Monday, October 18, 2010

Even Dr. Edward J Connor couldn't lie about a reason to restrict my parenting time.

Judge James D. Humphrey felt that maliciously traumatizing my children was a small price to pay in his efforts to punish me. My ex-wife continues to fight to hinder my daughters’ ability to see their father. She is wrapped up in Judge Humphrey’s make believe opinions and bogus orders that try to portray me as a “potential danger” to my children. Dr. Connor did his best to hurt me through private letters to the Court, in responses to the Kentucky Board of Examiners of Psychology, backdoor deals with opposing counsel Angela Loechel, and in his bogus testimony in the final hearing. Unfortunately for Dr. Connor, and the other people who want to deprive my little girls of a father, Dr. Connor could not skate past the facts at the end of his testimony at the final hearing. Dr. Connor is unable to find a reason why I should not have been able to care for my children. Despite Dr. Connor’s below testimony, Judge Humphrey ignored Dr. Connor’s recommendations and ripped my daughters of a father while citing, “The Court is most concerned about Husband’s irrational behavior and attacks on Dr. Connor.” In the below testimony, the only concern stated by Dr. Connor is that the children could suffer emotional trauma if their time with their father was reduced or eliminated.

Dan : In closing, do you think that the children, given the fact that they spend equal time with each parent, could suffer some emotional trauma by reducing or eliminating the amount of time that they have with their father or their daily scheduled -- routine?

Dr. Connor: I do.

Dan: And do you think that since there’s no examples of abuse, neglect, the children are not wanting their father or their mother, either way, do you think there would be any reason why all efforts shouldn’t be made to ensure that both parents play an active role, if possible?”

Dr. Connor: I think that our recommendation indicates that the children do love you and that you love the children. There is a bond there and that the time that we recommend, we believe would sustain that bond. The issues, again, as I’ve stated previously, is that to have joint custody with you, I think, would be an extreme challenge and I think the prognosis is very poor, even with treatment.

Dan: You stated that -- With this being said, you said you believe that the Petitioner should be the primary resident and the children should have time with their father during the times that their mother works, if Dan can arrange his schedule accordingly, we believe that this would be or benefit to the children, so you stated that it would be beneficial to the children for [Dan] to be as big a part as possible, it seems, and then you on to say, ‘we see no reason why the schedule should not remain intact at this time.’ And then you go on to say that minimizing the time would in fact sustain their existing bond. How can the bond of a one year old and a parent be sustained by minimizing the time they have?

Dr. Connor: Well, again, I think with -- I don’t know your work schedule or if you’re working at this time. I don’t know the mother’s work schedule. But we recommend, perhaps a parenting coordinator or mediator or some type to look at the schedule, because we do believe that the children enjoy their relationship with you. As they get older and start to school, this would become more of a problem, then, because they would need to be in school.

Dan: Just one last question. Indiana time guidelines state that -- the parenting time guidelines state--

Dr. Connor: I’m sorry. I didn’t hear what you said.

Dan: The Indiana Parenting Time Guidelines state that frequency versus duration is important in raising young children.

Dr. Connor: Right

Dan: Why wouldn’t that apply to your evaluation report, given that at the time of release the youngest daughter was one year old, and you state that minimizing the time would, in fact, sustain the existing bond, when the State of Indiana, if effect, stated that, you know, frequency is more important than not interrupting the schedule.”

Dr. Connor: Because I do not feel that you all can have joint custody, given the difficulty that you have between you. I believe that the work schedules have to be factored into this to really determine the parenting time that would be appropriate for the children.

Dan: But if it could be worked out, then as equal time as possible, then it would be the best scenario?

Dr. Connor: I believe that the mother would be the better primary residential parent.

Dan: But if it could be worked out that, uh, sharing -- you know, as equal time as possible, that would be beneficial to the children?

Dr. Connor: I don’t agree with that, because sharing equal time requires a lot of cooperation, negotiation, clean communication, and I don’t think that’s possible between you and Ms. Brewington, so therefore, I think there needs to be a primary residential parent and a sole custodian. And when the mother’s working, if the children can be with their father, then I think that’s fine.

Dan: So that means that, you know, if there’s a need for childcare, if there’s the opportunity, then there wouldn’t be any -- you don’t see any problems with dad being --

Dr. Connor: Provided the children aren’t in some type of pre-school or things like this, because children do benefit from that, as well.

Dan: Even if the Respondent takes the children to pre-school? I mean, is there a problem with that?

Dr. Connor: No, I don’t --

Dan: I have no further questions. I’m done.

Why do people keep going to such extremes to keep my little girls from being able to be with their father and his family; because there are people who hate me for who I am and they allow that anger and hatred to override the fact that my children are suffering long term emotional damage because my girls are being denied of a father without any reasonable explanation. Now I have to go back to court to face contempt charges because some people believe it is harassing or dangerous that I keep writing about the fact that my children were deprived of a father even though my ex-wife’s witness testified that I should be able to care for my children on the days that their mother works. One of the last times I spoke with my oldest daughter on the phone, she told me that she was being told that Daddy had to “work harder.” She was right. Of course she doesn’t know that Daddy has to work very hard to overcome the everyday obstacles that mean and vindictive people construct to hinder my ability to see my daughters. The hatred that these people have for me is greater than any love or concern that they have for my children. Don’t worry girls; Daddy will keep fighting for you no matter how hard other people try to keep you from your dad. For more information, go to

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