Wednesday, October 27, 2010

How come the people at the 2010 NAS Jacksonville Air Show didn't have problems communicating with me?

Today I received an email from a Commander stationed at NAS Jacksonville, Florida, thanking me for introducing him to a friend of mine. The Commander also thanked me for sending him some of my photos from the 2010 NAS Jacksonville Air Show this past weekend. I took the photos while I was working with the Continental Air Show Productions sound crew. I had a great time meeting new people and making new connections. It was great to get away from the daily pressures of trying to get back to my daughters, but it also makes returning to reality a little more frustrating.

I lost the ability to see my children because my ex-wife and Dr. Connor claimed that I had communication problems and that my writings were confusing and difficult to follow. The other reason I lost the ability to see my children was because I questioned how Dr. Connor came to his conclusions. How could someone like psychologist Dr. Edward J Connor claim that he could not communicate with me when no one over the weekend seemed to have any troubles? I had a great time talking to Commander Surgeoner and Lieutenant Chan. I talked Skyline Chili and Graeter's Ice Cream with a base supervisor who was from Covington, Kentucky. The air boss for the show is now a Facebook friend of mine and I have a standing invitation to fly in a B-25 airplane. This doesn't even take into account the fact that I hooked up with the Red Devils Parachute Freefall Display Team to shoot some footage that they may use in their yearly video. (Click here to see the video of Sergeant Scobie coming in for a fast landing.) The Red Devils are a division of the British Army, and some of the team members have even met Prince Charles. This doesn't even account for meeting people like the nice lady named Mary who worked in the hotel bar or the electrician named Roger who helped us on the ramp at the show. Mary called me "Dan the Man" and I had a good time joking with Roger while he was giving us a hand. While I wasn't working, I was taking pictures and video and burning them to disk for people while the show was going on.

Now I am back to reality. I have to go to court on November 24th to hear people argue about how I am a potential danger to my children even though those people won't let me see the evidence that they base their opinions on. I have to listen to people argue about how they have to make sure that I will continue to be the parent that I was and continue to not put my children in danger. Read that out loud to hear how outlandish that sentence is. What is even more surprising is the reaction that I get from people when they ask me what I do. "I'm working to bring attention to problems with the family court because I lost the ability to see my children." When they ask why, I simply tell them that custody evaluator Dr. Edward J Connor claimed that he had difficulties communicating with me and when I asked for the evidence behind his conclusions, he started to claim I was dangerous. Then I tell them how Judge Humphrey claimed that he was most concerned about my irrational behavior and attacks on Dr. Connor. To say they are stunned is an understatement. They know what's going on. Everyone who hears my story knows. There are a few people in the world that don't want my children to have a dad because those people hate me. They don't care that my daughters love and miss their dad. If they truly believe that I am dangerous then they are mentally ill. But I keep trucking along and holding a place in my life for my girls when they are able to see their daddy. Someday when the people, who keep lying about me, realize that they are punishing two innocent children, I will be able to see my daughters. Until then, I'll just continue to communicate freely with people.

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