Wednesday, September 21, 2011

My Emotional Scars and Subconscious. Written 9/12/11

Last night I had a dream that I was reunited with my daughters. I found out at the last minute that they would be with me over a Fourth of July weekend. In my dream, where time and travel often have no boundaries, we decided to go to a beach in Florida. The timing of my dream was a bit off because I didn’t meet up with my daughters until I arrived at the hotel room. I can only say that I hope the real thing will be as good as my dream. My girls, who had visibly grown since the last time I’d seen them, yelled “Daddy!” and attacked me with hugs. After the heartfelt reunion, we decide to hit the water so we suited up. My mind was racing about safety issues. How bad was the undertow in the ocean? Are the girls, strong swimmers? Did I have the maximum SPF sunblock? I knew I had to have every safety issue nailed down because I could lose them again if there was one oversight or accident. After I covered all of the bases, I was confident that we would have a trouble free day of fun in the sun. The girls and I were only outside for a little while before we noticed lightening far out in the ocean. Not wanting to take any chances we went back to the hotel room to watch a movie. It was truly a wonderful moment. I was lounging in a big recliner with both of my daughters sitting on the armrests, snuggling up next to dad. There was no place in the world I would have rather been than holding on to my precious angels.

A short time later we decided to go grocery shopping, as we always liked to do, for supplies for dinner. The date was July 5th because I received a text message from the girls’ mother stating that she had scheduled doctor appointments for the girls on July 4th but I never took them. My mind started racing. Did I forget? Did she tell me about the appointment? Why would the pediatrician schedule appointments on Fourth of July weekend? It was then that I received the gut wrenching news. My ex-wife sent another text that she was going to tell the court. I was scared that I would have to go back to jail and would lose my daughters forever. Then I woke up.

The only reoccurring dream that I have on any regular basis is a dream that I somehow lose my teeth. I’ve always attributed it to the hellish years I wore metal contraptions to straighten my teeth and to correct an overbite. Dreams about jail and losing my daughters are becoming more common. I’ve had dreams that my little girls found a new father. I’ve had dreams where I have appeared in public wearing my orange jail clothes. I tell people that I have to go back to jail before the guards notice that I am gone. These dreams are becoming more common. They are subconscious fears that I may have to deal with for the rest of my life.

This is another aspect of the damage that people like Judge James D. Humphrey and Prosecutor F. Aaron Negangard have inflicted on me. Am I going to get out of jail? Yes. Will I get to see my daughters again? Most definitely. Will I carry emotional scars that will haunt me from time to time throughout the rest of my life? Probably. I just hope that my daughters are young enough to escape most of the permanent scars and damage. But that’s why I remain on the path I’m currently walking. No child, mother, or father should fall victim to evil people like Judge Humphrey and Prosecutor Negangard. The harder they work to destroy me only makes me stronger. At least my daughters will someday understand how their daddy’s love is boundless and unfaltering.


  1. Stay strong, ARE a champion!

  2. You know what they say Dan, "What does not kill us, makes us stronger!!!"

  3. I am familiar with this dream.....It's the one where you wake up crying, then cry some more wishing you could put yourself back to sleep so the dream continues.

    Know this Dan; You WILL be reunited with them soon! I am learning of more and more legal avenues to fight these crooked bastards! I am VERY close to my goal and gaining the solid evidence to prove fraud in the court. When I do, I will exhaust every other ounce of energy I have to make it public on a national stage.

    Weather the storm, there are beautifuls skies ahead!

    Your Friend and ONE GREAT DAD,
    John Lee
    Louisville, Kentucky

  4. John Lee
    If you were "One Great Dad".....
    1) You wouldn't feel the need to broadcast it
    2) You would stop your nonsense of constant motions and sueing everyone who doesn't agree with you and just focus on your relationship with your boys!
    3)Realize that if you continue with what you are doing, you will end up just like DB and will not see your kids at all because you will be in jail.

  5. Scott Stanley,
    It is obvious that you know nothing about being a great dad. I will continue to sue you until the truth comes out. You have ruined my family. You do not have the authority to put me in jail. One day a new judge will be assigned to this case and you both will realize just how biased this man is against me.

  6. not sure if it is Scott Stanley or Michelle Ganote or some other Ganote posting these. The great thing about getting to work with the FBI Crime Lab in Louisville is that they have wonderful resources to pinpoint the identity of these posts. This is a criminal act! You can rest assured that I intend on prosecuting whoever it is that is posting. Trust me, I am days away from Identifying you 100%. When I do, you will have the option of negotiating a deal with me ONE time to save your skin. You should think really hard before you bring a deal to me that you think I may or may not accept. There will be no counter-offer. These imposters that pose as me on the internet, then work with other individuals involved in this process are committing a feloneous crime, not to mention civil actions worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. Dont believe me? Look it up. You obviously are technologically inclined. You should also know that I am going to add one of the greatest crime litigators in the state to take you down......
    I suggest you come strong NOW with a deal or it is Katy - bar the door!

    J. Lee