Thursday, September 22, 2011

Medical Conditions at the DCLEC, Update 9/22/11

The Doctor at the Dearborn County law Enforcement Center, Dr. Nadir Al-Shami, is either one of the most highly trained and medically diverse physicians in the world, or he is conspiring with Sheriff Michael Kreinhop and Captain Dave Hall to deny proper medical care to DCLEC inmates. I have written how Dr. Al-Shami and the DCLEC altered my Ritalin prescription without contacting my prescribing physician, which is a violation of 201 IAC 3-1-11(k). The DCLEC contends that Dr. Al-Shami is as qualified, if not more qualified, than my treating physician and experts at Harvard Medical School in determining proper prescription dosages for adults diagnosed with ADHD. The DCLEC and Dr. Al-Shami believe that Dr. Al-Shami is more than qualified to overrule the prescription orders of a liver specialist, as Dr. Al-Shami altered the prescription of a man, who receives disability due to problems with his liver, without consulting the liver specialist and without performing any medical testing. As Dr. Al-Shami is a medical “expert” who wears many hats, Sheriff Kreinhop and Captain Dave Hall crowned Dr. Al-Shami as the DCLEC expert in an entirely different specialized medical field; dentistry.

Unfortunately this isn’t an attempt by me to create some kind of satirical metaphor to emphasize the inadequacies of the health care available to inmates in the DCLEC. This is another example of how Sheriff Kreinhop, Captain Dave Hall and Dr. Nadir Al-Shami, of Advanced Correctional Healthcare, are maliciously denying medical treatment to DCLEC inmates. The latest medical policy of the DCLEC requires inmates to first meet with the jail doctor before seeing the jail dentist. If Dr. Al-Shami determines that the dental issue is a medical emergency then the inmate is permitted to see the dentist. I learned about this new policy on 9/19/11, when an inmate informed me that he was prohibited from seeing the dentist for an abscessed, decayed tooth because Dr. Al-Shami concluded that the dental issue was not a medical emergency. This is coming from the same doctor who tells inmates to meditate rather than allowing the inmates to take medications that were prescribed prior to the inmates’ incarceration. This is the same doctor who had to consult with a prescription reference book to determine what average Ritalin dosages actually were before he altered the dose of my prescribing physician, who specializes in treating adults diagnosed with ADHD. I’ve known the inmate with the dental problem for five months. I’ve spent a good part of my jail time talking to him and getting to know him. I know that every few weeks the man is holding the right side of his jaw because his decayed tooth has developed an abscess. My cheap jail dictionary defines an abscess as “An infected place in the body which becomes sore and swollen and contains pus”. I’m neither a general practice doctor, nor am I a doctor of dentistry but I can say with certainty that the man’s tooth is dark gray, on its way to turning black. Judging from his swollen gum and the appearance of a boil just below the tooth, I’d say it meets the definition of “abscess.” Is the condition a medical emergency? Not by DCLEC standards. In my six months in the DCLEC I’ve concluded that there are two factors in determining whether a situation is a medical emergency: 1) Is the inmate going to die within the next fifteen minutes; and 2) Can the DCLEC be sued if they fail to provide medical treatment. Those are the DCLEC tests for “medical emergency.”

The inmate with the bad tooth is approximately 6’ 3” and probably weighs close to 320 pounds. He used to exercise regularly by walking stairs but is now unable to do so because of foot and ankle problems due to the fact that DCLEC foot ware offers little support for a man of his size. (Note: The inmate did see the DCLEC doctor about his foot problems, but Dr. Al-Shami, who also serves as the DCLEC podiatrist, concluded that the inmate did not have any problems with his feet.) So now the DCLEC is acknowledging the inmate has mobility problems, is very overweight and has reoccurring infections in his mouth that the DCLEC will not treat. Why, because he probably won’t die on the watches of Sheriff Kreinhop and Captain Dave Hall.

The DCLEC denies medical treatment to inmates out of convenience and/or to save money. The DCLEC dentist is only available once a month. This is to maintain the dental health of inmates as required by law. Sheriff Kreinhop and Captain Dave Hall use Dr. Nadir Al-Shami and Advanced Correctional Healthcare as a “buffer” to keep medical expenses low. The DCLEC did not drastically reduce my Ritalin prescription to protect my health. If the DCLEC was concerned about my health, the medical staff would have contacted my prescribing doctor before reducing my dose to less than a third of my original prescription. Dr. Al-Shami’s latest dental diagnosis is an oxymoron of monumental proportions. Dr. Al-Shami concluded that the inmate’s dental problem was not a medical emergency so it was not necessary for the inmate to see the dentist the next time the dentist arrived at the DCLEC. If the dental problem would have been a medical emergency (emergency – A sudden and unexpected situation requiring prompt action), the inmate would have been forced to wait up to several weeks until the jail dentist would be available to address the “sudden and unexpected” dental “situation requiring prompt action.” Dr. Al-Shami’s findings also demonstrate another troubling problem; either the DCLEC staff is incapable of detecting medical emergencies that require “prompt” medical action, or the DCLEC staff is willfully and maliciously subjecting an overweight inmate’s heart and body to unnecessary infections on a regular basis because treatment is inconvenient and/or costly. By the way, did I mention that the inmate was only requesting that the decayed tooth by pulled? Unfortunately, the new dental policy requires an inmate’s tooth to become infected to the point the infection subsequently leads to life threatening blood poisoning, which, by Dr. Al-Shami’s account, will require the inmate to wait until Dr. Al-Shami is scheduled to be in the DCLEC because the DCLEC staff is not capable of detecting medical emergencies and/or qualified to handle the “sudden and unexpected” medical “situation requiring prompt actions.”

Feel free to contact Dearborn County Sheriff Mike Kreinhop and/or DCLEC Captain Dave Hall with any questions or concerns about the negligent medical practices of the DCLEC. Feel free to contact local and state officials to express your opinions regarding the malicious and dangerous medical practices of Dr. Nadir Al-Shami and Advanced Correctional Healthcare. I will be providing Sheriff Kreinhop and Captain Hall hard copies of this post so there will be no question of whether they are aware of the matter.


  1. I am a registered nurse, and I was wondering who is administering the medications to the inmates? Is there a nurse that works there too? Is the inmate with the abscess at least on antibiotics to prevent it from getting into the blood stream? Contact the medical board, see if the Doctor's medical license in even valid and see if he is even an American citizen, he's probably here on a work visa.

  2. It is my understanding that he is not on any antibiotics. I think that is scary. Sue Brew

  3. If you have a severe toothache, have swelling of the gums or face, or notice drainage of pus, call your dentist right away. You may have an abscessed tooth. If it is not treated, the infection could spread and become dangerous.

  4. Yield not Dan Brewington, for you are with sound mind and conscience.
    If The ANON atty calling for you to sell your soul, only a soulless being would use your children in such acts of coersion and extorsion.
    What most do not seem to realize is that as you, but for the grace of GOD go I. Anyone who disagrees is part of a well lubed corrupt system of insiders.

    "Withold no sacrifice;
    "Gurdge no toil;
    "Seek no sordid gain;
    "Fear no foe;
    "All will be well."

    Dan, you daughters will have this explained to them when this is over,

    "There's some men in this world who are born to do our unpleasant jobs for us. Your father is one of them."
    Qoute possibly of Harper Lee

    Dan, you are one of the indicator species regarding basic human rights and the state of the union specifically Indiana regarding its consideration for civil rights and the rights of a father as well as the regard Indiana has for the U.S. Constitution.
    Rights GIVEN by any atty. DA or judge are not civil, they are only the paradigms of thuggery and opression.


    Line from a speech of Churchill

  5. When does the dclec bring out the parkas; hoods; water; boards; wires; batteries; electrodes; dogs; fecalmatter; cameras; broomsticks; mk4; thorazine; dental drills; 24hr bright lights; chains; and the immasculating photographers; iron masks; is the dclec doc one of the tortuous interegators we had to recal from Egypt, Tunisia, Libya, or some of our former extrodinary rendition destinations;


    Above is a link to a 24yo Cincinnati Man who died late August2011 for not getting the proper treatment for his infection of his tooth and the infection traveled to his brain. The DCLEC and that poor excuse for a doctor will singing a different tune if this man dies from his infection and his family sues.

    Dan, keep on fighting. You will see justice in the end I feel it! All these wrongs will come out in the end. I pray you and your daughters are reunited soon and you can put the Dearborn County government officials where they belong, out of a job and hopefully out of the county! And please Citizens or judge that rule over your lawsuit make them pay back all the tax payers money they have wasted on housing you in jail and investigation this bogus case!

  7. If I am correct identifing the inmate that Dan is refering to, and I believe that I am, he also has celulitis and if not watched very carefully it can also kill him.

  8. Jails in Indiana are rank! most people dont have a clue! Poor people dont have a chance! They violate federal laws everyday. People are on concrete floors,fed. law states your head has to be 6in. off the floor,right! I was in floyd co. jail,slept on the floor 23 days before i got a bed. was diagnosed with plurisy. Deputy would give me a pill one day and skip day or two!! Would not tell me what the meds. were and the Dr. couldnt speak good english! Might be the same guy, probably travels around!I never could see a lawyer.My parents hired a lawyer $2500.00 charges were dropped after 38 days, the police officer did not even check the lady that filed charges while i was in jail needless to say she stole every item i owned, everything!! She had done that to 4 other people! So while i was in jail the guards told a man that was brought in on a mistemeanor he could not go to the hosp. for his chest pains unless he was dieing or dead,well he died on that concrete floor,was handcuffed and carried out!! Never made the paper or news it never does. The coroner is payed by the county so its cut and dried literaly!!EXAMPLE- Floyd Co. jail will hold 240 people,any given time the jail has 350+ last time i checked they get $75 a day per inmate $150 a day for federal inmates. It cost $3 a day to house them! You have to buy your hygiene products and the sheriff proffits from that and all compensary items!Foam earplugs $3. When they have inspections they shuffle everyone back and forth so fire inspectors cant see them!! Now Seattle Wash. has 700 inmates and 617,300 citizens.Floyd Co. IN. has 350 in jail and only about 70,000 people in the county with hardly a crime rate!! Its about money,lawyers love prosecutors that heard them in, more money for them. If you get arrested you are no longer human,there are people in Indiana jails that havent seen a lawyer in over a year. If you dont know the law or start studying it your screwed! Lawyers stick together tighter than stink on a skunk!In. law, lawyers dont have to tell you all the laws concerning your defence, they make the laws to protect theyre interest sueing them is almost impossible acording to theyre laws! Storys i could tell!!