Friday, June 11, 2010

Letter to Dearborn County Judge James Humphrey, Dearborn County Sheriff Candidate Mike Kreinhop, and Dearborn County Prosecutor Aaron Negangard

Dear James, Mike, and Aaron,

It appears that I am still under investigation by the federally funded Special Crimes Unit because Judge Humphrey decided to recuse himself from my custody case because he claimed that I was the subject of an investigation that involved him. I first became aware of the alleged investigation on October 8, 2009, when Special Crimes Unit Detective Mike Kreinhop told me he wanted me to come in for questioning about some of my writings even though Detective Kreinhop refused to tell me what the investigation was about. He claimed an attorney brought "the matter" to the attention of Prosecutor Aaron Negangard and Negangard instructed him to investigate me. Even though my lawyer told Kreinhop that I would not be coming in for questioning if Kreinhop was not going to tell me what the investigation was about, on November 2, 2009, Special Crimes Unit Detective Mike Kreinhop drove to my mother's house in Norwood, Ohio just to "confirm" that what lawyer said was correct. That was the last I heard about the alleged investigation until yesterday when Humphrey recused himself.

I want to know when Humphrey became aware of the alleged secret investigation of me. I would also like to know why the federally funded Dearborn County Special Crimes Unit was investigating me. If Humphrey was upset because I said he abused my little girls, then he needs to take civil action against me. If Humphrey is upset that people voiced their concerns in letters to his wife, Heidi Humphrey, the Humphrey family should have known that it might be a conflict for a wife to be an advisor on the Indiana Supreme Court Ethics and Professionalism Committee while her husband was a judge. If James is upset because I told people that he let his regular custody evaluator lie in court, too bad.

It appears that I have been investigated for my internet writings. Considering that my internet writings contain no threats of physical harm or abuse, there is no criminal action necessary. Why am I being investigated? I believe it is because some arrogant public officials ran into someone they couldn’t scare. They ran into trouble when they figured out that I could not be baited into stooping to their level. John Q. Public gets arrested when they do the things that Judge Humphrey does. My power has always been in the truth. That’s why Judge Humphrey recused himself five days before my hearing. He did not have any power because he did not tell the truth.

How long are you guys going to keep this up? Your actions are dragging Dearborn County through the mud. I have people in Australia contacting me to express their anger with the Dearborn County family court system. There are currently 890 members of the Facebook group “Help Dan Brewington see his girls. You would be surprised how many stories I have heard about Dr. Connor. I was even contacted by a retired private investigator that sat in Dr. Connor’s office for a full day trying to serve a subpoena. Dr. Connor hid and never came down. Is Dr. Connor really worth protecting? You guys can harass me until the end of time but you will never get me to do something illegal because I am a responsible father. As long as I conduct myself in an honest and respectable manner, I will always have power over you. Humphrey denied me access to the evidence behind his decision to terminate my parenting time. The federally funded Special Crimes Unit will not tell me why they are conducting nine month investigations of my web material. You guys thought you had all of the power. But when it was time to man up and see me in his courtroom, James ran like a dog with his tail between his legs. Even the most vicious dogs will cower when they sense that their prey has no fear. I have no fear of you.

I would hope James would go ahead and step down because this is going to be a long road for him. Before you guys start crying about me being “potentially dangerous” again, let me reassure you that I have never and will never resort to any illegal activities to seek revenge. That is what you do. I am going to continue to inform people about the cesspool also known as Judge James Humphrey’s domestic court. I am going to file the appropriate complaints with the appropriate agencies. Sooner or later I am going to have Dr. Connor in a court that will not protect him so I can find out how involved he is with James Humphrey. If further investigation discovers more wrong doing, I will be contacting the FBI regarding a color of law complaint. Last but not least, I plan to make a documentary about the atrocities that take place in the Dearborn County domestic court. I will be taking notes during Humphrey’s court hearings. I will be requesting public records. Last but not least, I will be wielding camera(s) so I can interview other parents and take more of a Mike Wallace approach to interviewing some of the fine officials in Dearborn County (and the honest ones too). Most of all, I will be able to record any attempts to intimidate me; just like the time Humphrey’s office sent the two police officers to harass me because I wanted to review public records. (Just Google “Dearborn County Police Harassment” to see the video.)

When James steps down, this all ends. I do not want to see him have the ability to abuse more children in his courtroom. If you feel like you are getting angry; don’t, it clouds your judgment. If you think you are going to be able to convince other law enforcement officials that I am a danger or a criminal; you may want to reconsider. Ripley County Sheriff Thomas Grills is horrified about the situation. The Norwood City Police Department is aware that Kreinhop snuck in to do his secret investigation of me. Hamilton County Judge Duane Mallory understands how Dr. Edward J. Connor lies about the release of his records. Every attorney in the world would look at my divorce decree and say “Man, this judge really hated you.” What are you going to do? Arrest me? Let’s find a jury of parents and grandparents and tell them what James did. Let them read all 80,000 words of my internet postings. They will be shocked that I remained cool and calm after reading how Judge James Humphrey punished two little girls because he sought revenge on their father because their dad picked on Judge Humphrey’s precious little Dr. Connor. See how far your trumped up charge will go with people who have experienced domestic court. Please don’t forget, James will be the first one that I call to testify. Judge Humphrey once told me that he was not going to let me turn his courtroom into a circus. He’ll be thinking that I brought Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey with me if he ever has to take the stand. I will never fear you. You make the call.

Thank you for your time and the wasteful spending of taxpayer dollars.

Dan Brewington

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