Friday, May 20, 2011

Hunger Strike Results

Hunger Strike Results 5/20/2011

Monday, May 16, 2011 marked the end of my 5 day hunger strike at the Dearborn County Law Enforcement center. I went 120 hours between dinner on Wednesday evening and dinner on Monday night, without eating. I was protesting the DCLEC’s refusal to administer my regular prescription for ADHD. I ended the hunger protest when I felt that I received a substantial reaction that I could use to demonstrate the inadequacies of the medical/mental health services at the DCLEC.

The day that I declared a hunger strike in protest of the DCLEC’s failure to properly administer my Ritalin prescription, Captain David Hall ordered that I be locked in isolation, consisting of 22-23 hour lockdown with no interaction with other inmates. Captain Hall stated that I wasn’t being punished; I was simply being put in isolation so I could be “observed.” On the way to isolation on Thursday afternoon, nurse Kelley Hogg weighed me and took my temperature, pulse, and blood pressure. That pretty well marked the end of any medical or psychological observation of my time in “the hole”.

Dearborn County’s perception of inmate observation hails out of some grotesque 1930’s laboratory experiments on asylum inmates. The DCLEC denied my treatment for my ADHD, locked me in isolation because I protested the denial of treatment, and then allowed the correctional officers to observe me through the camera in my cell. No nurses, no social workers, no doctors, just a handful of correctional officers checking to see if I were still alive or had gone mad. All of this while offering to give me the wrong Ritalin dose before bed, as prescribed by Dr. Nadir Al-Shami, to try to insure that I would not be able to sleep at night.

I want to be clear that the DCLEC staff was acting upon orders and they all acted in a very professional manner. This falls on the shoulders of Captain Dave Hall, Sheriff Kreinhop, and the DCLEC doctor, Dr. Al-Shami. They have some kind of sick fascination with denying inmates mental health treatment and then placing the inmates in insufferable situations just so they can take a video of the effects of the DCLEC’s experiments.

The mental health care at the Dearborn County Law Enforcement Center rivals that of the treatment that R.P. McMurphy received by Nurse Cratchet and the institution in “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest”, except Nurse Cratchet actually believed that she was acting in the best interest of the inmates. The DCLEC punishes inmates because it is inconvenient to continue the mental health treatment that inmates were receiving on the outside.

I never received my proper Ritalin prescription and I never expected to. As I alluded to earlier I achieved a reaction, not a result. The difference is that you will go crazy trying to force the hand of Dearborn County officials in the hopes of getting a specific result. On the other hand when people like Sheriff Kreinhop and Captain Hall are hyper-focused on fighting the proper treatment of inmates, they overlook the problematic manner in which they are denying the treatment. I’m just here to report it.

I am pleased with the result of my 5-day hunger strike. I never really felt sick or weak. I continued to work out during the strike. Actually, the main reason I ended my protest was because I did not have adequate access to a phone to stay in touch with my lawyer. In all, I lost 8.5 lbs. in 5 days, bringing my total weight loss to 26 lbs., while being housed in the DCLEC. If Prosecutor, F. Aaron Negangard chooses to waste Dearborn County taxpayer money on housing me in the DCLEC, I feel I owe it to myself and the taxpayers to get something positive out of it.

I was fortunate to get a warm welcome when I was transferred back to normal population. I was greeted with applause and well wishes as many have supported my efforts to improve human rights in the DCLEC. One inmate even informed me that my hunger protest made the local radio as a friend said they heard about my strike on Eagle 99.3. I hope Dearborn County is finally realizing that the good ol’boy system doesn’t work anymore and I’m here to report it.

Thanks for the support and please rest assured that my health and determination is fine. Stay tuned as Prosecutor Negangard has approached my Public Defender with a plea deal. I’ll keep you apprised of the situation. To contact me or my family, email us at


  1. This Republic is as much endangered today by the indifference of millions of people, inheritors of the traditions and oppertunities of this greatest of all nations, to their own duties and resposibilites, as it is by the activities of the open and secret enemies of American Institutions.

    Half of our citizens do not even take the trouble to vote. Most of the remainder consider their duty to their country discharged when they cast their ballot and go about their business during the intervals between political campaigns, giving little or no thought to the national welfare.

    Elements antagonistic to American institutions are not indifferent or so idle. they are ceaselessly at work, in the open and under cover. They are never off the job of underminig the faith of the people in their country, in spreading unrest, in arousing discontent, envy and hatred-those passions out of which vio;lent revolutions are fashioned.

    George Washington expressed the hope that the United States of America would not follow "the usual course of nations." The usual course of nations has been that of the tide in its daily movements-to rise and thenfall. This Nation cannot escape the usual fate of governments except through the vigiance of its citizens.

    It is human nature to take an inheritance for granted; to accept is as a matter of course, to deem it unneccessary to defend that which others have fought for, that it might be ours. And so, with many voices raised in criticism of American institutions, American traditions and American ideals, few think it worth while to call attention to the incalculable value of these institutions, traditions and ideals. How is a new generation to learn that there is anything worth while in them?

    To fight for one's country when its life is threatened by violence is noble and heroic; to stand up for it in peace time is a virtue quite as necessary. And unless there be such virtue in citizenship, our tradtions will be forgotten, our ideals neglected and our institutions woill crumble.

    What is more important to every citizen of this Republic than the perpetuity of the institutions which protect his life, his liberty and his property; what is of more priceless value than the national ideals and traditions which have given this nation its proud place in history?

    Yet how little thought the average man or woman gives to this most vital of all questions affecting the most precious things in life!

    Institutions, governments, do not preserve themselves. They can be preserved only by the vigilance of those whose guardianship they have been committed. Upon you, as a citizen of the Republic, rests a responsibility which cannot be shirked without danger to your country. Its future is worth something of your thought, so much of which is given to matters of less moment.

    ----The National Republic

  2. The tyranny strippping children from good fathers, and stealing good fathers from their children has only become possible because of our neglect of duty to our country. Voting in ignorance has allowed a dangerous element to invade our institutions. The neglectfully empowered are ripping at the very roots of our democracy. We as citizens of this the greatest of all nations must be vigilant in our outcry of the injustice by what can not be factually called a judicial system when it shreads citizens rights and rips good parents away from their children. To further the injustice by ex-post-facto incrimination for the purpose of political cleansing, provides example of the extent of the danger the Republic is in. when father are not protect, killed and swept under the rug, regardless of any temporal proximity, we are all to blame for we, through our indifference, ignorance and spoilage place those elements in power. Not until we, you, I, our friends, neighbors and collegues fall victim to this tyranny, do we seem to awaken into action.
    This will not stop until we are all disenfranchised to the point we all awaken. However, then it will be too late, the tyranical system we empowered, has already cpovered its basis. It would be then that we are no longer any different than Tunisia in which the only provision one man had to voice his discontent at the hands of tyranny was to light himself on fire in ront of the governers mansion. He then spoke, " "HOW DO YOU EXPECT ME TO MAKE A LIVING",and was finally heard. this time he was heard throughout his country and around the world.
    I can only hope that we, citizens of the United States of American, will not get ot or have not yet reached a tyrannical point in our Rublic where the need to cry out, "HOW DO YOU EXPECT ME TO BE A FATHER" is ever heard. Or perhaps worse, that the question is answered by the maniacal tyrants through our disfucntionally evoling press, with "WE DON'T, YOU CHILDREN BELONG TO US".

  3. Good to see that you are finally being treated like a livng organism as opposed to some type of dead bacteria. When did dearborn county adopt the "Abu Ghraib" handbook on prison management. Did Naganaard and whoever else there in Dearborn Cnty, ever go the Tripoli school of incarceration and prison management? What kind of society do we have there in Dearbvorn County Indiana? Just remeber, even it it only looks like 12 volts, it will light you up like a Vagas Billboard.
    If and when they begin to waterboard you, make sure you have very vivid mental images of your two daughters. Resign yourself to the fact that you will be dying and that they, those empowered in Dearborn County Indiana, cannot take away the essense and sole of who you are. So when and if they come to board you, just keep that in mind and resist any impulses to struggle, it will only feed their hunger to further denigrate a great father. The image you have with your girls must be strong and you must go there. If and when the board you, remember, that they will likely not take your life. You will be resusitated. They are only trying to f*^& with your mind. If denting you your meds didn,t do it, then they likley will be left with no option other than extreme tactics like they porbably learned at "Abu Ghraib". Sad is n't it, here we in the USA are "fighting for the rights" of so many people around the world and yet this is how the very powerful in this country repress us within our own borders. Perhaps we were not trying to eliminate tyranny from Iraq, but rather eliminate the Iraq's threat to our home grown monopoly of "Abu Ghraib" style societal control. I would be surprised if any of those tortured in Iraq didn't have their meds and regimin altered also. By the way, not to be critical, but Dan, you needed to lose a couple of pounds anyway, just not with the "Abu Ghraib" slimming system.
    When Udey Naganaard comes to interegate you, make sure to give him a proper single finger salute!

  4. Awesome Dan. When do you have your next court appearance?