Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Prosecutor Negangard’s Conflicting Interest in my Case is the Reason Why the Prosecutor Cannot Step Down

Dearborn County Prosecutor F. Aaron Negangard is doing everything in his power to prosecute me despite the fact that Prosecutor Negangard appears to have an unbelievable conflict of interest with my case. The problem that Prosecutor Negangard faces is no special prosecutor would take my case to trial so Negangard has no choice but to ignore his conflicts and special interests that are directly and indirectly tied to my criminal trial. Negangard is turning a blind eye to all laws and regulations pertaining to bias, prejudice, and impropriety in legal proceedings in a last ditch effort to save his reputation, his job, and to possible save him from being criminally charged for maliciously violating civil rights laws.

On March 17, 2011, Judge Sally A. Blankenship disqualified herself from my case and stated, “No judicial officer in Dearborn County is able to hear this matter.” The second judge in my case, Decatur Circuit Judge John A. Westhafer was appointed by the Indiana Supreme Court, but later recused himself because he had known one of the alleged “victims” in my case, Judge James D. Humphrey, for 25 years and considered Judge Humphrey to be a “good friend.” On June 17, 2011, the third judge in my case, Rush County Circuit Judge Brian D. Hill granted my first public defender’s motion to withdraw because Mr. Watson stated that he had multiple cases in Judge Humphrey’s court and claimed the “situation at minimum creates an appearance of impropriety.” Prosecutor Negangard is an officer of the Dearborn County courts, a friend of Judge James D. Humphrey, and has many cases in Judge Humphrey’s court, yet for some reason the prosecutor does not believe that the issues present the appearance of impropriety. Please note that the above situations are not the only matters that should be subjected to the impropriety test. Please read the following and decide for yourselves whether you believe that Dearborn County Prosecutor F. Aaron Negangard has a conflict of interest in prosecuting my case. [Impropriety-The quality or state of being improper, an improper act or remark. Please also note that the test for impropriety in law is not determining whether an act, remark, situation, etc., is improper; the test for impropriety is determining whether a reasonable minded person would determine that the act, remark, situation, etc, appears to be improper.] Assuming that the readers of this post are reasonable minded individuals, ascertain whether you believe the following potential conflicts give the appearance that it would be improper for F. Aaron Negangard to serve as the prosecutor in my criminal trial.

1) Negangard tries cases in Humphrey’s court

2) Negangard is friends with Humphrey family.

3) Negangard worked under Humphrey in prosecutor’s office prior to Humphrey becoming judge.

4) July 12, 2010 Negangard sent email to Dan and County Officials stating he would “make every effort to prosecute” Dan

5) July 7, 2010, Negangard lied about Indiana laws regarding investigatory records to obstruct Dan’s access to public records.

6) Negangard claimed Indiana law prohibited the release of investigatory records.

7) Negangard reinforced his misconception to County Officials in 7/12/10 email.

8) Negangard claims that Dan threatened Humphrey in August 2009 but did not initiate grand jury investigation until 2/15/2011.

9) Five days prior to initiating grand jury investigation, Chief Justice Randall T. Shepard dismissed Dan’s complaint against Negangard, a complaint filed June 16, 2010.

10) No evidence of new “threats”, only web writings.

11) Unconstitutional to force person to defend 150,000 words of internet writings over the course of 18 months to support an alleged threat that occurred 18 months prior to grand jury investigation.

12) Negangard’s 7/12/10 email to county officials stated Dan “attacked” his office.

13) Negangard is being sued by Dan.

14) Negangard interviewed Connor on 10/20/11 and thus should be available to testify.

15) Negangard heads the Dearborn County Special Crimes Unit and actively participated in investigation.

16) Negangard heads both the investigation of Dan Brewington and the prosecution of Dan Brewington.

17) Special Crimes Unit detectives, such as Shane McHenry, operate under Negangard’s control and then testify on behalf of Negangard/Prosecution.

18) Negangard has influence over who may be dismissed from SCU and/or power to dismiss detectives from SCU if Negangard is not “pleased” with detectives’ performance.

19) Negangard has been the subject of Dan’s internet writings criticizing Dearborn County officials for nearly two years.

20) Negangard claims Dan’s writings threaten, intimidate, and/or attack the Humphreys, Connor, Blondell, Melissa Brewington, Loechel, Indiana Supreme and Appellate Courts, the current court, as well as himself.

21) Negangard represents the alleged “victims” on behalf of the state while claiming to be a victim of Dan’s “attacks” well over a year ago.

22) Negangard submitted Dan’s Connor complaint filed with the Kentucky Board of Examiners of Psychology as evidence to support illegal conduct yet continues to prosecute the case despite Dan filling a complaint and amended complaint against Negangard on 6/16/10 & 7/16/10, respectively.

23) Connor is a witness used by both the Dearborn Co. Courts and Negangard.

24) Both know Connor was appointed as a psychological expert to Indiana courts while not being licensed in Indiana.

25) Simple impropriety test would suggest Negangard has an interest in protecting his expert (Connor) as any findings of illegal and/or unethical conduct on the part of the County’s witness(Connor) could have negative consequences for current and past legal proceedings.

Dearborn County Prosecutor F. Aaron Negangard has to be the king of the hypocrites. Prosecutor Negangard is picking and choosing words and phrases from over 2000 pages of “evidence” in his efforts to demonstrate that the totality of my free speech content somehow constitutes threats against public officials. At the same time he is trying to assemble random sections of my writings to rationalize my prosecution, Prosecutor Negangard is disassembling and dismissing an array of potential conflicts in an effort to rationalize why he should remain the prosecutor in my case. Why? It probably has something to do with public comments on websites such as the Dearborn County Public Forum, where comments read, “Negangard’s political reputation is resting on this one. He’s got to win.” And “I think win or lose Negangard’s reputation is already in the toilet.” It appears that Prosecutor Negangard’s only hope in salvaging his reputation is to ignore all conflicts and improprieties and do everything in his power to prosecute Dan Brewington. Feel free to contact me or my family at contactdanbrewington@gmail.com If you feel that the actions of Dearborn County Prosecutor F. Aaron Negangard have violated state and/or federal laws, feel free to contact local, state, and or federal authorities to report his actions. Thanks for the support.


  1. You should probably read through Negangard's tweets for ammunition...

  2. I will look at these when I have a little more time. The first three mean nothing as they are normal in counties of this size.

  3. Negangard laughed at me while I talked with him about two phone calls to my daughter wherein the caller threatened her life. In my opinion, he is a thug and criminal along with many others in that county. So happy to be away from the sewage in that county. Beverly Valentine

  4. #4 is no news. #5,6,7 are a matter of opinion and can change depending on the case. #8 timing is up to the DA. #9 has no bearing on evidence. #10, 12 must be proven one way of the other. #11 is absolutely false, doesn't exist. #13, 15, 16, 17, 18 so what, doesn't matter. #14 true. #19 thru #22 reasons the case was filed to begin with. #23 so what. #24 not really needed to be given expert witness status if he has the creds. #25 what do you expect, of course. The ending, thats for him to prove and you to defend, thus the case. Just trying to shoot straight. You expect the DA to rollover and hand you something, not going to happen. He has the power position here, settle!

    This Republic is as much endangered today by the indifference of millions of people, inheritors of the traditions and opportunities of this greatest of all nations, to their own duties and responsibilities, as it is by the activities of the open and secret enemies of American institutions.
    Half of our citizens do not even take the trouble to vote. Most of the remainder consider their duty to their country discharged when they have cast their ballot and go about their business during the intervals between political campaigns, giving little or no thought to the national welfare.
    Elements antagonistic to American institutions are not so indifferent or so idle. They are ceaselessly at work, in the open and under cover. They are never off the job of undermining the faith of the people in their country, in spreading unrest, in arousing discontent, envy and hatred - those passions out of which violent revolutions are fashioned.
    George Washington expressed the hope that the United States of America would not follow "the usual course of nations." The usual course of nations has been that of the tide in its daily movements - to rise and then fall. This nation cannot escape the usual fate of governments except through the vigilance of its citizens.
    It is human nature to take an inheritance for granted; to accept it as a matter of course, to deem it unnecessary to defend that which others have fought for, that it might be ours. And so, with many voices raised in criticism of American institutions, American traditions and American ideals, few think it worthwhile to call attention to the incalculable value of these institutions, traditions and ideals. How is a new generation to learn that there is anything worthwhile in them?
    To fight for one's country when its life is threatened by violence is noble and heroic; to stand up for it in peace time is a virtue quite as necessary. And unless there be such virtue in citizenship, our traditions will be forgotten, our ideals neglected and our institutions will crumble.
    What is more important to every citizen of this Republic than the perpetuity of the institutions which protect his life, his liberty and his property; what is of more priceless value than the national ideals and traditions which have given this nation its proud place in history? Yet how little thought the average man or woman gives to this most vital of all questions affecting the most precious things in life!
    Institutions, governments, do not preserve themselves. They can be preserved only by the vigilance of those to whose guardianship they have been committed. Upon you, as a citizen of the Republic, rests a responsibility which cannot be shirked without danger to your country. Its future is worth something of your thought, so much of which is given to matters of less moment.
    The National Republic.
    1776 D STREET, N.W., WASHINGTON, D. C. 20006

  6. If you think this commentary to only be critical of the systemically empowered, you are sadly mistaken. What ever your role in life in this republic, this commentary is directed at you. This is your Democracy. It is your responsibility to nurture, tend to it and keep it safe as if it were your child. Think of what you find most precious then consider how careful and attentive you would protect it. Your Democracy is no less important for that which you considered most precious would likely not have been possible without your Democracy. Eerily, your democracy not only made the precious possible but if allowed to wither' decline and left in the hand of those with subversive and selfserving interests , can also unjustly deprive you of it.

    "Every lawyer, in every case, crosses a line he didn't mean to cross. It just happens. And if YOU cross it enough times, it disapears forever. Then you're nothing but a lawyer joke. Just another shark in the dirty water." Quoted from the movie "The Rain Maker".

    Don't know of a more fitting quote.

    Have you legals no respect for the very laws which you altrustically sell Americans that you are securing and preserving? You are lawyers not nobles. Our forefathers fought for and won independance from the tyrannical rule of so called nobels. Let's hope we are able to stem the course towards tyranny which seems to be infecting the very core of our democracy. Please stop those who see our constitution as merely a misnomer. There are people in this world who also see our constitution as a mere misnomer, they are called the taliban. Talk about a traitor or worse yet a homegrown association called the bar who thinks the constitution is served by keeping your mouth shut and promoting those who consider the rule of law a misnomer. Disgusting, simply disgusting!

  7. When did the our United States of America change course from striving towards the historically portrayed and globally admired ideals, "TRUTH, JUSTICE and the AMERICAN WAY" and take the abismal tack towards, "DECEPTION, SECRECY and DENIAL of DUE PROCESS AND RIGHTS AFFORDED ALL UNDER OUR CONSTITUTION? What does it say to the world when we deny even our own citizens the legal rights and protections under the constitution of these United States. IT IS THE US. CONSTITUTION WHICH makes us the envy of the world and the model for all who strive and toil in securing basic human rights and a society where all persons are created equal.

    It is the US Constitution which requires our most ernest respect, our continued care, and our most ferverant protection from those who seek to deminish its significance as the very blueprint of our ideals for the structure of our society which is a goal for much of mankind throughout the world. HOW COULD WE HAVE EVER LOST OUR WAY THUS ACCEPTING AND ADIBING BY SUCH MALIGNANT IDEAS AS:
    POWER!"' In this great nation, no one person is to ever "GIVE" freedom. Should such a "GIVER OF FREEDOM" ever exist in this republic, than he only does so as a traitor to his COUNTRY, CONSTITUTION and the VERY IDEALS UPON WHICH THIS NATION WAS BORN!




  8. Words from the DAR and a Hollywood movie. Interesting. I will pose you a question. Does a defense attorney have the right to follow every law that could help win the freedom of his client regardless of guilt? If yes then your idealistic view could allow a dangerous man onto the street. If no then we may as well through out innocent until proven guilty. No good clear cut answer here. It is so black and white when you spout off using flowery language and inane quotes. Lawyers do not make the law, elected officials do. Don't like them then change them or run for office and do it yourself. THE LAW ITSELF IS NOT JUST, FAIR OR INFALLIABLE IT IS WHAT CONGRESS SETS FORTH AND JUDGES CONFORM THEIR RULES TO. Gulity are let free and innocent go to jail. Our system is by far the most fair on the planet today, look overseas. A lawyer is concerned with doing everything within the law to serve his client. Dan's lawyer as well as the DA who works for the citizens you speak of. If it was so easy and full of wonder then you wouldn't need a lawyer, the answers would present themselves in every case. Unfortunately, each side of a case feels their side has the compelling arguement and the other is trammeling their rights. All of your quotes could be used by the DA in this case from his point of view. Finally, you asked what is more important. Dan's kids and him getting to see them. Seems to me that should be his first goal and the rest should take a back seat. My quote is simple, "Hi Dad!" Sounds better than yours, eh.

  9. To Anon 9,19,2011 at 5:09 PM

    Your quote,"Hi Dad" may be nice and all you may ever be able to expect to hear from your own children. However, Mr. Brewington will hear, "Daddy! I miss you so much, I love you always and I am so PROUD too be your Daughter; always and forever". Not just nice for Mr. Brewiington, but imagine if you can what it means to his children.

    I expect Mr. Brewingtoon will hear those words soon so long the forces of deciet, dishonor and disregard for the truth do not further violate the rights of Dan Brewinngton, the citizens of Indiana and violate the Constitution.

    Never has Dan been asked to chose between his rights and his children. Any allegation of such is demonstrative of just how reprehensible some can be in furthering a distruction of our Democracy. Typical two faced argument of either true ignorance or true enemies of the state. Just wonder if ANON DAD would confess to a child rape plea if it meant he would be allowed access to his children, eeven if he knew it was not true? Remember Dad, if the line if crossed enough times it eventually disapears. Yours seems to have vanished long ago which is why you may never hear your children express being proud of their father. Dan Brewington, your girls and any child would be lucky to have youas a father. The truth will set you free and truth will always prevail. Just keep in mind that their are many who strive to corrupt our constitution and system of government.

  10. How refreshing to see in print an attorney candidly show his true colors and his contemptuous perspective on how he sees the bar and its agenda.
    1. For an attorney to even think about, and then scribe about comprimising representation retained by his client based on a his own prejudice is appalingly refreshing. He is not the only one. Thank goodness not all attorneys are that ethically lacking. The fact that not only is it a right but an absolute requirment seems to hav e escaped this patheticf character.
    2. For an attorney to suggest a father choose between his children and seeing them versus admittingv to a crime he did not commit is ludicrous. YIELD TO YOUR MASTERS MR. BREWINGTON OR WE WILL STEAL YOUYR CHILDREN is reprehensible.
    3. To give in to kidnapping is not an option for police. To give into terror in not an option for any countryh. In both situations you validate the tyranny which then becomes know as effective.
    4. What 9/19/11 5:09 ANON seems to have lost sight of is that laws, truth and justice are to be blind and equally applicable to all. He seems to find quoted points from another commenter to be equally applicable to both prosecution and defence. Only a ethically compromised attorney would raise such a thought thankfully there are many for whom it is beneath contempt.
    BTW if the above lawyer could actually comprehend the content of his rant, he would see the contrrdiction within his rant. Reminds of the quote, "Oh the tangled web we weave when we first set out to decieve."

  11. I'm hoping that the truth will be told and Dan will be free from all this. This should have never happened in the first place. Seems like some lawyers have nothing better to do then to ruin peoples lives with lies and deceit. I hope for dis-barment proceedings begin soon afterwards. This lawyer needs to be prosecuted and sent away and let him fight for what he thinks is right and wrong.

  12. Gentlemen, As I have tried to educate you on the law you continue to ascribe points about it that are not now or ever been factual. Truth does not always win. OJ is a perfect example. Guilty but freed and his victims do not have life, liberty or freedom. They are dead. Who is at fault for this? The victims and their parents are wronged far more than Dan. Contradiction is what two sides are at odds over. One side sees it one way and the other another, thus a lawsuit. The DA and judge will NEVER be prosecuted for anything in this case. The grand jury shields the DA and the judge is an alledged victim. As for rights, look at abortion. I very much disagree with Roe V Wade. Whose rights are lost in this case. Millions of unborn children. Whose rights are protected and valued more? The mothers who wish to trash their children. Is that right, fair...does truth win out here? Just two cases full of death, rights trammeled, lies, distortion with far greater scope than Dans. And to say that evidence presented by one side hasn't been used to bolster the others claim is a plain refusal to see reality. It is done often by both sides. Many of you sound like fuedel knights who wish to fight to the death and then GOD himself will give strength to the rightous side. If it were only so easy. I do agree that this case should never have happened. A good attorney could have helped Dan to stay out of this and he would be well on his way back to gaining time with his daughters. I have maintained that Dan is Inocent but has put himself in a tough spot. You may not all agree with my advice but Dan must look at every side of the case. What I have said may help or may not. Yet it is better than saying to him in jail why you are comfortably sittting at home, "Good job Dan, take one for the team!" To the quoter, let me guess, tough divorce, you lost most of your custody issues, have gone thru several lawyers, probably tried to bring your own cases, still angry at the Ex, probably a DVO, have sued everyone involved in your case, and have lost most points if not all. If I hit close to the mark then you might want to rethink you outlook on the law and its purpose. Finally, I have never said I was a lawyer, for reasons so obvious that to explain them should be unnecessary.

  13. Well, regarding kidnaping thing! Prosecutors across In. and the country are using tactics of offering plea deals to get out of trouble! It gives pros. a win, knoch on the belt! Most lawyers in this country are sadistic,ungrateful,and have not one once of dignity! I honestly believe they would plea bargain with theyre own mothers killer and not lose on once of sleep! Just so they would not have to work on the case! Just how long do you think people are going to put up with the BS before they react! What do you call a thousand lawyers chained together at the bottom of the ocean? A START!!!