Friday, May 13, 2011

Unacceptable Medical Treatment

Dan 5/11/11 Medical Treatment that is Absolutely Unacceptable.

Today I attended my pre-trial hearing in Dearborn Superior Court II. Unfortunately, my public defender had to leave the courthouse because of a family emergency, so the hearing never took place. Instead I was left to sit, shackled, in one place for over a half an hour. As the DCLEC is well aware, I suffer from severe ADHD. The DCLEC is also aware that I am not being treated for my ADHD as the DCLEC will only allow me to take my Ritalin prescription in a manner that is against my doctor’s orders. The non-treatment of my severe ADHD left me very anxious and restless in court. Fortunately the hearing was postponed as I doubt that I would have been as mentally fit as I was prior to the DCLEC’s termination my ADHD treatment.

I.C. 35-42-2-8, Obstruction of delivery of prescription drugs states:

(b) a person who knowingly or intentionally physically interrupts, obstructs, or alters the delivery or administration of a prescription drug,

1) prescribed or ordered by a practitioner for a person who is a patient of the practitioner; and

2) without the prescription or order of a practitioner; commits interference with medical services, a class A misdemeanor

(c) However, an offense described in subsection (b) is:

1) a class C felony if it is committed by a person who is a licensed health care provider or licensed health professional.

(d) a person is justified in engaging in conduct otherwise prohibited under this section if the conduct was performed by:

1) a health care provider or licensed health professional who acted in good faith within the scope of the person’s practice or employment.

There is no question that the DCLEC has knowingly and intentionally physically interrupted and obstructed the administration of my Ritalin prescription and the DCLEC has been adamant in its efforts to alter my prescription dosage that was prescribed by my doctor, Dr. Doug Logan, of The Affinity Center. Any argument that the DCLEC doctor, Dr. Nadir Al-Shami, acted in good faith should fall on deaf ears as Dr. Al-Shami tried to alter Dr. Logan’s original prescription without performing any psychological testing, reviewing any medical records, and/or without contacting the prescribing doctor, Dr. Doug Logan. Dr. Al-Shami’s actions in altering my Ritalin prescription is no different than altering an inmate’s blood pressure medication without checking the inmate’s blood pressure or altering a diabetic’s insulin without testing the patient’s sugar level. Unfortunately, Dr. Al-Shami and the DCLEC are maliciously depriving me of the same quality of treatment that the DCLEC provides to inmates who suffer from more common medical conditions. Not only did Dr. Al-Shami and the DCLEC try to alter my prescription dosage but Dr. Al-Shami’s orders left gaps in treatment and would have made it impossible for me to sleep at night.

Due to the violations by Dr. Nadir Al-Shami and the DCLEC of I.C. 35-42-2-8, I am beginning a hunger strike on Thursday May 12, 2011 at 12:01AM. The hunger strike will continue until the DCLEC will allow me to take my Ritalin prescription as written by Dr. Doug Logan of The Affinity Center.

The issue at hand isn’t whether the DCLEC will allow me to take my Ritalin prescription, the issue is that the DCLEC refuses to allow me to take my prescription, as written by my doctor; which is based on scientific testing and study. Any attempt by the DCLEC to isolate me will only worsen my non-medicated condition and will be viewed as retaliatory action by the DCLEC because I decided to speak up about my medical rights. Please note that it is not necessary for me to meet with Dr. Al-Shami if Dr. Al-Shami and his alleged supervisor (per Sheriff Kreinhop) choose to continue to guess what they believe is a proper Ritalin dosage. Sheriff Kreinhop states that he spoke with Dr. Al-Shami’s supervisor and the supervisor claimed that Dr. Al-Shami’s recommended dosage was correct. Without testing and/or reviewing medical records, it is impossible to determine the appropriate dosing of a majority of medications, especially Ritalin.

Feel free to contact me with any question or concerns. A copy of this attachment will be posted on if the DCLEC and Dr. Al-Shami decide to continue to violate I.C. 35-42-2-8 by guessing about my proper medical treatment rather than differing to my treating professionals at The Affinity Center, where I have received treatment for ADHD for over 9 years.



  1. Dan, keep it up man. Proud of you. Oh by the way, the day that I was with you I was supposedly in FL going after my ex. She is nuts dude. LOL

    Your kids deserve you man!!!

  2. What a nightmare. They would have a loose cannon on their hands if they messed with my meds. Hang in there...I pray this ends soon and they stop acting like fools.


  3. My brother had thyroid cancer and had to have his whole thyroid removed. While he was in Hamilton county jail for about a year and a half, they really messed with his medications which could have been Life Threatting. Luckily he is still alive but was still effected in other ways. Now if you did something like hurt a child or raped someone, I could care less how you get treated but for those who smoked weed or commited some crime which was not an act of violence towards another person, then they are taking their power TOO FAR and need to be Properly evaluated and punished.

  4. What better way for a prosecutor to advatage himself in securing a conviction thant to weaken the defendant by denying long prescibed mdication. I don't even think the taliban would hold sheria court like this.
    Scary this is should this unconscienable practice treatment be upheld, who in the USA will be safe from this barabric treatmenmt of denying proper medical care to defendants knowing it will deminish their ability to defend themselves. I think we should all think of how we, our family and friends who are on prescribed medication would fare if we also were denied our mdeications. How easy might iot be for a prosecutor to convict an innocent depressed person without her prescribed medication? How easy would it be to render a death sentence to an innocent defendant being denied his heart prescription? What a scary precedent dearborn county is setting in this case.