Monday, September 19, 2011

Unofficial Minutes of the Pre-Trial Hearing 9/19/11

A link to The Dearborn County Blog

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  1. Oh Dan! You are screwed. They are giving you your day in court but on their terms. I saw that your mom is unable to help due to the court holding property because of the divorce. You can get money but you must settle the court decree to your exwife. Not what you want to here but you need council other than this PD. Have your mom take a loan, pay the judgement and get council. Theyhave you cold as you probably already know. No fairness in this hearing. They are tired of dealing with you and figure they will stick you in a hole for awhile. Ask your Ohio council and if he doesn't agree then fire him. Forget these bozos who spout off like they are our founding fathers. They are not the ones facing jail ttime.