Monday, September 5, 2011

Prosecutor Negangard’s Big Lie 9/5/11

During my bond reduction hearing on August 17, 2011, Prosecutor Negangard asked me if I had undergone a mental health evaluation by a court approved mental health professional per my divorce decree. When I started to explain, Negangard exclaimed, “It’s a yes or no question.” When I began to explain that I was evaluated by a psychiatrist in October 2009, Negangard again interrupted me and stated it was a yes or no question. I answered no because I hadn’t been evaluated by a court approved mental health expert, per the August 18, 2009 orders of Judge James D. Humphrey. Prosecutor Negangard presented to the Court that I didn’t follow through with Judge Humphrey’s orders. Actually, Prosecutor Negangard didn’t lie; he just told a convenient truth.

For some reason there are still a few people who harp on me for not following Judge Humphrey’s orders to undergo a mental health examination by a court approved mental health evaluator so I can see my children. Prosecutor Negangard pummels me every chance that he gets for not seeing a court approved evaluator. What Prosecutor Negangard failed to mention to Judge Brian Hill was how the family court obstructed my ability to seek the court’s approval of a mental health provider. Prosecutor Negangard is well aware of the court’s obstruction. Why doesn’t Prosecutor Negangard acknowledge it? Because he will have to acknowledge misconduct on the part of Judge James D. Humphrey.

I’ve been through this a million times but I’m going to explain it again for the sake of Prosecutor Negangard and the few others that shield themselves from reality. (There is a high probability that Negangard will be asked if he reviewed this blog during testimony in a federal suit. Then he will be asked why he continued to bend the truth during his mission of prosecuting me for exercising my 1st Amendment Rights.) After Judge Humphrey terminated my parenting time, pending a mental health evaluation, Judge Humphrey ruled that he did not have jurisdiction of custody matters while the case was in appeal. In September/October 2009, I underwent an evaluation with Cincinnati psychiatrist, Dr. Henry Waite. When I petitioned the court to release Dr. Connor’s records to Dr. Waite, Judge Humphrey stated that he still did not have jurisdiction of the matter and stated that I had to seek permission from the Appellate Court for him to hear the matter. In March 2010, I hired Indianapolis lawyer Ryan P. Ray and on March 19, 2010, he filed a motion to approve Dr. Waite as an evaluator. Once I retained a lawyer, Judge Humphrey no longer required that I seek permission from the Appellate Court and promptly set a hearing for June 14, 2010. (The hearing wouldn’t have been necessary except my ex-wife argued that Dr. Waite would lie for me so she objected to his approval.) On June 9, 2010, Judge Humphrey withdrew from my case citing some investigation of me that pertained to him and vacated the June 14, 2010 hearing. To make a long story short, the courts delayed my lawyer’s attempts to get a hearing until November 24, 2010. Judge Ted Todd listened to arguments during the hearing on November 24, but did not make a final ruling on an evaluator until January 24, 2011. I first contacted the court appointed evaluator the first week of February. On February 15, 2011, I was made the target of a grand jury investigation by Dearborn County Prosecutor F. Aaron Negangard. “This was just five days after Supreme Court Justice Randall T. Sheperd dismissed the complaint that I filed against Prosecutor Negangard with the State of Indiana. On March 7, 20ll, I was arrested in Norwood, Ohio on a warrant from Dearborn County, Indiana. I bonded out of the Hamilton County Justice Center on March 9 and voluntarily reported to the Dearborn County Law Enforcement Center at 6:00am on March 11, 2011, as arranged by my Ohio lawyer and Prosecutor Negangard. I have been detained in the DCLEC ever since; unable to seek an evaluation from a court approved expert.

Prosecutor Negangard is aware of everything mentioned in this post because I’ve posted blogs about it on numerous occasions and Prosecutor Negangard has provided the posts as evidence that he plans to use against me. Negangard refuses to acknowledge the facts because he will have to acknowledge the fact that Judge Humphrey presided over my case for ten months after Humphrey made a criminal complaint about my writing. Negangard knows that Judge Humphrey is either lying about being intimidated by my writings or Judge Humphrey violated the Indiana Judicial Code of Conduct by presiding over a legal proceeding for nearly a year while claiming to be “afraid” of one of the parties to the legal action.

This is how the Dearborn County Prosecutor’s Office operates. The ultimate goal is to bend the truth rather than to present the facts in order to seek a conviction. Don’t get me wrong, Negangard will mix in an undeniable falsehood such as when he stated that I picketed my former lawyer’s office for a week, when it was actually a little over an hour on a cold 5 degree day. These are all things that appear on the official record and will be used to demonstrate the damage that Prosecutor Negangard continues to maliciously inflict on me. The longer Negangard refuses to acknowledge the absolute truth, the more damage I will incur at the hands of Dearborn County, Indiana.

As far as I’m concerned, Prosecutor Negangard can make up all the “truths” he wants. It appears the Prosecutor is quite proficient in conjuring up his own “truths” and it is not a skill that is acquired overnight. The difference between the current case and the previous cases where Prosecutor Negangard has manufactured his own facts is that Negangard will eventually have to take the stand in a separate legal action and explain why his “facts” are different from reality. What should really frighten Negangard is information coming from state officials. In the meantime, Prosecutor Negangard is going to keep rationalizing why it is not a conflict of interest for the Dearborn County Prosecutor’s Office to prosecute my case even though Negangard is a friend, political ally, and former co-worker of Judge Humphrey; Negangard initiated a grand jury investigation just five days after the State dismissed my complaint against him; Negangard tries cases in Humphrey’s court; and the fact that Negangard is being sued by the Defendant for conspiring with others to deprive the Defendant of his civil rights. Prosecutor Negangard cannot relinquish his prosecutorial “duties” to an outside prosecutor because no prosecutor in their right mind would try a case like this.

As always, I wish to thank everyone for their ongoing prayers and support and I encourage people to check back as I will continue to document how Prosecutor F. Aaron Negangard and other Dearborn County officials continue to conspire to deprive me of my civil rights that are guaranteed by the Constitution of the United States of America.


  1. The end is close Dan and Dearborn County is going to regret the day they ever met Dan Brewington. Keep on truckin` we are proud of you!!!

  2. Dan you are seriously a stubborn guy. I did not realize that the court ordered you to a mental eval as a condition for seeing your children. You should have done that immediately even under protest. Looking at the question the DA posed you can see where this is going. I also dont understand picketing your lawyer. Fire the guy as incompetant and let it go. You have handed this DA enough ammo as it is. In my opinion and those I have talked to, you are in deep son. Hire a lawyer and swallow your pride and take a plea. Otherwise you are going to jail for awhile. If I could see another way to cut your losses I would tell you. DONT GIVE THESE GUYS ANY MORE REASONS TO COME AFTER YOU! Yes they are playing hardball and are going to make you look like a dangerous thug when its not the case. But you have to admit you have egged this on with some of your tactics. I hope you win this but I wouldnt want to go to trial with your defense. Good Luck Dan.