Thursday, February 4, 2010

Dr. Edward J Connor, Mr. Predictable

Like clockwork, Dr. Connor appears to have done it again. I guess Dr. Connor must have been upset with the recent information I posted on the internet. Dr. Connor did what he always does; he contacted a county official to try to harm me, but I think people are getting wise to Dr. Connor's antics. Many people have expressed concerns that Dr. Connor may sue me because of my internet writings. The problem with Dr. Connor suing me for slander, libel, defamation of character, etc... is the burden of proof is on Dr. Connor to prove that my writings are false. If Dr. Connor sued me, he would have to give me a copy of the case file. So rather than sue me, Dr. Connor resorts to what he does best, tattling.

Dr. Connor has contacted at least two judges, a couple of prosecutors, and who knows who else and for some reason no one has locked me up. Dr. Connor is the bully on the playground who runs to the teacher the first time someone stands up to him; a true coward. Cowboy up Connor. Quit hiding. If you think you have been wronged, sue me and take the matter to court so you can explain to a jury why all of your conflicting and false written statements that are posted on my websites are really not conflicting and false written statements. Judges can protect Dr. Connor but not juries. I like to see the "expert forensic psychological professional" explain to a jury that I picked on him. He can give it the old, "Even though I didn't notice anything in my observations of Mr. Brewington that would lead me to believe he is capable of causing harm to anyone; and even though he has no history of violence, I think he could be dangerous because he keeps questioning why I lie about why I won't give Mr. Brewington a copy of his own file from my office." I'm sure the jury will buy it Doc. I'll be sure to have a very well known attorney to represent me on that one. Keep tattling Dr. Connor.

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  1. Tattling??? Come on Dan - everyone is out to get you-right? You did nothing wrong & this "tattling" Dr. is out to get you - Maybe this dr doesn't sue you because he doesn't want anything else to do you with and by not taking you to court he can move on with his life - can you - can you find something else to occupy your time instead of your "tattling" about this Dr and how bad he is? I googled Dr. Conner and didn't find him bad mouthing you everywhere or crying that someone is out to get him. Hmmmm