Friday, April 15, 2011

Sheriff Kreinhop, "Secret Investigation", Ritalin, and Mr. Kelly

April 13, 2011


The Unethical Conduct of Dearborn County Sheriff Mike Kreinhop

Sheriff Mike Kreinhop knows how to play the Dearborn County game. The key to winning “Dearborn County Style” is to control as many factors as possible; even if it is unethical and/or illegal.

My first encounter with Kreinhop came before he was elected Dearborn County Sheriff. On October 8, 2009, Mike Kreinhop contacted me claiming to be a detective with the Dearborn County Special Crimes Unit (SCU). Detective Kreinhop stated that the head of the SCU, Dearborn County Prosecutor Aaron Negangard, initiated an investigation of me because “someone” made a complaint about my internet writings. Detective Kreinhop refused to tell me who filed the complaint and refused to give any details of the investigation. Detective Kreinhop stated he could not discuss any details of my case unless I travelled to Dearborn County. As I was concerned about the suspicious nature of Detective Kreinhop’s alleged “secret” investigation, I had my Ohio lawyer, Robert G. Kelly, contact Detective Kreinhop to see why Detective Kreinhop would only discuss the investigation if I was physically in Dearborn County. It didn’t come as any surprise that Detective Kreinhop did not return Mr. Kelly’s calls immediately. In fact, it took Detective Kreinhop nearly two weeks to return Mr. Kelly’s calls. When Mr. Kelly finally made contact with Detective Kreinhop, Kreinhop refused to give Mr. Kelly any details of the investigation. Mr. Kelly even offered to travel to Dearborn Count to speak with the detective but Kreinhop refused to meet with Mr. Kelly if I was not present. Mr. Kelly told Detective Kreinhop that I would not be traveling to Dearborn County and/or participating in any investigation if Detective Kreinhop was unwilling to discuss the nature of the investigation. Rather than following the directions of my lawyer, Detective Kreinhop ignored Mr. Kelly’s statements and went looking for me in Norwood, Ohio.

On November 2, 2009, SCU Detective Mike Kreinhop arrived at my residence in Norwood, Ohio without warning. Detective Kreinhop claimed he made the 45 minute trip from Dearborn County just to confirm what Mr. Kelly said about me not participating in the Special Crime Unit’s secret investigation of my internet writings. Kreinhop was adamant about keeping his trip to Norwood a secret because he failed to report his out-of-state “adventure” to the authorities at the Norwood Police Department.

Even though Detective Kreinhop claimed that the purpose of his trip was to “confirm” that I wouldn’t be participating in Aaron Negangard’s secret investigation, Kreinhop hung around for over 3 hours. I think Kreinhop’s goal was to try to appear as if he were on my side. Detective Kreinhop talked about how Judge James D. Humphrey and Dr. Edward J. Connor retaliated against me for publicizing their actions. After reading my internet postings, court records, and meeting with Dr. Edward J. Connor, Kreinhop stated that he believed that Judge Humphrey became defensive and that Dr. Connor went on the offensive. After traveling to Norwood, Ohio against the advice of my lawyer, Robert Kelly, Kreinhop “advised” me not to challenge Judge Humphrey and Dr. Connor on my own and to hire an attorney to challenge their authority. What Kreinhop and Negangard don’t realize is that I have a fairly accurate “record” of the events on November 2, 2009.

Fast forwarding to the present, Mike Kreinhop is the new sheriff of Dearborn County. Sheriff Kreinhop also has administrative control over issues in the jail that directly pertain to me. The two main issues are my Ritalin prescription and Robert Kelly.

During his stint as the lead detective in the secret investigation of my internet writings, Kreinhop reviewed court documents and spoke with Dr. Connor. Dr. Connor and the court claimed that my ADHD could cause me to be dangerous. Dr. Connor expressed extreme “concern” about what would happen if I were to stop taking my Ritalin prescription. So what did Sheriff Kreinhop and the Dearborn County Law Enforcement Center (DELEC) do? They have fought to keep my Ritalin prescription away from me. First they wouldn’t let me take it. Then they had the jail doctor recommend that I take my Ritalin before bed; not a wise recommendation as Ritalin is used to treat Narcolepsy. Whatever the case may be, either Kreinhop believes that Humphrey and Connor’s statements about ADHD being dangerous are false, or Kreinhop is working hard to make me as unstable and dangerous as possible. (I do not present a danger to anyone).

The other issue at hand is Sheriff Kreinhop is doing everything in his power to prohibit Robert Kelly from having a contact visit with his client. Kreinhop claims there is an unwritten rule that lawyers not licensed in Indiana are not allowed to have contact visits with clients. That means that Mr. Kelly is unable to review documents with me. When I informed Sheriff Kreinhop that Mr. Kelly did not need to be licensed in Indiana to file a federal civil rights lawsuit in an Indiana District Court Kreinhop stated he needed proof. Kreinhop is doing everything he can to keep Mr. Kelly out of the DCLEC because Mr. Kelly may be filing a lawsuit against the DCLEC.

What criminals like Prosecutor Negangard and Sheriff Kreinhop fail to understand is that truth and honesty are going to prevail in this matter. I have talked to my lawyer, Robert Kelly, and he said he is going to pay the $160 to get admitted by the Indiana Southern District Court and he is going to meet with me in the DCLEC so we can asses our federal options. Kreinhop and Negangard will soon come to realize that there is a world outside of Dearborn County.

So there you have it. Justice will prevail in my case because I do not have to resort to trickery and dishonesty. Kreinhop and Negangard can only block out the outside world for so long. They can’t beat integrity and persistence. The “Dearborn County Style” of play is not going to be the winning strategy this time.

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