Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Dan's public defender had a family emergency before the pre-trial hearing today and had to leave the courthouse immediately. We will know more about rescheduling sometime tomorrow.

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  1. Dan,
    Hope you are doing ok. I just found out about you being shanghia'd into what seems to be a complete breakdown in the justice system. The scary thing is that this seems to be developing at an acellerated rate. Who would ever think you could end up in jail for wanting to be a father to your children?
    Also, this persecution for being ADD/ADHD, cannot stand. Makes me wonder when Indiana will begin locking up folks and denying the PROZAC. The agency, americans with disabilities must be informed of this drakonian condition you are reported to be in. Hopefully they can assist you in getting your rights restored aand your daughter's right to a father restored. Hang in there and keep cool. Hopefully you will be able to read some of you email.