Thursday, February 17, 2011

Judge Ted Todd said I had to go to a psychologist 120 miles away.

No kidding. Jefferson Circuit Court Judge Ted Todd denied my motion to appoint a Cincinnati Area psychologist and appointed his own; Dr. Richard Lawlor. Dr. Lawlor's office in Nashville, Indiana is nearly two and a half hours away from my house so it would almost be a five hour round trip to and from Dr. Lawlor's office. Dr. Lawlor said that the psychological testing alone would take roughly four hours, so I would be looking at some nine hour days just to be evaluated. I filed the below motion for relief so hopefully I can see someone closer to home and obtain supervised visitation while I wait for the court to make up its mind. The motion also deals with the fact that the Court may be able to forbid me from getting treatment for ADHD from The Affinity Center in Montgomery, Ohio, where I have been a patient for over nine years. I'm still trying to find out who decided that adults with ADHD are automatically considered to be dangerous to their own children. Click here to see Dan's motion for relief from judgment.

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