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A Second Letter from Dan

DCLEC Inmate Request Form


April 3, 2011

Dearborn County’s Elite Club.

Judge James D. Humphrey is a member. So is Prosecutor Aaron Negangard. The County’s leading psychological expert, Dr. Edward J. Connor was a member long before he was licensed to practice psychology in the state of Indiana. Now I would like to introduce the newest member of Dearborn County’s elite club, Dearborn County Law enforcement Center(DCLEC), Captain David Hall.

Captain Dave Hall is the head, or “warden” of the jail at the DCLEC. He is also the newest member to the Dearborn County Liar’s Club.

Becoming a member of the Dearborn county Liar’s club is no easy task. This elite society of liars is reserved to only arrogant, self-preserving liars. Membership is usually attained by telling a very good “oops, we gotta cover our a**” kind of lie, and Captain Hall initiated himself with style and grace.

I have been seeking treatment for ADHD at The Affinity Center in Montgomery (Cincinnati), Ohio since January 2002. Through extensive testing, analysis, and evaluation, the therapists and doctors at The Affinity Center determined that I should be prescribed 50 mgs of Ritalin, 4 times a day. Prior to my incarceration at the DCLEC, I had been taking that dose for nearly nine years. When my mother tried to give my prescription to the DCLEC, she was informed that Ritalin was not permitted in the jail. Tough luck, huh Dan? Not so fast…

If you are going to deny me my civil rights in jail, you might not want to give me access to the law computer during my stay in the DCLEC. In U.S. v. Brandon (1998) the 6th circuit court ruled that depriving a person of their normal state of mind in a criminal trial is a violation of Due Process. In Naked City v. State (1984) the Indiana Court of Appeals ruled that deliberately denying a prisoner reasonable medical treatment is cruel and unusual punishment. I forwarded the information to Captain Hall along with the threat of a hunger strike. The following day and two missed meals later, Captain Hall wanted to talk.

First I would like to say that the hunger strike had little to do with Captain Hall’s decision. He would probably rather see me pass out from starvation so I would be unable to continue to point out “irregularities” in the way he runs his jail. Captain Hall claimed that he was going to make an exception and allow me to take my Ritalin prescription. Captain Hall made this allowance because he claimed that I was representing myself. When I told Captain Hall that I was represented by a court appointed public defender, Captain Hall still claimed that I was representing myself but with assistance from my public defender, John Watson. I have no idea why Captain Hall would lie about something like that. My court documents clearly state that I am represented by John Watson. Many of you may be asking “Why would Captain Hall lie like that?” Probably because it’s a lot easier than saying “congratulations Dan Brewington, your case law findings demonstrate that our prescription policies at the DCLEC are unconstitutional.” But that’s not the big lie. Rather than keep his word and allow me to take my Ritalin prescription per well-defined case law, Captain Dave Hall pulled out a secret weapon: the DCLEC quac…I mean doctor.

“You over-medicated” stated the thick accented DCLEC doctor as he flipped through a paperback book with medication listings. I began to wonder why I spent all that time and money going to the ADHD specialists at The Affinity Center in Montgomery(Cincinnati), Ohio. Why did I need the extensive therapy/ treatment sessions? Why did I have to undergo all of the psychological testing and evaluations? Why did The Affinity Center take so much time carefully monitoring the increase of my Ritalin dosage when they could have just referenced the jail doctor’s pocket medicine reference book? If The Affinity Center hired the Dearborn County Law Enforcement Center’s doctor, they wouldn’t have had to waste so much money on psychologists, psychiatrists, evaluations, materials, etc… The DCLEC doctor has the ability to look at a patient and his trusty pocket reference and draw precise conclusions about a patient’s mental health treatment. In my case the DCLEC doctor recommended that I take 30mgs of Ritalin, once in the morning and once at night when the jail passes out medications; usually at 9:30am and 8:00pm. The DCLEC doctor must be a true visionary in the treatment of ADHD. Who else would have thought that taking a 4 hour dose of Ritalin at 9:30am would be sufficient to treat someone for nearly 11 hours? Better yet, the DCLEC doctor recommended that I take a 4 hour dose of Ritalin just 2 ½ hours before 10:30pm lockdown. The DCLEC doctor wanted to ensure that I was focused and mentally alert while I try to fall asleep.

Putting all sarcasm aside, Captain Dave Hall is playing a very dangerous game by lying to inmates about their mental health treatment. Even more detrimental to the health and safety of inmates is Captain Dave Hall’s reliance on a doctor that disregards the recommendations and orders of inmates’ treating doctors and therapists. In my case, either Captain hall’s doctor didn’t read in his little book that Ritalin was a 4 hour medication, or the doctor is intentionally toying with my proper medication dosage in an effort to bring me harm. The DCLEC doctor also refused to call my doctor and/or therapist at The Affinity Center to see why my prescription states “50 mgs, 4 times a day.” The DCLEC doctor claims that his pocket reference trumped all of the scientific findings and analysis by The Affinity Center during the course of my 9 year treatment. Captain Hall and the DCLEC doctor are giving The Affinity Center the same kind of personal respect that Dr. Edward J. Connor and Judge James D. Humphrey offered. They all want the professionals at The Affinity Center to stay the h*** away from Dearborn County because credible professionals always pose a great risk to the Dearborn County’s elite society.

So here is a personal memo to the newest member of the Dearborn County Liar’s Club, Captain Dave Hall; ”Enjoy yourself while it lasts because your little society is going to come toppling down soon.”

Thank you for your ongoing support. Feel free to mail me at:

Dan Brewington, C/O DCLEC, 301 West High Street, Lawrenceburg, IN 47025(Please include your name with your return address and no pencil writings allowed)

Dan Brewington

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