being the subject of an FBI investigation for embezzling $125 grand. Someone is using negative reviews of me to detract from Dr. Edward Connor's illegal and unethical activities.

This just shows how bad of a psychologist Dr. Edward J Connor really is. Dr. Connor is trying to salvage what might be left of his tattered reputation by attacking me. Dr. Connor believes that discrediting me will somehow rebuild his broken image in the Greater Cincinnati / Northern Kentucky area. All people have to do is check out Dr. Connor's writings and testimony on to see that he is a pathological liar who truly presents a danger to children. From the accounts of a few women I have spoken with, Dr. Connor is also a pervert as he asks women sexually explicit questions that he doesn't ask men. This may be why he doesn't want to release his files. He can't afford to let people see how perverted he is. I always wonder if his wife, Dr. Sara Jones-Connor is aware of his perversions, especially as she works on the same cases as him. Dr. Connor, if the things I say about you aren't true, then sue me; otherwise, don't resort to these childish antics on the internet.

P.S. Judge Humphrey and Dearborn County bailed on you so you can't run to them for protection like a little coward. The Hamilton County Courts and court psychologists know you are a fraud too. I know that Detective Mike Kreinhop spoke with you and he thinks your full of it as well. Pretty soon I will be digging up all the dirt about your private conversations with judges and lawyers. The public knows that you lie. The public knows that you abuse children. I will continue to find cases where you make your ridiculous comments and recommendations and I will make those public. Whenever you are in Indiana for a court case, be sure to look over your shoulder because I will have a civil process server looking to serve you a subpoena. That way you won't be able to hide in the comforts of Kentucky. You might as well just quit because I'm not stopping until you are unable to abuse children and families.


  1. Dan, you must have a REALLY small one. Have you looked into having surgery to enlarge it? It might help with your low self esteem issues.

    Anony Mous

  2. Dan,

    Be very careful. They are plotting against you. You've made them mad. They know you are right.

    Watch out, Dan. Watch out. They are after you.

  3. Get your kids back yet, COWARD?

    Won't post ALL the comments will you?

    Little COWARD!

    Get your kids back, nutjob?