Thursday, February 17, 2011

Indiana just didn't go after my daughters; the courts took my mother's farmland as well

Can someone lose their rights to their own property in a legal hearing that they are not a party to? It can happen in the Indiana Court System. Many people have been following my efforts to be reunited with my children after Judge James D. Humphrey abruptly terminated my parenting time because I criticized the Courts and Dr. Edward J. Connor on the internet; but here is a subject that I haven't spent much time talking about. Humphrey didn't just punish me and my daughters; Humphrey punished my mother by taking away farm property that she and my late father worked so hard to acquire. If you or anyone you know has a trust and/or substantial assets and have married children, you need to read the legal pleadings at the end of this post to see how you can lose your property.

In 1974, my mom and dad began buying farmland where my dad was born and raised just outside of Milan, Indiana. Over the years they purchased 241 acres of farmland and two houses. They didn't inherit the property; they purchased the property with their hard earned money. When my father was dying of cancer, they put the property in a trust so all the assets could be used to take care of my mother and then be passed on to their sons when she died. The only problem is Judge Humphrey and the state of Indiana has prevented the trust from being able to care for my mother.

This is no joke. Judge Humphrey included the trust as a marital asset in my divorce. My mom wasn't a party in the legal action so she couldn't even defend her interest. Humphrey also failed to give the Trust/Trustee the opportunity to defend their interests as well. Humphrey proceeded to tear into the trust and assign a portion of the trust to the marital assets in my divorce. Then the Indiana Appellate Court went out of their way to enforce the order. Now there is a judgment lien on the property that was set aside to care for my mother. Now the property cannot be sold, transferred, or mortgaged; even to maintain the trust itself. As it stands, Indiana is forcing my mother's property into foreclosure and/or bankruptcy because the Indiana courts hate her son.

To get an idea of the lengths that some Indiana Judges will go to punish people who oppose them; check out the motions my mom and brother were forced to file because Humphrey took their rights without giving them the ability to defend themselves. Click here to see my mother's motion to vacate order. Click here to see my brother's motion to vacate order. If you live in Indiana and you have a trust and also have married children, you need to bolt to your lawyer because you can lose your rights to your own property. If you did not believe that Humphrey was an evil and vindictive man for what he did to my children, just click the above links to see how Dearborn Circuit Court Judge James D. Humphrey and Appellate Justices Margret Robb, John Baker and the rest of the Indiana Court of Appeals made every effort possible to bring financial harm to my entire family because I publicized the criminal behavior of the Court and the Court's expert, Dr. Edward J. Connor. The judges chose to ignore the fact that a person's rights cannot be infringed upon by a legal proceeding, the person is not a party. Laws and rules do not matter to people like Judge James D. Humphrey and Chief Justice Margaret Robb; as they will abuse the rules just as they will abuse children. Unfortunately for the unethical judges like Humphrey and Robb, my family doesn't hide from or cower to corruption.

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