Sunday, February 28, 2010

Update on "Help Dan Brewington see his girls"

The Facebook group I started this past week is at 416 members and growing. Over a hundred members of "Help Dan Brewington see his girls" are people I don't know but they have joined the group in support of my cause. The Dearborn County Indiana good ol' boy network is no longer a secret to the outside world. People keep joining up to to help me take a stand against the abuse of children by the court system. If the government officials are not going to hold people like Judge James D Humphrey and Dr. Edward J Connor accountable for their actions, I will give the public a venue to hold Judge Humphrey and Dr. Connor publicly accountable. I want to thank everyone for their ongoing support. Keep spreading the word.


  1. Dan, on your facebook page you said you just got a package from your girls - they still love you. Of course they do! Wasn't great of your x to help them get that package ready and mail it for them - I mean they are pretty young and could not have done it without help. Right?

  2. Keep up the fight Dan. I am currently trying to find out how Judge Humphrey and Public Defender Gary Sorge are related. I have watched one trial where the defendent was assigned Mr. Sorge as her lawyer. The case did drag on for quite a few months but looked as if the case had been decided at the beginning. I am now unfortunately involved in a somewhat similar case with someone close to me and Mr Sorge was assigned as the P.D. This worries me. Everything isn't quite on a level filed here. There shouldn't be even the appearance of nepotism or one sided justice. But, the conflict of interest here could be huge. I hope someone can post here what the actual relationship is, being either blood or marriage.