Thursday, February 3, 2011

Cincinnati Catholic School Pride Week

Many of my friends on Facebook are encouraging people to cast a vote for St. Nicholas Academy in the Cincinnati Catholic School Spirit contest. I thought telling people where your children went to school was dangerous. At least that's what my ex-wife would claim. She testified that posting pictures of my daughters on my Facebook page could jeopardize their safety. Now the Cincinnati Catholic Archdiocese is encouraging people to say, "Hey vote for my kid's school; St. ***."

My oldest daughter is a 1st grader at a Cincinnati Catholic School but I wouldn't think of broadcasting it on Facebook. It's not that I think that it is irresponsible to publicly support your children's school; I just can't do it because my ex-wife would go to court and claim that I put my daughter at risk of being abducted because I asked people to vote for my daughter's school. It may sound crazy but it's true.

On April 16, 2009, my ex-wife filed a motion for a temporary restraining order against me requesting the court to "order that [I] immediately cease and desist in publishing information from the parties' dissolution proceedings on the internet or in any other public forum... and to order [me] to remove all postings that [I have] already made." The reason she didn't want me to write about my situation is that she didn't want people to know that she was using a crooked psychologist to assist her in removing me from my daughters' lives. Theses are some of the statements that she made in her argument that my internet writings were detrimental to my daughters' well being. "On said website, Daniel Brewington divulges the following information to the public:"
  • "A picture of our (2) minor children taken from the back in the 'Home' section."
  • "Dan's name, the town where he resides, and the fact that I filed for the divorce in the "My Story" section."
  • A quote from our custody evaluation in the 'Edward J. Connor Psy. D. Child Custody Evaluator, Connor and Associates PLLC' section stating that 'Mr. Brewington can certainly provide child care for the children, but we believe that maximizing the time that he has with the children, will in fact, sustain their existing bond.'"
The only way that my internet content could be considered damaging to anyone is if
"some people" were concerned that the public would find out that someone knowingly used a crooked psychologist to deny two little girls of a good father. My ex-wife claimed that I put my children in danger because I posted of my children of them driving away in their John Deere Gator and I posted that I lived Milan, Indiana. She felt it would be detrimental to the children if they found out that it was their mother who wanted a divorce She claimed that I leaked information from the custody evaluation that was detrimental to the children when I wrote about how Dr. Connor stated that minimizing the time between my one and three year old girls and me would be in the girls' best interest. She didn't believe the statement was harmful to the girls, she just used it as an excuse to repeat the statement 4 times during her motion in an attempt to influence the judge with the hope that she could drive me out of my daughters' lives. Of course the information wasn't dangerous to the children because Judge Humphrey denied her motion, but unfortunately my ex-wife and Dr. Edward J. Connor were still successful in making two little girls fatherless.

Do I believe that it is dangerous to tell people where your child goes to school? No. If I was allowed to see my daughters, we would be developing websites to advertise our school spirit. I think it's great that a bunch of parents are scampering around to help their children win a school spirit competition. I would do the same if it wasn't for the fact that my ex-wife would probably use it as an argument as to why I am dangerous to my children.

Unfortunately I cannot vote for my daughter this year because I don't want to give my ex-wife the opportunity to twist the information around in an effort to hurt me. With that being said, I can't vote for the schools of my friends' children because I can't vote against my daughter; but since I can't endorse my daughter's school, please cast a vote for St. Nicholas Academy and support my friends and their children as they work together to show their school pride.

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