Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Dear Prosecutor Negangard, When are you going to just mail it in? 9 27 11

The longer Dearborn County Prosecutor F. Aaron Negangard allows his criminal prosecution/persecution of me to spiral out of control, the easier it is for me to demonstrate the high level of corruption and ignorance in the Dearborn County, Indiana legal system. Negangard serving as a county prosecutor is equivalent to appointing Bernie Madoff to head the SEC. They both know the rules and regulations of their respective trades, and they both know how to break them.

I recently found out what I did to get arrested. First of all, Negangard and Judge James D. Humphrey claimed I communicated a threat to Humphrey and his family because I posted his wife’s name and their address on the internet; however Negangard failed to arrest my “accomplices” in the crime, the entities that maintain the internet sites of the Dearborn County Tax Assessor and the Indiana Supreme Court because they posted the information first. (At the time, Humphrey's wife served as an advisor on the Supreme Court Ethics and Professionalism Committee.) I simply copied the already public information and pasted it in my posts. Dr. Edward J. Connor claims that I communicated a threat to him by copying a public photo of Dr. Connor dancing, which was on a public social networking site, and then re-posting it in a blog post. Judge Humphrey, Dr. Connor, Prosecutor Negangard, and Sheriff Kreinhop believe that I communicated threats to the alleged “victims” when I publicly stated that Judge Humphrey and Dr. Connor were criminals, abusers of children and families, tyrants, dangers to society etc… Sheriff Kreinhop believes that I crossed the lines between freedom of speech and intimidation and harassment. Judge Humphrey said I went too far. Prosecutor Negangard said my internet postings were not protected by the First Amendment because they were unsubstantiated… you heard that right. Dearborn County Prosecutor F. Aaron Negangard insists that I should be a convicted felon because I made unsubstantiated comments about public officials on the internet.

In NAACP v. Claiborn Hardware Co., the United States Supreme Court wrote, “so long as the means are peaceful, the communication need not meet the standards of acceptability.” I want to clarify this for officials like Judge Humphrey, Prosecutor Negangard, and Sheriff Kreinhop; I peacefully posted the information on the internet so it doesn’t matter if you find my speech to be acceptable. But this is why prosecutor Negangard has resorted to cheating after I refused a plea deal; he knows he and his band of tyrants are lying. He just counted on me not being able to sit it out in jail.

There it is; I just summed up the simplicity of the argument against the prosecution in my shortest blog post ever. All Negangard can do now is add to the damage he’s already caused.

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  1. Indiana law completely prohibits the jury from seeing an inmate in jail clothes. It does in fact trump the lame local policy of the Dearborn County Jail, whether those in power like it or not. For someone who knows it all, I'm surprised you weren't aware of this fact.