Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day Judge James D Humphrey

Happy Father’s Day, Judge James D. Humphrey. Enjoy Father’s Day spending time with your children and grandchildren even though you took away my daughters’ ability to spend Father’s Day with their dad. I can’t spend any time with my own father because he died several years ago of cancer. Since I don’t have kids or a dad to share Father’s Day with, I want to give you a Father’s Day gift of keywords.

Given your apparent inability to understand the internet, let me explain what “keywords” are. Keywords can be identified as words which appear with statistically unusual frequency in a text or a corpus of texts. I use keywords to direct attention to your actions in Dearborn County, Indiana. For example: if you do a Google search using the following words, “Dearborn”, “County”, “child”, and “abuse”, Google will give you approximately 18,700 search results. The 3rd and 10th results out of 18,700 total web results refer people to websites pertaining to you. The 3rd result is a link to the article about me, “The War against Fathers” by nationally syndicated columnist, Mike Adams. The 10th result refers you to The reason the two websites appear so high on the search results is due to the frequency of the keywords on the web pages. Both sites talk about how your actions in the Dearborn County Circuit Court constitute child abuse. Though Dearborn County child abuse is not a rare search, it is not a common one either. A more common Google search would be “Dr. Connor” because there are numerous Dr. Connors in the world. There are doctors, psychologists, PhDs, etc… Out of 10,800,000 possible results for “Dr. Connor”, the 6th result refers to one of your favorite court appointed experts, Dr. Edward J Connor, PsyD of Connor and Associates, PLLC. It’s the website I explain in great detail how you continue to allow Dr. Ed Connor to abuse children. The following is a list of various keywords, where web pages pertaining to you appear in the top 10 Google search results: Mike Kreinhop, Prosecutor Negangard, Judge Humphrey, Connor and Associates, Judge Taul, Dearborn County Police Harassment, crooked custody evaluator, Indiana Supreme Court Ethics and Professionalism Advisor Heidi Humphrey, Ms. Loechel, Hamilton County Judge Duane Mallory, etc... Getting the hang of it? My Father’s Day present to you is to help give you a working knowledge of how keywords work. The keywords appearing in the following example paragraphs are underlined:

Many people ask “How do I represent myself in a divorce? I tell potential pro se parents that they have to be wary of judicial vindictiveness. Representing yourself in a divorce is a difficult thing to do. Many people ask questions like, “How do I file a motion for a continuance?”, “How do I cross examine a custody evaluator?”, “What do I do if the Judge has ex parte communications with the bad custody evaluator?”, “Do I have civil rights in a divorce?”, and “How do I file a complaint against a bad judge or bad lawyer / attorney?”

These are very difficult questions when parents represent themselves in a divorce. I tell people that Judge James Humphrey of the Dearborn County Circuit Court, in Dearborn County, Indiana, discriminated against me because I was a pro se dad. Judge Humphrey violated my rights to due process as a parent in a custody hearing. The Indiana government website has information on templates for filing a pro se motion for a continuance. Pro se parents have to be careful if they cross examine a child custody evaluator. Bad family court judges, like Judge James Humphrey, frown on pro se moms and dads if they attack the ethics or credibility of a court appointed child custody evaluator. If you have a bad or crooked custody evaluator you may want to get some help. Judge Humphrey terminated my parental rights because he was upset that I made the court appointed psychologist, Dr. Connor, look bad during cross examination. Be careful not to count on the family court judge to protect your rights because civil rights go out the window in contested custody hearings. Judges will take away your first amendment right to free speech by claiming that it is not in the best interest of the children for you to talk about the matter. If you want to file a complaint against a bad judge or lawyer / attorney, check with your state’s laws. Many lawyers will tell you to contact the state bar association. My former lawyer, Thomas Blondell, claimed he did not know where someone could file a complaint against a lawyer. He suggested that I contact the Indiana Bar Association. I have a hard time believing that Mr. Blondell, of Zerbe, Garner, Miller, and Blondell and a former Dearborn County Superior Court judge candidate, did not know that the Indiana Supreme Court Disciplinary Commission oversees the complaint process of lawyers in Indiana. Former Dearborn County judge and county attorney, G. Michael Witte was just assumed the role of Executive Secretary for the Indiana Supreme Court Disciplinary Commission. I just filed a complaint with the Commission against Dearborn County Prosecutor, attorney F. Aaron Negangard. I copied the complaint to the FBI to see if Prosecutor Negangard’s actions constitute a color of law violation.

When people post things on the internet, web programs called spiders or bots comb the internet and look for a statistically unusual frequency of words in a text. On June 16, 2010 I posted on the internet the complaint against Dearborn County Prosecutor Negangard that I copied to the FBI. If you do a Google search on “Dearborn County FBI”, you’ll see that my complaint is the 6th search result out of 13,300 total results. When I post this letter, the spiders and bots will find the keywords increasing the visibility of my writings about the Dearborn County family court system.

There’s nothing like a Father’s Day gift of information. I know the information in this letter may be a little dry but now you have a better understanding that the more keywords I use only serves to increase the visibility of the problems with the Dearborn County courts. This is my gift to you on this Father’s Day. I’m giving you the gift of knowing that your children and/or grandchildren will be able to see how their father/grandfather punishes defenseless children for his own personal gain. Next time one of your kids, grandkids, and/or one of their friends does a search on a combination of the above keywords; there is a good chance that they will be directed to a website that will give them a better understanding of how you abuse children in your courtroom. Every child and grandchild should have the opportunity to understand who their father/grandpa really is. No thanks needed; it’s the least I can do. As long as you are a judge, I will continue to help people understand how big of a cancer you are to the family court system. Happy Father’s Day, Judge James D Humphrey. Mine just got a little better. If people want more information about how evil of a person Judge James Humphrey is, go to


  1. Happy Father's Day Dan. Your girls deserve to have equal time with you...on this day and every day. What a sick, sad shame this whole situation has become. I hope all fathers in this world are enjoying the kids they have today....because little do they know how easily a corrupt court can take those kids away with little warning and even less reason.
    And thanks for the schooling on keywords...who knew? Fascinating stuff.

  2. Oh, gosh, Dan.

    You have to be the smartest person there is.

    Wow! Key words.

    You are so smart!


    All I can say is WOW!

  3. I have created a Father's pro se Family Court support group, where father's who have a clue can discuss and plan their pro se court attacks.

    I myself am trying to gain custody of my daughter and am enmeshed in the whole sick process. Right now it appears my biggest problem is the Attorney for the Child, who is ignoring her wishes.

    All we want is equal justice, no favors and no bias.