Friday, October 29, 2010

A Video of experiences that some people don't want my daughters to have with their dad

I was going through some old pictures and videos and I found this one of my daughters. Happy Dancing Girls. This video was taken less than a month before they were ripped from their father. Do you think these children appear to be abused or neglected? Of course not. My girls were independent and confident. They enjoyed being out with their dad. They could feed off of a crowd. My three year old even bowed when her "performance" was over. Three weeks later, their relationship with their dad was over.

There are mean people in this world. For those who look at my story and wonder what the "other side" is, I'll tell you what the "other side" consists of. It consists of a crooked judge named James D. Humphrey who became enraged because I questioned the ethics of his unlicensed professional, Dr. Edward J. Connor. Dr. Connor began attacking me when I brought attention to the fact that he wasn't licensed to practice psychology in the state of Indiana and Dr. Connor lied about not being able to release the case file from the custody evaluation. The other side of the story consists of a parent who maliciously had the children's father jailed for trying to maintain phone contact with the children. (the telecommunication harassment charge was dismissed and expunged.) The mean people continue to strive to keep my daughters fatherless by postponing hearings and driving up my costs. They would like nothing more than for me to go away. The mean people believe that emotionally traumatizing my children is a small price to pay for punishing me.

The absolute worst case scenario of the "other side of the story" would be that the children were not safe in my care. If that was the case, then why didn't the court grant supervised visitation? Let's not forget that Judge James D. Humphrey waited 2.5 months after the final hearing to terminate my parenting time. If he thought that I was dangerous to my children, why did he allow me to continue to care for my daughters in the 2.5 months after the final hearing? The better question is, why did Judge Humphrey terminate my parenting time when even Dr. Connor testified that I could care for my daughters three days a week? There are mean people in the world, but I am not one of them. If I was, they would have forced me to stop writing about my situation.

If anyone related to my case sees this post, I hope they understand that the two little girls in the video lost the ability to have that kind of fun with their dad because their dad fought to protect their rights to grow up with both parents. Unfortunately, Judge Humphrey, Dr. Connor, and their mother felt that punishing their dad was more important than having a dad. Don't worry girls, Daddy loves you and will always fight to be your dad.


  1. Dan,
    Do you think it is safe for your girls, to be exposed on YouTube? To have their names listed? Along with their birthdate? Aren't you concerned about people that might be less than honorable seeing them? You have supplied plenty of personal information on the girls. Strangers that see this know the kids are out there, what county they live in, what their last name is, first names, DOB, that they live along with their mother.
    Do you feel this is good for them? Do you feel that this much exposure to the public eye (youtube,etc.)is good for their safety? AND PLEASE IF YOU COULD RESPOND IN LESS THAN SEVERAL HUNDRED WORDS THAT WOULD BE APPRECIATED.

  2. Go to Youtube and do a search on "David after dentist" and you will see that there are 72 million views of the little boy who was woozy from his trip to the dentist. Did anything happen to him? Show me evidence where that puts children in danger. Here's a stat for you; statistically children of divorce most often abused by the mother's boyfriend. The children are in much more danger not being able to call dad in case there is a problem. If you believe some of the "tales" that my ex-wife tells about me, you could conclude that she doesn't have very good judgment when it comes to choosing men so statistically there is a good chance that she may put them in "danger" again. Hope that was short enough for you.

  3. Disclaimer: I made the last comment to simply demonstrate the irony of the situation. It's ironic how the people who claim that I present a potential danger to my children are the same people that put their trust in the mother, who thought it was a good idea to have two children with someone that she considered to be dangerous, to not expose my daughters to another potentially "dangerous" man.

  4. Does the girls Mom have to give permission for this to be on youtube? She has sole custody - correct? Just wondering.

  5. There isn't any legislation or case law prohibiting the non-custodial parent from posting pictures or videos of their children on websites. I don't have the ability to talk to their mother because she had me arrested for Telecommunications Harassment for calling my daughters on the phone. This was after she had been "allowing" me to talk to them on the phone. The charge was eventually dismissed and expunged. Obviously a parent can't tell the other parent to stop calling the children if there isn't a court order that prohibits contact. The Judge even wished me good luck when he said that the charge was dismissed. Considering that the mother had me arrested for calling my children on the phone I doubt that she would approve of me sharing a video of my children with family and friends. It doesn't even matter because you can't make out their faces. I'm sure the video will be brought up in Court in an effort to rationalize keeping the children fatherless. Pretty sad considering that she knew the custody evaluator lied and she used it to her advantage to deny the children of a father. Lucky for her that I am not a vindictive person because with everything that my children, my family, and I have gone through, I still believe that my daughters should spend equal time with both parents and their families; even if the other family misuses criminal complaints to keep the father away from his children.