Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Don't act like a man Jack Conway, act like a father.

I don't live in Kentucky but I feel compelled to weigh in on the US Senate candidate Jack Conway (D). I've seen the Kentucky Attorney General's campaign ad against Rand Paul and it appears to be the typical low-blow, gutter-ball, 2-weeks-before-the-election political commercial. It happens, right? The problem I have with ads like Conway's commercial bashing Dr. Paul is that they scream personal interest. I believe that if you are running for a prestigious office you should act the part, rather than resort to tactics that resemble slanderous remarks on a middle school bathroom stall. It demonstrates that Jack Conway is willing to resort to low blows for his personal gain. Don't give me the line about it being in the best interest of the Democratic party for Jack Conway to win at all costs because some kind of greater good is being served by fighting the Evil Empire from taking over the US Senate. You don't act like a jerk because you think you are better than the other "jerk." Rand Paul told Jack Conway to be a man as if he were Vito Corleone speaking to Johnny Fontane in the Godfather. "Oh Godfather, I don't know what to do... I don't know what to do..." "YOU CAN ACT LIKE A MAN!" (Slap).

I don't think men should be told to act like men; they should be told to act like fathers. Some say that real men are the football players that yell and grunt and bang their heads against lockers. Others claim that "real" men don't cry. Usually someone yells "be a man" if they are trying to bait someone into a fight. What if Rand Paul would have said, "Act like a father"?

Many people have contacted me through this blog and www.DanHelpsKids.com. I can't give legal advice because I'm not a lawyer and I don't know enough about the law. I share my experiences to help others. The best advice that I can give people is to go through life conducting yourself in the same manner that you would if your young child was sitting on your lap. If I were Jack Conway, I would be embarrassed if my child saw the ad attacking Rand Paul. If I was Rand Paul's campaign manager, I would keep Dr. Paul away from Conway and applaud Dr. Paul for not shaking the Attorney General's hand because he took shots at Dr. Paul's Christian faith. From a political standpoint; it's a good strategy. If I was Rand Paul's father, I would have told him that he should have shaken Jack Conway's hand and that he should show up for the next debate. Can anyone tell me how Rand Paul's actions resemble that of a "man"? "He insulted my religion so I am going home and taking my ball with me." It's definitely not the conduct a father should teach to their sons about being "manly".

The worst thing about Jack Conway is that he sits on TV and tries to rationalize how his attack ad was something other than a low-blow. Jack Conway is a lawyer. As the Kentucky Attorney General, he is the highest ranking lawyer in the state. Jack Conway has participated in hundreds of trials, many of which involving juries. Jack Conway resorted to a legal strategy where he tried to implant into the minds of the "jury" that Rand Paul made fun of their religion. Unfortunately for Conway, the "jury" is the general public in this case and the strategy backfired because the “jury” didn't buy it.

So what is the lesson that we can take away from all of this? Should Jack Conway take Rand Paul's advice and start being a "man"? I don't think so. I fail to see how smashing beer cans on foreheads, painting sports logos on chests, and arm wrestling have anything to do with running the United States of America. Maybe Jack Conway and Rand Paul should concentrate on acting like fathers. It's hard to go wrong with someone who conducts themselves in an honest, compassionate, tolerant, and forgiving manner. Dear Jack and Rand, "Dad up" and show us what you are really made of.

For more information on Jack Conway, visit www.DanHelpskids.com.

-Dan Brewington

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