Sunday, February 6, 2011

Happy 5th Birthday Audrey

I'm missing another one of my daughter's birthday's today. My little "Aud-ball" turns 5 today. She and her sister will someday understand how hard their daddy fought for them. They will understand how we sometimes have to face adversity and deal with mean people. My daughters will understand the despicable yet cowardly actions of Dr. Edward J. Connor, Judge James D. Humphrey, and others. They will know the truth because there is no court order that can prevent me from telling them that they lost the ability to see their daddy because Judge Humphrey wanted to make extra sure that their dad didn't present a possible danger to them. Even Dr. Connor said he wasn't concerned about the safety of my children when they were in my care.

Stay tuned as I hope to get a copy of the transcripts of my last court hearing on November 24, 2010, where my ex wife's lawyer expressed their concerns about my "potential danger." They believe that I may be dangerous because Judge Humphrey said I yelled, "I demand justice in this courtroom!" Seeing as he didn't even hold me in contempt, I fail to see their logic in clinging to such a ridiculous claim. The only danger to those who don't tell the truth is the truth itself. I plan on telling my daughters the truth. I will tell them that people kept daddy away from them for over a year and a half because Judge Humphrey didn't like daddy's writings. Judge Humphrey couldn't make daddy remove his writings because they were not dangerous to daddy's girls, so Judge Humphrey punished two little girls in order to punish their dad. I'm just fortunate enough to have two little angels worth fighting for.

Happy Birthday Audrey and always remember that daddy will always love you and your sister no matter how hard people work to keep you away from your dad. Just remember that your dad will never give up on you. I love you girls!

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  1. Audrey, I want you to know that a lot of my friends wished you a happy birthday today and they hope that I get to see you and Mary get very soon. There are almost 1000 people in the group "Help Dan Brewington see his girls". Everyone knows how bad you have been treated by the mean judge and all of our supporters can't wait until we are together again. I love you girls. -Love, Daddy